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Kunci Jawaban_Detik UN SMA 2012_ALL

Kunci Jawaban_Detik UN SMA 2012_ALL

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Published by Ratri Cahyani

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Published by: Ratri Cahyani on Nov 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tape Script, Kunci Jawaban. dan Pembahasan 
PART IMenentukan Gambaran Umum/InformasiTertentu/Informasi Rinci dari PercakapanInterpersonal/Transaksional yang Diper-dengarkanKompetensi 1Tape Script for Soal Pendalaman
Giving Attention 
(Memberi Perhatian)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Man:Do you use the Internet very often?Woman:Yes, I do. I use it for communication.Man:How do you communicate with it?Woman:I send and receive e-mails, andI speak with my friends using voicemails.
What are the speakers talking about?
The following dialogue is for question 2.
Man:Mirna, you look so pale. Whatswrong with you?Woman:My eyes may flare up again.Man:Poor you. Was it troublesome foryou?Woman:It was. Last night I could hardly sleep.
What are the speakers talkingabout?
Offering Services/Help 
(MenawarkanJasa/Bantuan)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Woman:Steve, what seems to be theproblem?Man:Well, I have a bad cold and thedoctor gave me some medicines.Woman:Listen! Forget about the medicines.Try this herbal one.Man:Oh, no, thanks.
What does the woman offer?
The following dialogue is for question 2.
Man:Did you see my spectacles?Woman:Oh, yeah. They are on the diningtable. Let me take them for you.Man:Thank you.
What will the woman do?
Giving Suggestions 
(Memberi Saran)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Woman:Why don’t you take a bus to work?The driving is rushing out and thetraffic is terrible.Man:I would, but Im afraid that therewon’t be any seats left for the timethe bus comes to my stop.
Why does the man not want to goby bus?
The following dialogue is for question 2.
Man:Oh, there are still many things to do.Woman:
. I am sure you are able tofinish them.Man:But Ive been very bored already.Woman:Why don’t you take a walk first?There is a puppet show in thesquare.Man:Good idea. Thanks for yoursuggestion.
What does the woman suggest thatthe man should do?
Requesting Something 
(MemintaSesuatu)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Woman:Hello, Jack. Where are you now?Man:Im still at the office. Why?Woman:I need to see you. Please wait forme there.
Where will the woman go?
Bahasa Inggris SMA/MA Program Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial, Bahasa, dan Keagamaan 
3The following dialogue is for question 2.
Boy:Mum, may I use your car?Woman:You haven’t got a drivers license,have you?Boy:No, but my friends havent got theirlicenses either, and their parentsdon’t mind.Woman:Im sorry, you cant do.
Why is the boy not allowed to usethe car?
Asking for and Giving Advice 
(Meminta dan Memberi Nasihat)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Boy:I will have a geography test nextweek, but there are some materialswhich I don’t understand.Woman:You should ask your teacher aboutthem.
What is the woman’s advice for theman?
The following dialogue is for question 2.
Man:Why did you buy many eggs today?Woman:Well, I want to make a cake.Man:Making a cake?Woman:Yeah. Cakes are sold well in myoffice. If I am able to make cakesand sell them, we will get moreincome.Man:Thats good. But you have topractice a lot of time to makea delicious cake. So, don’t give upeasily.Woman:I know. Thanks for the advice.
Why does the woman want to makea cake?
Expressing Obligation/Non Obligation 
(Menyatakan Keharusan/Ketidak-harusan)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Boy:Tiara, what is our English task?Girl:Well, we must interview someforeigners in Prambanan Temple.Boy:Should we interview a certainnumber of them?Girl:Well, about two or three are enough.Boy:Should we present the result orallyor in written?Girl:Orally.Boy:Okay. Thanks.
Which statement is
about the task?
The following dialogue is for question 2.
Boy:There will be additional classes toprepare the final exam.Girl:Is it compulsory for all students to join them?Boy:No. Just for students who really needto improve their academic grades.
What does the boy say about theadditional classes?
Asking for an Apology 
(Meminta Maaf)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Man:Where have you been? You knowwhat! I have been waiting for you foralmost an hour!Woman:Sorry, but the boss wanted me tofinish the letter.
Why did the woman ask foran apology?
The following dialogue is for question 2.
Woman:Oh! My shirt is burnt!Man:Please forgive me. Mr. Harlanphoned me while I was ironing it.I was so shocked to hear from himthat my boss got an accident andnow is hospitalized. I forgot that I hadbeen ironing your shirt.
Why did the man burn the woman’sshirt?
Expressing Pleasure/Displeasure 
(Menyatakan Rasa Senang/Tidak Senang)The following dialogue is for question 1.
Woman:Finally, the price of chillies goesdown.Man:Hmm . . . it is good news. How muchis it now?Woman:I don’t know for sure. I just knew itfrom the news on television.
What are the speakers talkingabout?

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