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Angels Weep

Angels Weep

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Published by khaoskaeza

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Published by: khaoskaeza on Nov 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The rain falls on earth as angels cry for the sins of man to stop.I look for my covers with my eyes closed. Not wanting to open them for fear of not being able to
 fall back asleep. It’s cold I realize. I must have the fan turned all the way up.
But, I don’t hear the fan. It 
more like wind. But that can’t be right. I never have my window or door open when I’m trying to
sleep. It would just be illogical. I push that thought away as I hug my L plushie tighter afraid that I might lose hold of it. My efforts of trying to find my covers cease as I fall into a deep slumber.
L gets out of his swivel chair and tells Watari and the men of the Task Force that he’s going for a
walk to clear his mind. Watari nods as the others just look at each other w
ondering what’s going on.
Lputs on his sneakers and walks out of headquarters. He begins to make his way across the street anddetours into a park, knowing that there will be a candy store nearby. Halfway through the park henotices a small group of people stopping to stare at something. This piques his interest and he makes hisway to the small group. When he gets there, what he sees shocks him.There was a young girl no older than 18 sleeping under a large oak tree. She was sleepingsoundly, oblivious to all the people gathered around her. She had short golden brown hair, and very paleskin rivaling his own. She wore a white shirt with some sort of black design that was hidden under agreen jacket splayed out on top of her like a cover. She also wore short light green shorts with a dark
green pattern adorning them. What had shocked him wasn’t
that she was asleep, nor was it that the jacket was dry; it was the fact that she was drenched and shivering and everyone was watching her asthough she were a spectacle. L pushed through the crowd until he reached the very front. He pulled outhis phone and called the Police Department posing as L and asked that a blanket be brought along withassistance for crowd control. He gave them directions and said that a man by the name of Ryuzaki wouldbe there to greet them.Two police cars arrived and the officers came over to the crowd. They began to usher the crowdaway from the girl and himself. The nearest officer asked for his name and when he confirmed it wasRyuzaki, he apologized and handed him the blanket. When everything got settled, Ryuzaki kneeled downnext to the girl and began to wrap the cover around her and picked her up bridal style. He then thankedthe officers for their assistance and began to head back to HQ. In the brief time he was out, he forgotcompletely about his sweets because of his concern for the girl.L carries the young girl to headquarters carefully so as not to disturb her as she sleeps. Thepeople stop and stare as he walks by. They all talk and point as though he do
esn’t notice them gawking
Of course, he doesn’t pay them any mind. He just continues on ignoring the hushed whispers as he
passes by. A few moments later, he arrives at the hotel that he and the Task Force currently are using astheir base of operations. He walks up the stairs not bothering with the elevator because of all thecommotion outside. When he reaches the fifth floor, she begins to mumble incoherently and snugglesup closer to him. He stops walking and stands still almost afraid to breathe. When she stops, he lets out
a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding and continues walking up the stairs. He finally reaches the
seventh floor and walks toward the main room. There were loud noises coming from inside and hehesitantly opens the door.
As soon as he walks into the room, it becomes utterly silent and everyone stares at him wideeyed. In the silence, L starts walking towards the couch in the middle of the room but the girl in his arms
begins to snuggle closer to him. She mumbles “L, your so cute,” under her breath; and this time, not
only can he hear her, but the entire task force can too. They all stare at her in wonder and awe. Whenshe stops moving, L places her on the couch and wraps the blanket tighter around her shivering body.
“L, I mean Ryuzaki, who is she?” Matsuda ask
s quietly. Everybody turns
expectantly. “I have noidea who this girl is,” I say bluntly. “WHAT! Ryuzaki! What is the meanin
g of this? Bringing a girl, not to
mention a stranger, here in the first place?!” Aizawa yells. “Could you keep your voice down, this girl istrying to sleep,” L said making Aizawa even angrier than before.
“Watari, come over immediately, I need
your assis
tance. Also, I would like you to bring some extra clothes and towels.” In ten minutes, Watari
arrived with the said items. As he handed them to Ryuzaki, he had a worried look on his face but saidnothing about the unconscious girl currently occupying the couch.
Watari left to L’s room to prepare the bath and to change the bedding. When the bath was
prepared, L carried the girl into the room and began to remove the wet clothing, but left theundergarments on, thinking nothing of it at the time. He then gently placed her in the warm water andbegan looking at her clothes trying to see if she had anything that would identify her. While searchingthrough the clothes, he noticed a stuffed toy fell on the floor. As he was reaching to retrieve it, he hearda loud noise coming from the bathroom.
‘I’m drowning!’ 
I thought as I began flailing around. I grabbed onto whatever was closest to meand I pulled myself up. I opened my eyes and I found myself in a bathroom. The bathroom was huge! Ithad a giant rectangular bathtub, which I was currently hanging over, and across from the tub, there wasa beautiful marble sink that had flowers etched into it. On both sides were big arched windows withmidnight blue curtains. On the left side was the toilet
and on the right… wa
s a man I have only seen inmy favorite anime. There was L standing in the doorway of the bathroom staring at her.
Oh. My. GOD! Lis standing right in front of me! No, this is a dream. It has to be.
I turned around and started to count toten.
He’s still there! “ 
That’s it
I must be going crazy. That’s the only explanation for this to even be
” She said while staring at L. “Although I can assure you that you are not dreaming, I cannotassure you that you won’t get sick if you stay in the tub.” L sa
id. I looked down and noticed I waswearing nothing but my underwear. I blushed slightly and grabbed the blue towel next to me trying toavoid his gaze. I walked briskly towards the bed and noticed my L plushie was on the floor. I picked it upand hugged i
t tightly while making little ‘cooing’ noises. “What is that you’re holding?” L a
sked trying tolook at what I
was holding. “N
nothing!” I said hiding it inside the towel and looking
away. I grabbed mywhite Death Note shirt and hid it as well since it would arouse suspicion as to why it had his face on it.
This girl seems to be acting rather strangely. She is hiding something. That I know for sure.
thought while gently nibbling on his thumb. “I believe it is time for me to leave now.” He said after
ticing the light flush on the girl’s previously pale cheeks. He sighed inwardly as he prepared himself 
for the tiring questions soon to be fired at him. He was right, as soon as he exited the room; he was met
with everyone’s endless questions
to which he ignored completely. This tactic seemed to work and they
soon left him alone and continued on the case. Matsuda however, hadn’t ceased bothering him. Hecontinued asking why she was here, who was she, and other unrelated nonsense that didn’t correlate
with the investigation. This stopped when he allowed them to leave early saying that they were to meethere again tomorrow at Noon
. This left only him and Watari along with the girl. “
Ryuzaki, would you like
me to bring you anything?” Watari asked somewhat
surprised that L had not asked for more sweets orcoffee for some while now.
No thank you, Watari.
” L replied
while walking into the kitchen to get moresugar cubes and tea.
It was getting late and yet he still couldn’t focus on the case with everything
on his mind. Everytime he would try and work, his thoughts would involuntarily drift back to what she said about him. Notonly did it arouse suspicion as to how she knew what he looked like
, but her odd behavior earlier didn’t
quite sit well with him.
What was she trying to hide from me? Was it something embarrassing? Or was it something related to Kira? 
There were so many questions he wanted to ask, but he was going to have towait until after she woke up.It was half past midnight and he had barely been able to push thoughts of her aside. He was able
to pinpoint Kira’s general location and found out that Kira needed a name and a face to kill. That was all
old news to him, he already knew that. But what he had found interesting was that not only Kira can killpeople with heart attacks, he can also kill by other means. That would mean that Kira could controlpeople before and up until their death.
L was so engrossed with his work, that he didn’t notice when the girl snuck out of her room with
her L plushie and creeped over to where he was perched on the couch. She stood mere inches awayfrom him with sleep and fright still in her eyes. She had had another nightmare involving the death of 
her parents and older brother. “L,” she said timidly afraid she was
still dreaming. He turned around toface her. His ebony eyes piercing her own, giving her goosebumps in the process. She appeared asthough she had just woken up due to her disheveled hair and wrinkled clothing. There were also tracesof tears on her cheeks.
She had been crying? What could have caused it? A nightmare? Probably.
“Isthere something you need?” he asked taking note that he never once told her who he was
, let alone hisname.
“Um, I was wondering if I could stay out here with you,” she asked him
again this time staringdown at the floor unable to look at him.
He was surprised at her question. “I suppose.” He said glancing
back at his laptop. After a few seconds, she started to make her way to the front of the couch and tookup a similar position to his signature crouch. Although where L was perched on the couch, she simply satwith her legs up to her chest while holding tightly to her plushie.L saw that she was sitting in a somewhat similar fashion as to how he was. Although there weresome differences. For one, instead of being crouched on the couch, she only sat with her legs close toher and she was hugging some stuffed toy. When she reached towards the bowl of sugar cubes, he wasfinally able to see what she had clutched so tightly in her
arms. It was a doll… of him! Never had he seen
such a thing in his life. It intrigued him to see such a thing exist for there were no pictures of him

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