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Case of the Disconnected Life Support

Case of the Disconnected Life Support

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Published by Mia Gabriel

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Published by: Mia Gabriel on Nov 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Disconnected LifeSupport Case
By Mia Gabriel
Research and Background
In the past, it has been the practice that if a power company customer has someone in thehousehold who is on life support, then it is their job to notify the power company. The companyhas a registry that lists customers who use life support and medical treatment machines at home.People on the registry get priority service if there is a power outage. Their power meters aretagged and their service is never shut off. Life sustaining equipment includes infant apneamonitors, oxygen concentrators, ventilators/respirators, BIPAP (Bi-level positive airwaypressure), IV pumps, Home dialysis and C-Pap machine
minor child (Continuous positiveairway pressure). For customers to be enrolled in a life support service, the customer and theirphysician need to complete a form and send it back to the power company. Other companiesmake you reapply each year to the program. It is also often a free service.NIPSCO Electric is the second largest electric distribution company in Indiana. Theyservice 457,000 customers; with 3,300 MW total generating capacity, 15,500 gigawatt hourselectricity sales, 10,000 miles of electric distribution lines, 2,800 miles of electric transmissionlines. NIPSCO Gas is the largest gas provider in Indiana with 786,000 customers and 16,000+miles of pipe.A resource to be considered is the hospital from which the life support customer iscoming from. The hospitals as an intervening public would benefit the campaign most.The publics to be considered for this campaign:Shareholders (NiSource): They have a portfolio that covers energy businesses from the Gulf Coast through the Midwest to New England. NIPSCO is a part of NiSource. They are acombined Electric and Gas company under NiSource. NiSource serves 3.8 million natural gasand electric customers in seven states. NiSource was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability
Index in September 2012. NiSource delivered a total shareholder return of 40 percent in 2011,leading the Dow Jones Utility Index. They are interested in good returns and a good reputation of the company they invest in. They are influenced by experts in the field and by their peers. Primeinformation channels for shareholders are shareholder meetings and shareholder reports. Theyhave a good relationship with NIPSCO because they are investing in them. We need theirsupport and to reassure them that they can continue to invest in us and to trust that we willremedy the situation and that their investments are secure. If they pull out it will cause the failureof the company.Family of the deceased: They have just lost a loved one and want restitution and to know that itwill not happen to anyone else. They want to feel validated and treated like this is a big deal,because it is. They have had a good relationship in the past with NIPSCO, but right now it is bad.They are very angry. Their influentials are their peers, experts and other families dealing withmedical support and life support. Their prime information channels include the internet,television and print media.Customers with Life Support family members: They want to know that this will not happen tothem. They want reassurance and a guarantee that their family members matter. Theirinfluentials are their peers, physicians and other experts. Their prime information channels areinternet, television and print media.
Situation Analysis
NIPSCO is one of seven energy distribution companies of NiSource Inc. NIPSCO hasmore than 786,000 natural gas customers and 457,000 electric customers. They are the largestnatural gas distribution company and the second largest electric distribution company in Indiana.When NIPSCO has a customer who is on life support or medical equipment that needs to remain

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