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Psychological Report

Psychological Report

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Published by JoyAMC

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Published by: JoyAMC on Nov 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Psychological ReportI. Demographic ProfileName: Kuting MoralesAddress: Parada CityReligion: Roman CatholicGender: MaleAge: 17 years oldPlace of Birth: VC
Height: 4’8ft
 Weight: 40kgs.Civil Status: SingleNationality: FilipinoDate of Birth: Nov. 17, 1995Date of Interview: September 24, 2012Date of Testing:Sacks Sentence Completion Test: October 13, 2012Color Test: October 21, 2012II. Reason for ReferralThe Client was suffering from depression and anxiety caused by his longing for amother. His stealing habit and use of drugs are also the factors of this referral.III. Relevant Background InformationThe Client was born in City, in November 17, 1995. He is fourth among the eightsiblings of Mr. X and Mrs. Y.
Client’s father is age 42 a tricycle driver, while his mother is 41,
working on a laundry shop. The cli
ent’s parents are both
and speaks . Sad to say, Mr.X andMrs.Y are now separated and have new partners in life.
The client’s earliest memory was
while watching TV in the sala, his parents had a fightdue to financial problems that leads to separation. After that he has been cared of by hisgrandmother.The client narrated his memories of the past and told the clinician about the events inhis life. The client remembered that he rather not to study because he was bullied in school.
Aside from that he don’t have enough allowance to buy school projects and materials. He wasn’t
able to graduate in elementary also because of the same reason. According to him, he has beenrehab to DSWD center for a couple of days to undergo treatment and help.At present, he stays in his step mother and currently helping his father by being apedicab driver so they could provide their needs.IV. Assessment Result and Impression
After completing client’s background based on the gathered information. Sack’s
Sentence Completion Test and Color Test were given and utilized for further assessment of the
client’s case
.SSCT results showed that
the client’s lo
ve and care for his family is strong
yet he longs for a mother’s love.
This is the reason why he have negative attitudetowards women and believe that all women are irresponsible. Client also wants theirfamily to be together again.The test also showed that he is able to establish meaningful relationshipwith others. Based on his friends, he is a loyal friend, timid and a good friend.
When it comes to his self, he’s still optimistic regarding about his future. The client
wants to pursue his studies and to become a famous dancer someday.Below is the Color Test result of the client.
Your Desired Objectives 
The client seeks comfort in sensuousness, friend, and love to weave his dreams and desiresaround this notion. A taste for the voluptuous and a wish to be immersed in a world of luxuriousdelights is what is foremost on his mind. He is definitely not satisfied with the present situationand feels that he certainly do not deserve this. It is an insult to his capabilities, and this feelingwill lead him to revolt against the personal injustice meted out to him. The client tends to shieldhimself from anything confrontative or even depressing. 
Your Existing Situation 
He feels neglected as a person, and in need of love, warmth and a sense of security. He alsorealizes that this would also serve to minimize all the problems. Unfortunately, he was unable toexert the right kind of effort to achieve these objectives.
our Characteristics Under Restraint 
The clients own craving for emotional independence prevents him from getting too involved inthe relationship. He have this overwhelming desire to be appreciated for the efforts and feel thatthere is a definite lack of recognition and this is what hurts him the most emotionally. He alsofeels that present circumstances are forcing his hand, and any close relationship that he gets intoleaves him with an emotional vacuum. 
Your Rejected Characteristics
 The client have a dilemma on his hands. He had initially hoped for a lot out of life, but withpassage of time, found out that in a real life situation, he have to let go of many things and all hewishes for. This leads to suppressed anxiety and resultant mental stress. 
Your Actual Problem
 He tend to shy away if others criticize him and avoid getting into conflicts. Presently, The clientneeds for a stable and secure environment and also needs to relax. Strangely however, he iscritical of others and quite difficult to please. V. Summary and RecommendationThe client is aware of his maladaptive behavior and is willing to ask for help. Thereis a good chance of positive change on his behavior because the client learns howto deal his problems of self-image. The client can lead a normal and productive lifein the future. But parents should give attention to the mother-son relationship of theclient. His mother should be reminded about her influence to change
opinions on women.The purpose of this psychological testing was to provide assistance for the Client as wellas to his parents on what they can do to help him. Recommendation for
the Client’s
future plansare as follows:

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