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University Physics Mastering Physics Ch 33 34

University Physics Mastering Physics Ch 33 34

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Published by Robert Hayes

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Published by: Robert Hayes on Nov 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5/16/12 MasteringPhysics: MasteringPhysics: Scores1/8session.masteringphysics.com/myct/scores
Chapter 33/34 Assignment
Due: 11:00pm on Monday, May 7, 2012
To understand how points are awarded, read your instructor'sGrading Policy.[Switch to Standard Assignment View
Exercise 33.15
 A ray of light is incident on a plane surface separating two sheets of glass with refractive indexes1.66 and 1.61. The angle of incidence is 60.5, and the ray originates in the glass with 1.66 .Part ACompute the angle of refraction. ANSWER:=
Exercise 33.23
 A ray of light in diamond (index of refraction 2.42) is incident on an interface with air.Part AWhat is the
angle the ray can make with the normal and not be totally reflected backinto the diamond? ANSWER:=
Exercise 33.24
 A beam of light strikes a sheet of glass at an angle of 57.0 with the normal in air. You observethat red light makes an angle of 38.1 with the normal in the glass, while violet light makes a 36.7angle.Part AWhat are the indexes of refraction of this glass for these colors of light?
Answer in the order indicated. Separate your answers with a comma.
Part B
5/16/12 MasteringPhysics: MasteringPhysics: Scores2/8session.masteringphysics.com/myct/scores
What are the speeds of red and violet light in the glass?
Answer in the order indicated. Separate your answers with a comma.
Exercise 33.31
Unpolarized light of intensity 23.2 is incident on two polarizing filters. The axis of the firstfilter is at an angle of 23.0 counterclockwise from the vertical (viewed in the direction the light istraveling) and the axis of the second filter is at 59.2 counterclockwise from the vertical.Part AWhat is the intensity of the light after it has passed through the second polarizer? ANSWER:=
Problem 33.46
 After a long day of driving you take a late-night swim in a motel swimming pool. When you go toyour room, you realize that you have lost your room key in the pool. You borrow a powerfulflashlight and walk around the pool, shining the light into it. The light shines on the key, which islying on the bottom of the pool, when the flashlight is held 1.2 above the water surface and isdirected at the surface a horizontal distance of 1.5 from the edge .Part AIf the water here is 4.0 deep, how far is the key from the edge of the pool?
Express your answer using two significant figures.
5/16/12 MasteringPhysics: MasteringPhysics: Scores3/8session.masteringphysics.com/myct/scores
Problem 33.47
You sight along the rim of a glass with vertical sides so that the top rim is lined up with theopposite edge of the bottom (see the figure (a)). The glass is a thin-walled hollow cylinder 16.0high with a top and bottom of the glassdiameter of 8.0 . While you keep your eye in the same position, a friend fills theglass with a transparent liquid, and youthen see a dime that is lying at the center of the bottom of the glass (see thefigure(b)).Part AWhat is the index of refraction of the liquid?
Express your answer using two significant figures.
Exercise 34.9
 A coin is placed next to the convex side of a thin spherical glass shell having a radius of curvatureof 19.0 . An image of the 1.5tall coin is formed 6.50 behind the glass shell.Part AWhere is the coin located? ANSWER:
from the vertexPart BDetermine the size of the image. ANSWER:=

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