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Ws Uh Oops Media Day

Ws Uh Oops Media Day

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Published by christiancaple

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Published by: christiancaple on Nov 02, 2012
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Washington State - 11.1.12[2].doc 
  An Interview With:
THE MODERATOR: We'll get started withWashington State. We'll start with an openingstatement from Coach Bone.COACH BONE: Good morning. It's aprivilege to be here. I had heard a lot about thisbuilding and what the Pac-12 [Networks] has donehere. The headquarters here is great. It's great tobe here finally, and looking forward to thisafternoon to take a tour around here. And justlistening to Commissioner [Larry] Scott thismorning, just the good things that are going onwithin the Pac-12 makes it exciting. As far as our basketball team, I really likethe way we finished the year last year. We gotbeat, unfortunately, in the Pac-12 Tournamentagainst Oregon State, but I thought our guysrebounded from that loss extremely well.We came back down here actually to SanFrancisco and beat a good USF team, went backhome, beat Wyoming at a time when they wereplaying extremely well. And then, [we] actually hada chance to go to Corvallis again and play them. And we rattled off a few wins there at the end of the year and played, I thought, as well as we hadplayed all season, which is exactly what any coachwants.We'd rather have been in a differenttournament, but it was good that we were in theCBI [College Basketball Invitational], and I thinkour guys got better. That led into the summer. Wewent to Australia this summer, partially because of this young man here, and he has a coupleteammates from Australia, so we have three guysin our program right now. It gave us a chance toplay some games, get some practices in that Ithink have led into this fall where our guys aredoing a great job so far on the court.I'll leave it there, and we'll take questions.THE MODERATOR: We'll take somequestions.
Q. For both of you. First, Brock, kindof touching back on the Australia point, whatwas it like for you to go back home and playsome games there with your teammates? Andthen, Coach, just to follow up a little bit on your thoughts on the experience of playing thereand how that helped you going into this year.
BROCK MOTUM: For me personally, itwas a lot of fun to have my American teammatescome home to my country, and a lot of the gamesthat we played over there were in front of myfriends and family. So it was good to see them seeus play in person and catch up with a lot of them.COACH BONE: What Brock just said isexactly right. It gave our guys a chance to get aperspective of where Brock and James [Hunter]and Dexter [Kernich-Drew] are from and appreciate Australia, because none of the guys in our program had ever visited that country-- and thenalso having these guys play in front of their familyand friends. We also played against some ballclubs over there with big, strong guys, and most of the teams were older than we were. In fact, theyall were. A couple teams had some 30-, 32-,33-year-old guys that can still play the game. [Theywere] strong, physical, and played that way.I think that really helped our team and our coaching staff see where we are as a group whenwe're competing against bigger and stronger guys,because we don't always get that in practice, andit's hard to simulate it unless you go againstsomebody different.
Q. Can you just talk about how hard itis on a team and how hard it is on a coachingstaff to have to release a guy like Reggie Mooreand the impact it has going forward?
COACH BONE: Sure. It's hard because,on a personal note, I recruited Reggie. I'm from
November 1, 2012 

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