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Online Quiz Online Quiz Test for IBPS Clerk Exam IBPS

Online Quiz Online Quiz Test for IBPS Clerk Exam IBPS

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Published by Gunjan
Online Quiz Online Quiz Test for IBPS Clerk Exam IBPS

Visit http://govtjobbers.com/quiz/index.php
Online Quiz Online Quiz Test for IBPS Clerk Exam IBPS

Visit http://govtjobbers.com/quiz/index.php

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Published by: Gunjan on Nov 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Online Quiz »Online Quiz Test for IBPS ClerkExam
4, 10, 23, 50, 104, 216, 439.
89., 78, 86, 80, 85, 82, 83.
1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 96.
1, 5, 14, 30, 55, 93.
4, 10, 22, 40, 64, 84, 130.
The average weight of a class having 52 students is 52kg. Find thetotalweight of the class.
The average of 50 numbers is 38. If two numbers namely 45 and 55are discarded, the average of remaining numbers is
If the sum of 
number of quantities is 162 and the average is 9.Find the value of X.
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A group of 30 girls has average age of 13 years. Average age of first18 from the same group is 15 years. What is the average age of other 12 girls in the group?
12 years10 years16 years10.5 yearsQ.10
The population of 6 villages is 803, 900, 1100, 1023, 945 and 980.What is the population of the seventh village if the averagepopulation of the seven villages is 1000?
The basic operations performed by com puter are?
Arithmetic operationsLogical operations StorageoperationsAll of the aboveQ.12
The earliest calculating devices are?
CalculatorsSearch enginesTransistorsABACUSQ.13
Who built the first mechanical calculator'?
Mr. Bill GatesMr. PascalMr. JacquardNone of the aboveQ.14
SCSI is a term related with?
StorageNetwork Data Transfer Keystroke RatePicture resolutionQ.15
What is the address given to acomputer connected to a networkcalled?
Process IDURLIP AddressNone of the aboveQ.16
When you use mobilephoneto purchase the product and transfer themoney, the transaction is called
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M-Commerce/mobile bankingE-CommerceWeb transactionNone of the aboveQ.17
Which of the following is not an output device?
PrintersMonitor BiometricNone of the aboveQ.18
What is primary object of an operating system?
To activate the systemTo make the most efficient use of the computer hardware and other periphery?devicesTo save the power To help the Programming languagesQ.19
Fifth GenerationComputersbased on
Memory StorageArtificial IntelligenceNano TechnologyBoth (b) and (c)Q.20
The Intel 4004 chip Developed In?
The analytical engine developed during First Generation of Computers used as a memory unit
FloppiesPunch CardsRAMCounter WheelsQ.2256482032Q.23
Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), ... What number should come
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