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Interview Skills - Handout

Interview Skills - Handout

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Published by Tom's TEFL
Accompanying materials at http://www.tomstefl.com
Accompanying materials at http://www.tomstefl.com

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Published by: Tom's TEFL on Nov 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TOP 6 subjects:
 Yourself.2.Why you want to go tothis secondary school.
Interests and hobbies
School and studies.
Family and friends.
The future.
Write down some ideas for these subjects. Make sure youhave a lot of things to talk 
Give full andcompleteanswers – try togive at
2-3sentences for each answer 
P6 Interview SkillsHandout
Some example questions…
About Yourself:
- Introduce yourself What is your name?Which school do you comefrom?Where is it?Where do you live?What hobbies do you have?- Describe some of your likes and dislikes.What does your father / mother / brother do?Do you do any housework at home?Do you have any siblings / brothers or sisters?What do you like to eat?When is your birthday?- When do you get up / go to bed?- Would you be scared if you had to perform on the stage?- What do you want to be in the future?- Have your read Pride and Prejudice / Harry Potter? Whatis the book about? What is the most impressive part in thebook?- What sports do you like to play?- What other countries have you visited?- Which parks have you been to? What did you do there?
About School and Study:
- What is your favourite subject / Which subject do you likebest? Why? (e.g. Music)Do you know how to play the piano?What kind of music do you like?Why do you like music?Which song do you like best?- Who is your favourite teacher in school? / Tell mesomething about your teacher.- How do you get to school?- Have you taken part in any competitions / Englishactivities? Have you got any prizes in the competition? (e.g.Speech Festival / Penmanship Competition / WritingCompetition / Basketball / Football Match…)- What do you do in your English / P.E. / music… lesson?- Which subject are you good at?- What kind of extra-curricular activities do you participate in/ take part in?
About Spare Time Activities:
- What do you like to do in summer?- Do you play any musical instruments?- Tell me about your favourite activity.- Do you play computer games? MSN? How often do youplay computer games?- Have you been to Ocean Park / Disneyland?- Do you have a computer at home? How often do you useit? What do you use it for?- Which books do you like to read?
About Family:
- Talk about your family.- What does your father / mother look like?- What is your father / mother good at?- Do your parents help you with your homework?- What do you think about your father / mother?
About Friends:
- Tell me about your friends.- Who is your best friend?
About the SecondarySchool:
- Why do you want to studyin our school?- How did you get heretoday?- Who came here with youtoday?- Why did you choose anEnglish speaking (EMI)school?- Is this your parents’decision or yours? What doyou know about our school?
- When did you last goabroad / travelling? Werethere any scenic spots?Which country do you like?- Why is it important to bepolite?- What would you do if you saw a little girl crying in thestreet / someone shoplifting in a supermarket?- Please read this. (Then ask questions about the passage /Student chooses one topic from the passage to develop)- Picture description. (e.g. What day is it today? What is theweather like today? / Students are shown pictures of different places and are asked questions about the places.)- Do you have any pets? Why do you keep a pet? Tell meabout your pet.- What else do you want to tell me?- Do you want to ask me any questions?
Group interview questions:
- Listen to your group members talking. Then ask themsome questions about what they say or read.- Discuss these passages (e.g. talk about how you will copewith some specific problems…)- What do you do if you are absent from school? (Or other imaginative situations)- Do you watch any English TV programmes? Whichchannel / what kind of programmes do you watch?- What do you do on Sundays?
Critical thinking:
- What would you do if you had $1million?- If you were the chief executive of Hong Kong, what wouldyou do?- What do you think makes a good teacher?- What would you do if you saw a girl stealing sweets in ashop?- School finishes early and you have 6 hours to spare. Whatwill you do?-What would you do if you found $2000 on the street?- Why is English important?
Name: ________________( )Class: P.6 ( )

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