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Fall 2012 Voters Guide

Fall 2012 Voters Guide

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Published by BucksLocalNews.com

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Published by: BucksLocalNews.com on Nov 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(C) Copyright 2012 LWVPA - CEF
Polls open 7 A.M. to 8 P.M.
This Voters Guide may be taken into the voting booth.
FOR ELECTION INFORMATIONContact your county Board of Elections. The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Information Centeralso provides election information. CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-692-7281 or Smart Voter at:www.SmartVoter.org ABOUT THIS GUIDEThe material in this Guide was compiled by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund.This material may not be altered or reprinted without the permission of the League. Each candidate's reply has beenprinted as submitted, except to use standard abbreviations and by editing from the bottom when a candidate's replyexceeded the word limit. The candidates listed are those whose names appear on the ballot as of 
September 5, 2012
 and they are listed according to their ballot order.PURPOSE AND POLICY OF THE LEAGUEThe purpose of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund is to promote politicalresponsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League is nonpartisan: itdoes not support or oppose any political parties or candidates. Nothing in this guide should be construed as anendorsement of any candidate by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania-Citizen Education Fund.ABSENTEE VOTINGRegistered voters who are ill, disabled, or will be absent from the municipality on Election Day may vote byabsentee ballot. Completed APPLICATIONS for absentee ballots must be received by the county Board of Elections by 5 P.M., Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Completed absentee BALLOTS must be received back at theBoard of Elections by 5 P.M. on Friday, November 2, 2012. If an emergency arises (unexpected illness or businesstrip) after the Tuesday application deadline, call your county Board of Elections for information on emergencyabsentee voting. Proof of emergency may be required. Qualified electors who become physically disabled or illbetween 5 p.m. on the Friday before Election Day and 8 p.m. on Election Day or if they find out after 5 p.m. on theFriday before Election Day that they will be absent from their municipality of residence on Election Day because of business, duties or occupation, they may receive an Emergency Absentee Ballot. They must complete and file withthe Court of Common Pleas in the county where they are registered to vote, an emergency application or a letter or other signed document, which includes the same information as that provided on the emergency application.
Anydisabled voter having questions regarding the accessibility of a polling place should consult their county Board of Elections.WRITE-IN VOTINGInformation for write-in voting will be available at the polling placeELECTION DAY PROBLEMSIf your right to vote is challenged at the polls on Election Day and the problem cannot be resolved at the pollingplace, the judge of elections at the polling place should telephone the county Board of Elections. The problem couldbe resolved by phone if your name appears on the county records. If it does not and you want to try to resolve theproblem, then you can go in person to the county Board of Elections where a judge from the Court of CommonPleas will be on duty to resolve election problems. Alternatively you can ask for and vote by provisional ballot. If itis later determined that you were eligible to vote your ballot will be counted. You will be given instructions on howto determine if your vote was counted.IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL VOTERS
ATTENTION: Court rules that Photo ID is NOT required TO VOTE in the Presidential Election onNovember 6th.You do NOT need photo ID to vote this November 6
All voters will be asked to present an accepted form of Photo Voter ID in this election but will be permitted to voteif they do not have one. All photo IDs must be current and contain an expiration date, unless noted otherwise. Thepicture must match the face. Acceptable IDs include:
Photo IDs issued by the U.S. Federal Government or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:
Pennsylvania driver’s license or non
driver’s license photo ID (IDs are valid for voting purposes
12 months past expiration date)
Valid U.S. passport (not expired)
U.S. military ID
active duty and retired military (a mil
itary or veteran’s ID must designate anexpiration date or designate that the expiration date is indefinite). Military dependents’ ID must
contain an expiration date
Employee photo ID issued by Federal, PA, County or Municipal government (not expired)
Photo ID cards from an accredited public or private Pennsylvania college or university (not expired)
Photo ID cards issued by a Pennsylvania care facility, including long-term care facilities, assisted livingresidences or personal care homes (not expired)If you do not have one of these IDs and require one for voting purposes, you may be entitled to get one
at PennDOT Driver License Center. To find the Driver License Center nearest you, and learn whatidentification and residency documentation you will need to get a photo ID, or for more information, visitwww.VotesPA.com or call 1-877-VotesPA (1-877-868-3771). You can also learn how to vote if you have areligious exemption to having your photograph taken.
Pennsylvania’s voter ID law will NOT be enforced for the November 6, 2012, election. You will be asked for photo
ID but will still be allowed to vote without it. The photo ID law is not in effect for the election on November 6th.Voters without ID should NOT be asked to vote on a provisional ballot. You may vote in the regular way
on thevoting machine.However, if you are voting for the first time at your polling place, you WILL need to show some form of ID,although it does NOT have to be a government or state institution issued Photo ID. Student, employee IDs, forexample, are acceptable and do NOT have to have an expiration date.Accepted forms of photo ID ONLY for those voting at their polling place for the FIRST TIME:
• PA driver's license or other ID card issued by PennDOT• ID issued by a PA or U.S. agency• U.S. passport• Military ID• Student ID• Employee ID
Accepted non-photo IDs ONLY for those voting at their polling place for the FIRST TIME must list your name andcurrent address:
• Voter registration card• ID issued by a PA or U.S. agency• Gun permit• Recent utili
ty bill
• Recent bank statement
Recent paycheck ON-LINE VOTERS GUIDEThe Voters Guide and other useful information for voters can be found on the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Homepage:www.palwv.org.
It is also posted on the League of Women Voters of Bucks Countywebsite, www.lwvbucks.org (go to the Voters Guide Page). *CERTIFICATION NOTE*As of the publication date of this guide, the slate of candidates listed below is accurate based upon the Pennsylvania
Department of State’s Bureau of Elections unofficial ballot.
The President is the head of state of the United States of America and is the Chief Executive Officer andCommander in Chief of all military forces. The powers of the President are described in the Constitution andfederal law. The President appoints the members of the Cabinet, ambassadors to other nations and the UnitedNations, Supreme Court Justices and federal judges, subject to Senate approval. The President, along with theCabinet and its agencies, is responsible for carrying out and enforcing the laws of the United States. The Presidentmay also recommend legislation to the United States Congress.
How Elected:
Every four years, political parties nominate candidates to run for President of the United States in ageneral election that is held on the first Tuesday in November of years divisible by the number four. Although allparties use conventions to nominate their candidates, in most states the Democratic and Republican parties alsorun state-wide primary elections. The results of the primary influen
ce how the delegates to their respective party’s
convention will cast ballots for candidates for President. The degree to which the result of the primary electioninfluences the votes of delegates at conventions varies from state to state.
Term: Four years, Limit of two terms.Base Salary: $400,000Note:
The candidate must have made a public announcement of her/his intention to run for her/his Party'snomination for President; and, the candidate must meet the Presidential Election Campaign Fund Act's minimumcontribution threshold requirements for qualifying for matching funds, based on the most recent data publiclyavailable on the FEC website.
(Vote for One)
Mitt Romney
Barack Obama
Jill Stein
Gary Johnson
The U.S. Constitution prescribes that the Senate be composed of two Senators from each State (therefore, theSenate currently has 100 Members) and that a Senator must be at least thirty years of age, have been a citizen of the United States for nine years, and, when elected, be a resident of the State from which he or she is chosen. ASenator's term of office is six years and approximately one-third of the total membership of the Senate is electedevery two years.The Senate has several exclusive powers not granted to the House, including consenting to treaties, a preconditionto their ratification consenting or confirming appointments of Cabinet secretaries, other federal executive officials,military officers, regulatory officials, ambassadors, and other federal uniformed officers, as well as trial of federalofficials impeached by the House.
Term: 6 yearsSalary: $174,000(Vote for one)QUESTION
“What would you do to improve protection and enforcement of our land,
air, and water quality

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