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The Best of The Best of KIT 1994 Vol VI

The Best of The Best of KIT 1994 Vol VI

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
This collection skims the Best of KIT 1994 file, which is derived from The 1994 Annual, to create a Best of the Best of KIT 1994. We understand that the sheer volume of articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer in this manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.
This collection skims the Best of KIT 1994 file, which is derived from The 1994 Annual, to create a Best of the Best of KIT 1994. We understand that the sheer volume of articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer in this manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Nov 03, 2012
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The Best of The Best of KIT 1994
From January thru December,1994The KIT Newsletter, an Activity of the KIT Information Service, aProject of The Peregrine Foundation
P.O. Box 460141 / San Francisco, CA 94146-0141 / telephone: (415) 821-2090 / (415)282-2369KIT Staff U.S.: Ramon Sender, Charles Lamar, Christina Bernard, Vince Lagano,Dave Ostrom;U.K.: Joy Johnson MacDonald, Ben Cavanna, Leonard Pavitt, Joanie Pavitt Taylor.The KIT Newsletter is an open forum for fact and opinion. It encourages theexpression of all views, both from within and from outside the Bruderhof. Theopinions expressed in the letters we publish are those of the correspondents and do notnecessarily reflects those of KIT editors or staff.This collection skims the
 Best of KIT 1994
file, which is derived from
The 1994nnual,
to create a
 Best of the Best of KIT 1994.
We understand that the sheer volumeof articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer inthis manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.
------ Keep In Touch --------
------------KIT Newsletter, January 1994 Vol. VI #1------------
Barbara Taylor Snipes, 11/15/93: ...Although I have never been a member of theSociety of Brothers, I feel as though I have suffered the loss of my two sisters, Pepper Taylor Hinkey and Peggy Taylor Kurtz. My parents Howard and May Taylor (nowdeceased) suffered even more grievously, because of the attitudes of the Society of Brothers.I have been alternately surprised and horrified by the stories in the KIT Newsletter. They are emotionally wrenching and have called out my experience,which although mild by comparison, is still painfully my own.... When Pep andWendell Hinkey, and Peggy and Mark Kurtz, decided to join the Bruderhof in theearly 1950's, I was pleased. They would be geographically closer at Woodcrest, andwe could visit more often. And visit we did! We made frequent trips to Woodcrest,and they would come to our farm and nursery where I still live with my husband,Samuel Snipes.... We had expected -- assumed perhaps, that we would be included inPepper's and Peggy's lives when they joined the Society of Brothers, as we always had been. We were full of questions and enthusiasm for their new life and felt verysupportive.... It soon became evident, however, that we were not included. Their children were no longer allowed to visit us, because our normal farm lifestyle wouldcreate "needs," e.g. clothing, toys, recreation, that would conflict with the Bruderhof  patterns of living. My parents' pictures on their walls were replaced by the Arnolds',
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reading material was restricted, and presents were no longer acceptable. My visits withmy mother to Woodcrest were strained. We had to ask all the questions.Once I was sent on a walk with Jane Clement and she told me there were somequestions that simply were not to be asked. I felt (and still feel) confused andunaccepted by them. Jane was now a sister, and I was excluded. How am I tounderstand this? My sisters were no longer interested in the development of mychildren or in my growth as I tried to be a spiritually led person. In one of my trips toWoodcrest, I was told not to come on the property. Pep had to come out to a diner tomeet us because I was accompanied by her daughter, Carol, who had been asked toleave, or "kicked out", and not allowed in, even to visit.She, (Carol) had not apologized, to Heini Arnold's satisfaction, for having someideas of her own. My heart still bleeds for this young woman who, by following her leadings, has been rejected by her mother. By "rejected" I mean that Pepper does notseem interested in her daughter's opinions, her career choice, her successes andconcerns, her marriage. I believe that we have a lifelong need for sensitive, attentivemothering -- the kind that values us as persons, no matter what! Certainly we had thatlove demonstrated in abundance by our mother, May Taylor. She cared about us andrespected our choices, no matter how different they might be from hers.Pep's daughter carries the life-long pain of not being accepted. She is somehow bad or wrong in the eyes of the Community and that means bad or wrong in the eyesof her mother. I keep thinking how a loving community that follows Jesus' examplewould gather up daughters by birth and little sisters by blood (me), by reaching out,forgiving, and taking an interest in our lives. What I want from my sisters is the kindof equal give-and-take that I have with my Quaker friends. I long for some sharing of life experiences with my only living siblings. We have lost our parents, two brothersand a sister through death, and those of us remaining should be able to enjoy stories of our childhood, our roots, our spiritual growth and insights. We had the same parents,the same environment. We share many similarities. We even look alike! I feel very sadabout the loss of Pep's and Peggy's companionship. I realize, along with other KITcorrespondents, that it's too late, the rift is too great. There is something in the pledgeof faithfulness to their God and community that excludes the rest of us.I'm grateful to KIT for this opportunity to express my pain. As time goes on, andI get older and perhaps wiser, I realize more clearly that what matters most in life islove of God and loving relationships between people. Signed pledges or vows to believe certain things seem unimportant if they stand in the way of caringrelationships with daughters and sons, siblings, and parents, or the loved ones of one'syouth, and of course those close by. A relational attitude toward the world seemsimportant to me. Surely a loving community would reach out to folks of divergentfaiths and viewpoints and would respect and value differences. I'm wondering if thoseof us on the outside are carrying the dark side (the 'shadow,' or the negative energy )for those in the Society of Brothers. Are we the scapegoats for the insiders whosupposedly believe the same way, act the same way, and follow the leadership of thosein power? Are they unable to recognize that this repressive, exclusionary way of life isin itself a sin against God and against those that are not allowed to visit or expressdifferent points of view? Could it possibly be loving to refuse to shake hands?Elizabeth Bohlken Zumpe, 10/22/93: Dear "Vetter" Johann Christoph! I feel a deepurge to write to you and want to ask you to read this letter carefully and try to
Page 2 of 13Best of Best of KIT 199428/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbtbt_94.html
understand the spirit in which it was written. This world is rapidly rolling towards itsend, and it is up to every individual to take full responsibility for everything that isgoing on in our lives, but also for those trusted to our care before the Almighty God!Our Grandfather, Christoph, was a very learned man and knew all about thetheological and philosophical ways men try to make their lives work out fulfillinglyand happily -- but he chose a different and very unconventional way --THE WAY OFTRUE BROTHERHOOD FOR ALL MEN!...WHAT HAS NOW BECOME OF THIS LIFE AND VISION?? Look at ithonestly, Christoph, and you will see and feel that somewhere along the linesomething went completely and totally wrong! Now longer is this life a life of joy. No,it has become a burden to everyone who tries to be loyal to his and her vows!... Fromthe Hutterites came this "Order of excluding members", and the first time this wasused by my father and Georg Barth, when a group of some 8 men and Dorli were sentaway in Paraguay for "gossiping amongst themselves and reaching out for personal power in the hierarchy of the Bruderhof life." My father regretted this deeply manyyears later when he realized that it had caused bitterness in your father's heart and thatas a result he sent some 613 men, women and children away without a penny under shocking circumstances! But here again, we should not judge but rather learn fromthis for our lives and our future! I do feel, that with the beginning in Woodcrest andthe absolute adoration of your father, something went rotten... Christoph, what hasgone so wrong that you send away your family, accuse 15-year-old Bruderhof childrenof being WHORES and PROSTITUTES?? As true Bruderhof children, they hardlyknow the meaning of those words! How is it possible that a fifteen-year-old girl runsaway at night in utter distress with the only answer to commit suicide? Where is thelove that should hold such a child in security? I feel that the evil powers took hold of the community and are now destroying all that was left after the big destruction of the1960s. It is like under the Communists or the Nazis: the little man is obeying theorders of their leader! This has nothing to do with God or with Christianity! It is power and power alone that makes you do all these things that you would not havedreamed of as a young man! Why do men always want a leader-FUHRER? I know,it's the group that has forced you into this position, but Christoph, try and humbleyourself before God and everything will turn out alright...I have to write this letter, because in my heart, Christoph, I have always lovedyou from the day you were born, which I remember well. Your father was so proud tohave a son and a daughter, and I was so often in your family, as my mother had openTB. With this I greet you and wish you the wisdom of heart and mind and the faiththat can move mountains that pile up before us. Nadine Moonje Pleil, 5/93: Augusto's parents, Otto and Dora Pleil, were sent awayfrom Primavera in 1960. Karl Keiderling, Bud Mercer and Christoph Boller wereinstrumental in sending them away. Otto and Dora were told to leave before the "GreatCrisis" and exodus from Primavera occurred. Augusto and I with our three oldestchildren were living in Wheathill when we received a letter from Otto telling us thatthey had been kicked out with their youngest son, Arthur, who was in his teens. Thereason given was that Arthur was not toeing the line and apparently had sold a guitar to a Paraguayan boy and kept the money.Otto and Dora were called into the Servants' hut and told to pack. Within three
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