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KIT January, 2001, Vol XIII #1 New 28-1-01

KIT January, 2001, Vol XIII #1 New 28-1-01

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
Here we are with the first KIT of the new millennium. a Very Happy 2001!
Here we are with the first KIT of the new millennium. a Very Happy 2001!

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Nov 02, 2012
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The KIT Newsletter, an Activity of the KIT Information Service, a Project of ThePeregrine Foundation
 P.O. Box 460141 / San Francisco, CA 94146-0141 / telephone: (415) 821-2090 / FAX(415) 282-2369 / http://www.perefound.org / e-mail: peregrin@sirius.comKIT Staff U.S.: Charles Lamar, Editor; Vincent Lagano, Assistant Editor; David E.Ostrom, research.EuroKIT: Linda Lord Jackson, Carol Beels Beck, Elizabeth Bohlken-Zumpe, BenedictCavanna
KIT XIII #1, January, 2001
The KIT Newsletter is an open forum for fact and opinion. It encourages the expression of all views, both from inside and from outside the Bruderhof. We reserve the right to edit submissions accordingto guidelines discussed at numerous KIT conferences. Obviously, it's seldom easy to know exactlyhow best to carry out KIT's mission of allowing many voices and various points of view to be heard.We do not, and cannot, vouch for the validity of any opinion or assertion appearing in the KIT Newsletter. The opinions expressed in the letters that we publish must remain those of thecorrespondents and do not necessarily reflect those of KIT editors or staff.
Yearly subscription rates (11 issues): $25 USA; $30 Canada; $35 International mailed f/ USA; £20mailed f/ EuroKIT to UK & Europe
K e e p I n T o u c h
 Here we are with the first KIT of the new millennium. If you missed your December KIT, it's because you didn't write anything for us to publish, and not necessarily thatyou had not paid your subscription, although the lack of a December issue seems tohave stirred a number of readers to send checks. At the same time, thealt.support.bruderhof newsgroups and the Hummer connection have been very active,and perhaps some of those postings will appear here in future KIT issues. Meanwhile,a Very Happy 2001!
Table of Contents
 Rhoda & Francis Dorrell -Ramon Sender 
Page 1 of 38January, 2001 Volume XII #127/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/KIT1_01.html
 Name WithheldGerty HollandElizabeth Bohlken ZumpeJoy (Johnson) MacDonaldKellie ObongHans ZimmermannHilarion BraunJoy (Johnson) MacDonaldChristine MathisRamon Sender Ben CavannaMigg Fischli Life Story (continued)Hannah Goodwin Name WithheldDave OstromAFF May Conference
The Whole Kit and Caboodle
Rhoda and Francis Dorrell,
12/14/00: KIT folk may wish to know that BernhardDyroff passed away on Sunday, 10th. December 2000, very unexpectedly. The funeralwas held on Monday 18th December at 11:00 AM graveside, in Wyoming, New SouthWales near Gosford.He ran a small crops farm in Peats Ridge about an hour north of Sydney, since hecame to Australia in the mid '60s. He leaves his partner of twenty-eight years,Gwenda, and her son, and two sons from his first marriage. Greetings,
Ramón Sender
, 12/8/00: We learned today that Jim Dunlop's mother, Gladys, died inApril. I presume his dad, Ed, is doing fine. These are wonderful early Woodcrestfolks.
, 1/14/01: KIT has learned that Sam Withers passed away on the Bruderhof over the Christmas/New years time. He also is said to have had Alzheimer's. Sam andDaisy joined in Paraguay. They had three children.
Congratulations to Bob and Joy MacDonald on the birth of their first grandchild,Megan, to parents Jonathan and Genevieve MacDonald. Josh and Else Maendel arealso first time grandparents, with a little healthy boy, John Christopher, born November 22nd weighing 6 lbs and 4 ounces.
Name Withheld
, 11/29/00: Dr. Cyril and Margot Davies both have not been well.Margot, 92 years old, is very frail. Dr. Cyril is barely hanging on, unable to eat because of esophageal ulcers. He who has helped so many other people in his lifetimehas now to let his colleagues help him. Recent visitors report his condition is very
Page 2 of 38January, 2001 Volume XII #127/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/KIT1_01.html
serious. Please write to Margot to support her in this very difficult time.
Gerty Holland,
12/4/00: Dear KITfolk, thank you so much for the many comfortingmessages we received from you, And thank you to those who managed to come to theservice the singing at Peter's resting place was magic. And thank you also for thecontributions to the Myeloma Research Fund, which helps to fight that cruel illness towhich Peter finally succumbed.A good New Year to you all, and greetings from Leslie and Gerty Holland and all of Peter's family.
Elizabeth Bohlken-Zumpe
, 12/14/00: I was saddened to hear that Bernhard Dyroff died. He was born on the Cotswold Bruderhof in 1939, the third son of August andGertrud Ziehbart Dyroff. He was only a few days old when his mother passed awaysuddenly, while the nurse was attending to her. It seems she had a sudden cardiacarrest. Bernhard was Kilian's age, and as my mother was taken away with tuberculosisafter Kilian's birth, both babies were placed in the
 Mütter Stillstube
, the room wherethe mothers nursed their babies. Every mother who had enough milk left over wouldtake on either Bernhard or Kilian! I think Kathleen Hasenberg was also one of the"feeding" mums.Gertrud Dyroff died in late 1938. August married Winifred Bridgwater soonthereafter. Avila, their daughter, was born on the Avila Star, the vessel that broughtthe largest group from the Cotswolds to South America in the 1940s. I believe theyhad another six or eight children. I know Martin Dyroff, the oldest son of Gertrud,lives in Paraguay. His address is: Martin Dyroff · Portrea Poi, · Ita, · Paraguay. Thesecond son Paul(i) used to live in England, but I have lost contact.The three boys somehow always got into trouble, as children; I hope the three of themdid find joy and fulfillment in their lives after.
Joy (Johnson) MacDonald
, 12/30/00:
Christrose's 50th Birthday
Hi Friends,Yesterday we celebrated our sister Christrose's 50th birthday. Her special wish for theday was that relatives and friends join her for a day-long walk stopping for a leisurely pub lunch halfway and then spend the evening celebrating at her home.There were about twenty-five of us, mostly relatives, including Megan on her firstouting, but also friends of Rosie's including some KIT friends. We couldn't have hadmore perfect weather (and the company was great too!). Snow had blanketed the U.K.two days previously and the day was very sunny, crisply cold but not windy. Itreminded us of Wheathill winters.The countryside around St. Albans starts about twenty metres from Rosie's door and istypically gentle rolling hills and fields with hares, water meadows with ducks whichthe dogs tried to chase, streams with fords and semi-wild woodland with manydifferent birds and animals. The snow and hoar-frost covering the branches wasdazzling, gradually turning gold as the sun set and we were rewarded with a
Page 3 of 38January, 2001 Volume XII #127/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/KIT1_01.html

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