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Preparing for Christmas -- Part 2, October

Preparing for Christmas -- Part 2, October



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Published by Rose
Maybe it's about preparing for Christmas or maybe it's about losing my phone or maybe it's about the stuff that just happens sometimes.
Maybe it's about preparing for Christmas or maybe it's about losing my phone or maybe it's about the stuff that just happens sometimes.

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Published by: Rose on Nov 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Preparing For Christmas--Part 2, October 
October 6
I stayed up late last night and finished the drawing for my Christmascard. I'm not sure if I like it; it seems a bit dark. And by dark,maybe I mean the emotional feel to it, but maybe I'm just concernedabout how much printer ink it will use.
When I woke up this morning, I didn't know what time it was. Icouldn't know without getting out of bed – because I lost my phoneyesterday!!! And I was hoping my October chapter was going to bemore cheerful and light, in contrast to my September chapter whichwas so focused on loss. But this is huge!!My daughter said losing a phone is NOT huge, not a major disaster. And of course, it probably isn't. Not unless someone finds it andsends a virus to my email or texts everyone in my contact list somekind of nasty message . . . or if there are phone numbers that I just can't get again . . . or maybe someone is trying to reach me and theythink I'm ignoring them . . . or . . . who knows? And I am sad about losing a year and a half worth of pictures! Wow! So manymemories!But even though I didn't know what time it was, I woke up anyway.The cat was in my face, licking my nose, wanting to be petted. So Ipetted her, although I was thinking – yeah, yeah you just act like youreally like me, but what you really want is food. So I got up,eventually, and turned up the heat, warmed up yesterday's coffee,fed the cat, let the dog out . . . And, wow! I thought there wouldn't be any snow until later in theday. But there was snow!! Lots of it!! So beautiful! So early! Acouple of times I heard on the radio the weather people saying – if you're trying to cover your garden plants, you might as well not 
bother. It's just going to be too cold too long!Last year, when there was nothing but seven foot tall weeds in mybackyard, the weather was perfect. A wet, wet spring, a reasonablymild summer, no major frost until late October. (That's the way Iremember it anyway.)But this year, when I tried to grow a garden, we got drought conditions and 100 degree heat in the spring and summer andfreezing temperatures in EARLY October. Still, the garden wasamazing in spite of the weather! But now it's dead, I assume. Another loss, in a way. And I feel sad. Although, of course, that lossis not a huge disaster either. Just part of the cycle of life.While lying in bed, not knowing what time it was, I decided to dumpout my purse/briefcase/bag thing on the bed and search through itscontents thoroughly, just in case that little phone might be hiding inbetween things somewhere. So I dumped it, and papers spilled out of my folders, and I looked through things slowly.Some of the first things I saw were my devotional book and my littleNew Testament. I had put them in my bag because I never havetime in the mornings anymore for Bible reading and prayer before Ihave to get my daughter to school and myself to work. I put themin the bag because I thought I might be able to read and pray once I got to my office. But by the time I would finish my breakfast and/or putting on my make-up, in the car, it would be 8:00 already, time

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My pushback to Christmas in October is Christmas in January. My pushback to banks is to have no credit cards.
Bravo! Hey, my stats here are down :( How about yours?
Rose added this note
Happy October again!
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