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The Best of The Best of KIT 1991 Vol III

The Best of The Best of KIT 1991 Vol III

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
This collection skims the Best of KIT 1991 file, which is derived from The 1991 Annual, to create a Best of the Best of KIT 1991. We understand that the sheer volume of articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer in this manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.
This collection skims the Best of KIT 1991 file, which is derived from The 1991 Annual, to create a Best of the Best of KIT 1991. We understand that the sheer volume of articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer in this manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Nov 03, 2012
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The Best of The Best of KIT 1991
From January thru December,1991The KIT Newsletter, an Activity of the KIT Information Service, aProject of The Peregrine Foundation
P.O. Box 460141 / San Francisco, CA 94146-0141 / telephone: (415) 821-2090 / (415)282-2369KIT Staff U.S.: Ramon Sender, Charles Lamar, Christina Bernard, Vince Lagano,Dave Ostrom;U.K. : Joy Johnson MacDonald, Ben Cavanna, Leonard Pavitt, Joanie Pavitt Taylor.The KIT Newsletter is an open forum for fact and opinion. It encourages theexpression of all views, both from within and from outside the Bruderhof. Theopinions expressed in the letters we publish are those of the correspondents and do notnecessarily reflects those of KIT editors or staff.This collection skims the
 Best of KIT 1991
file, which is derived from
The 1991nnual,
to create a
 Best of the Best of KIT 1991.
We understand that the sheer volumeof articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer inthis manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.
------ Keep In Touch --------
George Maendel, October 17, 1990: Dear KIT: I was seven years old in the summer of 1956 when the so- called
children's clearing house
was in operation (I'd never heardthis event named before reading about it in KIT). We who were spied upon andreported to be engaging in various proscribed activities, such as watching each other  pee or daring to take off our shorts under the covers when we went to bed at night,were isolated from the rest of the children for months, and taken from our normalfamilies. My own family was systematically dismembered, which included sendingmy parents to Woodcrest and placing the rest of us either in the basement detentioncenter or with other families. Two of my brothers were also sent to Woodcrest, andMom had the youngest child with her as well. I remember enduring interrogationsessions during which I could only cry and sob. All my normal relationships weresuspended as I was kept isolated from the rest of my family and the extended familyof which I was a part in the colony. The questioning ended without any sort of resolution, and I was kept isolated from most other members of the group. There wereother boys in the basement, but we were not allowed any unsupervised interaction.Later we were allowed to sleep at "home," such as it was, and during the days we usedto pack tons of textbooks for shipment to somewhere. It was a very somber andserious time, and we felt like penitent miscreants.As I see it, my family never recovered fully from this experiences. I do not knowhow our "crimes" were presented by "them" to our parents, but it was in such manner as made my parents agree that we be separated from them to live in the large basement
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at another house on the hof. My parents sat on the bed in their room and wept as theyagreed to this arrangement. I don't know what they were told that made them agree tosuch measures. Sometime after I went to live in the basement, my parents and two of my brothers were sent to Woodcrest. I remember standing at the bottom of the basement steps watching my brothers leave.In all the grovelling apologies that various HSOB leaders have made among theHutterites, what they did to my family has never been mentioned. What happened tomy family then, I am still trying to understand and place in some kind of context andtime...."Why do groups act more stupidly than the people in them?" The problem is that agroup adopts norms -- habits of behavior -- and anyone who changes behavior (byevincing or attempting learning) thereby betrays the group and will be punished or ignored accordingly.Stewart Brand, in "Costa Rica Saves The World,"
Whole Earth Review
, Winter,1989Jacob J. Wipf: 'Strange Bedfellows' (excerpted by KIT)Some kind of reconciliation took place in '74 (between the original andnewcomer Hutterites in 1974 when the East [The Bruderhof - ed] repented). Thecleavage, however, was only partially healed in that the Lehrer and the Dariusleutwould not be wooed. Nor was opinion unanimous among the Schmiedeleut. Someremain aloof and distant to this day. However those who would raise their voices in protest over the recent rapid acceleration in East/West relations would be subject tocensure. The Elder Jacob Kleinsasser will brook no non-submission to what he perceives to be the greater good. Thus many are afraid to speak out.By now Arnold must know that he will never penetrate the Lehrer andDariusleut. That breach is simply irreparable at this point for the simple reason thatArnold has nothing to offer... It is unlikely he will even sweep the entire Schmiedeleutrealm.1) There are too many that detest the authoritarian measures of both Kleinsasser andArnold. Sooner or later someone is bound to throw down the gauntlet and withstandKleinsasser to his face. He has already lost credibility among the Lehrer andDariusleut, and the displeasure of these two groups over recent developments is boundto strengthen the resolve of those not yet bowing among the Schmeideleut toKleinsasser's whims.2) There is a growing perception that the Arnoldleut manifest all the necessaryingredients of a cult. There is increasing awareness that brain-washing and will- breaking techniques are in use, and the people's zombie- like countenances (exactlywhat they look like -- I've seen two of their communes) is the tell-tale sign.3) It is recognized that Arnold wants not just an influence among the Hutterites, butwants to consolidate all the colonies under a common purse. Arnold wants realequality among all the Hutterites. No colony could be richer than another. This canonly happen where there is one purse and one ultimate head, which position he,Arnold, would (humbly of course) accept.What this all adds up to is this: if Kleinsasser persists in his plan for totalunification with the Arnold group, a split in the ranks of the Schmiedeleut is
Page 2 of 14Best of Best of KIT 199128/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbtbt_91.html
inevitable. Rumor has it that the thought is not as remote as it may seem.1: Several months ago, Kleinsasser drew the world's attention upon the Hutterites byviolating the Hutterite constitution. The Confession says "Christians must not sue oneanother at law" and "it is evident that a Christian can neither go to law not to be audge." This fact is not unknown to the world at large. Note the coverage in
TheWinnipeg Free Press
[see KIT #4 Nov '89
The Mennonite Reporter 
article - ed.]:"Sociologist Victor Peters testified before Mr. Justice Patrick Ferg in Court of QueensBench that... taking each other to court is contrary to Hutterites' basic doctrine dating back to the early 16th Century."... But how is it then reported in
The Winnipeg Sun
 that "Manitoba Hutterites had their dirty laundry aired in public yesterday," and in the
 Free Press,
"Hutterites need government protection to run their colonies according totheir own rules, Kleinsasser said. If it is not given, we're finished." Has anyone ever analyzed that statement? It is absolutely packed with implications....2. Kleinsasser's breach of the Hutterite Confession is bound to have dire consequencesin upcoming legal battles against the Hutterites. Kleinsasser, in a case that waswatched the world over, has provided opponents of the Hutterites with a weapon thatthey will some day use against the Hutterites. Kleinsasser has told the entire worldhow much his constitution (on which the colony is based, the Confession) means tothe Hutterites. It does not seem to bother him in the least that the Confessioncondemns his action....There is only one option available to the Hutterites at this point to undo thedamage done by the reckless behavior of Kleinsasser. Because there is thisinterconnection between the three Hutterite churches, the other two branches areresponsible to rectify matters in order to clear themselves of the charge of violatingtheir own constitution. This would mean soundly disciplining Kleinsasser (and his partners in crime) and removing him/them from positions of leadership. Furthermore,the Hutterites as a whole would have to drop and as much as possible undo thelawsuits responsible for the reproach, and with that go on public record in renouncingKleinsasser's folly. Not to do so makes both the Darius and the Lehrerleut culpable byassociation and implication' and it will be only a matter of time before this wholeaffair will bring the roof down over the Hutterite's ear....4. Kleinsasser's reckless behavior is further evidenced in his wild financial schemes...ote the
 Free Press
again: 'Kleinsasser said he, Edel, a South Dakota Hutterite and anAtlanta lawyer formed a limited partnership named Welk Resources Ltd. to engage in petroleum exploration." Finally, a worse charge against Kleinsasser is his confederacywith the New Age movement of the East (the Arnoldleut). The Arnoldleut still holdEberhard Arnold up as their inspiring leader whose writings are revolutionary, anti-government and leftist.Susan Welham Dec. 12 '90: ...My search takes me back to my earliest years, toWheathill, particularly to a time when both my parents were gone.... I remember beinglocked up -- bread and water. My parents don't know. I now ask anyone out there, inor out of the HB, what happened to the children of the excluded parents during thattime?I never was good enough. My lessons were:I was essentially an evil being whose whole lifehad to be dedicated to controlling and/or stamping
Page 3 of 14Best of Best of KIT 199128/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbtbt_91.html

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