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The Best of The Best of KIT 1993 Vol V

The Best of The Best of KIT 1993 Vol V

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
This collection skims the Best of KIT 1993 file, which is derived from The 1993 Annual, to create a Best of the Best of KIT 1993. We understand that the sheer volume of articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer in this manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.
This collection skims the Best of KIT 1993 file, which is derived from The 1993 Annual, to create a Best of the Best of KIT 1993. We understand that the sheer volume of articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer in this manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Nov 03, 2012
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The Best of The Best of KIT 1993
From January thru December,1993The KIT Newsletter, an Activity of the KIT Information Service, aProject of The Peregrine Foundation
P.O. Box 460141 / San Francisco, CA 94146-0141 / telephone: (415) 821-2090 / (415)282-2369KIT Staff U.S.: Ramon Sender, Charles Lamar, Christina Bernard, Vince Lagano,Dave Ostrom;U.K.: Joy Johnson MacDonald, Ben Cavanna, Leonard Pavitt, Joanie Pavitt Taylor.The KIT Newsletter is an open forum for fact and opinion. It encourages theexpression of all views, both from within and from outside the Bruderhof. Theopinions expressed in the letters we publish are those of the correspondents and do notnecessarily reflects those of KIT editors or staff.This collection skims the
 Best of KIT 1993
file, which is derived from
The 1993nnual,
to create a
 Best of the Best of KIT 1993.
We understand that the sheer volumeof articles and letters available can overwhelm the casual browser, and so we offer inthis manner a sampling of the most interesting and informative.
------ Keep In Touch --------
------------KIT Newsletter, January 1993 Vol. V #1------------
 Naomi Baer, 12/15/92: Happy New Year to all! A wolf in sheep's clothing is still awolf. The Bruderhof is still the Bruderhof even if they dress in Hutterite garb. Myfather's grave is not even half settled and the Bruderhof, in the person of DaveMaendel (of all people) contacts my mother for MONEY! (Dave's parents and familyand my parents and family share close history). After taking my father's inheritance,savings and labor for the years he was in the B'hof, they kicked him out with 13children, a pregnant wife, no medical insurance, no job and of course no money, evenfor a month's rent. The Bruderhof has no consideration for BASIC human needs, thatis, no HUMANITY when there are philosophical differences.
The current status of the Jake Kleinsasser Vetter's removal as Elder is asfollows: Jake claims that all the accusations against him are lies, the documents backing the allegations are fabrications and forgeries, and he continues to protest hisinnocence. Jan. 8, he held a meeting with his "faithful" ministers and they decided thatthey were the real Schmiedeleut branch of the Hutterite church and the majority of theSchmiedeleut colonies who voted against him were not. Somehow about $47,000,000dollars seem to be unaccounted for.One source theorized that the reason Jake is holding on so hard to his position isthat there may well be a great deal more in the way of financial mismanagement andother shennanigans yet to be uncovered. In the meanwhile, some of the individual
Page 1 of 11Best of Best of KIT 199328/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbtbt_93.html
Canadian colonies allegedly have been milked dry because some years earlier JakeVetter was able to convince them to sign papers giving him access to their bank accounts.Joseph Wipf Vetter, Dec. 21, 1992 [translated from the German]:Beloved Brethren: We feel obligated to inform you what transpired at the meeting of 12/10/92, at the Starlite Colony in Manitoba. After a lengthy discussion of thecircumstances without reaching a conclusion, many of the older ministers pleaded andexhorted with Jake Kleinsasser to give God the honor and respect due him and admitwhat he has done, and to acknowledge also that he can no longer be the Senior Elder (or Head of the Colonies) because we already have much evidence against him of hiswrongdoing. Jacob Kleinsasser and all his supporters brought up the request that allwho do not agree with the letter of December 9 & 10, 1992, should stand to becounted for Jake Kleinsasser as Senior Elder.He could not be persuaded from this course of action, although many tried todissuade him. In spite of the fact that many were against this action, this was voted onand his request was granted. Therefore 78 ministers stood up to be counted to retainJacob Kleinsasser as their Senior Elder. 95 remained seated, their insight was that withthe blemish already found against him, he should no longer be Senior Elder. Theconclusion arrived at is that he is no longer Senior Elder of the Schmiedleut colonies.In his own words, as he himself said on November 7, 1992, "That all who agreed withJoseph Vetter's writings of August 28, 1992, no longer have a Senior Elder."Therefore we will need to deal with this shortly after the New Year. Thus endedthe meeting of December 19, 1992Hannah Goodwin Johnson, 2/3/93: Among KITfolk, I identify with the mystified child-- repeatedly: "Why was I being punished?" Any society that purges itself byexecuting most of its judgments on the naughtiness of children will come to naught,Parental responsibilities are always combined with attachments and affections. To suefor assistance from those I blame for my confounded affections would be to play intotheir hands -- and confound it all the more. I have no interest in settling for cashrestitution from the commune enterprise. I only seek the truth. Current memberscannot be held for past mistakes as far as I'm concerned. Blaming is a call for rescuing: is this what some KITfolk want from the Hutterian Brethren -- to be rescued by them?Jake Kleinsasser still insists he is the Elder of the Hutterrian Church's Schmiedeleutconference, and has forbidden any of the opposing group to celebrate the Lord'sSupper this Easter. Joseph Wipf Vetter, leader of the opposition, is trying to determinehow best to handle the Schmiedeleut split. At a recent meeting called by Wipf, all theministers declared their position before going home to ask their colony members tovote for whom they wanted to follow. Insofar far as the missing monies are concerned,it sounds like the Wipf group probably is not going to press the issue. Nadine Pleil, 3/10/93:Julius Rubin's article
The Society Syndrome
in the March KIT has given me food
Page 2 of 11Best of Best of KIT 199328/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbtbt_93.html
for thought. I lived 40 years in the commune and during those years I went throughgreat depression. I saw many young people struggle with depression and suicidalthoughts. As a young person, I too struggled with the same. It has disturbed me verymuch that so many young people experienced such deep depression. I myself do notknow how I managed to snap our of it all. However I did snap out of it, only for it toreoccur later on what I was married and had 8 children. However at times, "Nadine theRebel" did reappear, only to be squashed again and again.I had a thing about being depressed. Feelings of depression, I was told, weresinful. I was afraid of being in trouble if I confessed to being depressed. I had tomuddle through these awful feelings of depression on my own. I was told not to be soself-centered -- that was sinful. Only now do I realize, with some amount of shock,how deeply depressed I was. It is a very heavy burden to have to carry these feelingsof depression around with me. I think our neighbors here in Washington, PA, helpedme out of it all. They talked to me, they appreciated my input. They accepted me for that I am. Very soon I felt accepted and was able to contribute to common ideas, take part in activities, in short to adjust to a new way of living. A new life opened up for me. Until that time, I had isolated myself. I felt I had nothing to contribute. I realizedthat my feelings had been cramped up. I had not been able to think for myself, and Icould not have an opinion. Soon I opened up and, much to my own amazement, I wasfitting in. Even though I was adjusting, I often felt myself withdrawing, thinking that Iwas not worthy enough to have an opinion of my own. I was so used to letting othersthink for me, to make decisions for me. However now I was in a situation where I wasconfronted with having to make decisions. It was a good feeling. I realized that for along time I had just accepted everything, whether I wanted to or not. Now I do not feel depressed. Sometimes I am thoughtful or feel sad. Out of allthis, I have learned to be compassionate, to understand what others have had toendure. We all need understanding and compassion. I will end on that note, and hopethat each one of us can in some way or other recuperate from all the pain. Manygreetings to you all,
Word has come from various reliable sources that the Schmiedeleut is splittinginto two factions. The schism is having a severe effect on many Hutterite colonies.Families are moving away, either 'outside' or else to join the 'Oilers,' (the nickname for the Jake Kleinsasser and Christoph Arnold group because of the oil well investmentfiasco) or with the 'Gibbies' (because of I. Donald Gibb, the banker who documentedJake Vetter's business acumen), the Jacob P. Wipf group. Some husbands and wiveshave split up over the decision. Other people are sneaking off the colony at night.... Norah Allain, 4/27/93:I've been thinking from time to time, for instance, about the Heini phenomenon,and clearly you are right and it has a demonic aspect such as many people saw inHitler. But having said that, you are admitting that there are spiritual powers or beingsexisting on an invisible plane which can use a human being in whom to manifest. This puts the whole of human life into quite a different context and, to my mind, practicallyremoves, or at least lifts, the veil which hides the other dimensions of life from us. Sowhat is the difference between the Christ Spirit and the demonic? I think it is the useof power. I often wonder how long the Bruderhofe will continue under the influence
Page 3 of 11Best of Best of KIT 199328/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbtbt_93.html

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