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TT.email-Archiving Ch1 REVISE4

TT.email-Archiving Ch1 REVISE4

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Published by blussiertt

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Published by: blussiertt on Nov 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Don’t get stuckwhen planning anemail-archiving project. Follow these four phases for success.
project roadap
EmAil ARCHiving
Planning, policies and product selection
Revised 06/2009
gettstartedgatherrequreetsSeect a edorad a productipeet addepoy the product
mail continues to
grow atan unprcnt rat. Arr an torag rourc- ar tax to thr lmt,th tratonal practc oang rythng ha bnrplac wth manatquota on torag. Thplac ur n mal jal—whrnw mal cannot b rcuntl olr mal  rmo romthr nbox. At th am tm,a growng ocu on mal a a kylmnt n ltgaton corycomplanc  orcng bunto conr th ngat con-qunc o ltng mag.iT hop otn complan aboutth tm an ort (.., cot) r-qur to manag xpanng malytm. But th quton rman:Why  th amount o mal grow-ng o quckly?
• Users typically rely on email
n thr nbox a a htorcalknowlg ba or to upportpat con or actonthy’ takn.
• Users haven’t been given any
guanc on what to kp, oth ault  to a rythng.
• Duplicate records are kept as a
rult o CC an mal blat.
• Users receive and save email
mag wth larg attach-mnt.
Ea-arch project roadap
by Kathryn Hilton
With theamount oemail growing,enterprisesmust knowwhere to archiverelevant dataand be able toproduce thatdata in the evento litigation—or be preparedto pay theconsequences.
Email-archiving project roadmap
gettstartedgatherrequreetsSeect a edorad a productipeet addepoy the product
strugglng iT partmntha rpon wth nx-bl approach n an attmptto contan torag cot, ucha nbox quota that lmt thamount o mal a ur cantor on an mal rr. inboxquota otn orc ur to gounrgroun—mong mag- on nto fl lk Mcro-ot Outlook .PsT fl or ntoothr rmoabl ma. Oncur tak mal out o thr n-box, mag ar no longrpart o a manag nronmnt.Th proc o archng or,rtrng an ltng malmag alo bcom muchmor nol an xpn.emal archng contnuto b th prrr mtho oarng th growng chal-lng. iT managr can tormag n a cur locatonthat pro ay arch anrtral n rpon to ltga-ton or ntgaton. Th rko ltng mal  mnmzan mploy gnrally arr rom quota lmt.Thr-party tool hlp a-mntrator rtr archmag. But bor ntallngan ung any mal-archngprouct, compan mut un-rtan th conqunc oung th kn o tchnology.Whn thy unrtan thprouct capablt, thn prac-tcal mal-archng polccan b lop.emal archng, lk any othriT projct, rqur a ully -lop plan. Th chaptr wllrw th our-pha ap-proach to plannng an ploy-ng a uccul mal-archngprojct:
phase 1
Getting started
phase 2
Gathering requirements
phase 3
Selecting a vendorand a product
phase 4
Implementing anddeploying the product
Inbox quotas otenorce users to gounderground—moving messagesoine into .PSTfles or into otherremovable media.

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