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Best of KIT 1992 Vol IV

Best of KIT 1992 Vol IV

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
ITEM: KIT has heard that the Hutterian Brethren paid $1,000,000 CASH for the New York City police summer camp that now has become the Catskill Bruderhof.
ITEM: KIT has heard that the Hutterian Brethren paid $1,000,000 CASH for the New York City police summer camp that now has become the Catskill Bruderhof.

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Nov 03, 2012
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Best of The 1992 KIT Newsletter
The KIT Newsletter, an Activity of the KIT Information Service, aProject of The Peregrine Foundation
P.O. Box 460141 / San Francisco, CA 94146-0141 / telephone: (415) 821-2090 / (415)282-2369KIT Staff U.S.: Ramon Sender, Charles Lamar, Christina Bernard, Vince Lagano,Dave Ostrom;U.K. : Joy Johnson MacDonald, Ben Cavanna, Leonard Pavitt, Joanie Pavitt Taylor,Brother Witless (in an advisory capacity)The KIT Newsletter is an open forum for fact and opinion. It encourages theexpression of all views, both from within and from outside the Bruderhof. Theopinions expressed in the letters we publish are those of the correspondents and do notnecessarily reflects those of KIT editors or staff.
-------------- "Keep In Touch" --------------
------------KIT Newsletter, January 1992 Vol. IV #1------------ITEM:
KIT has heard that the Hutterian Brethren paid $1,000,000 CASH for the NewYork City police summer camp that now has become the Catskill Bruderhof.Paul Allain 12/19/91: All of our family and especially my mother and I are VERYGRATEFUL TO KITFOLKS for all your support and loving care, for your concernabout Papa's health and well-being. I know that the letters and telephone calls yougave us were a precious gift which Papa and all of us were were receiving and whichhelped him a lot go through all the pain of his illness. We are also very thankful for the telephone calls of Jacob Gneiting and the letters from several members of thecommunity, which I do not recall in detail as I only stay at my parents' home for oneor two days twice a year.Papa's burial was a very important experience for me, as I had prepared myself for this occasion in order to follow his wish that the burial be simple and with no pomp. We played the Adagio by Albinoni, and my youngest brother Daniel Felipeaccompanied it with his flute while the coffin was taken to the grave. Then I said somewords about Papa's life commitment to justice, non-violence and the need for peaceand solidarity among people. Now it is exactly this point which I would so much like to stress and put forwardto all of us, and especially to those in position of leadership, in or outside the bruderhof. The point is that our recent bruderhof history has shown beyond any shadeof doubt that we failed, as a society and as a group, and as parents and mature adults,to put the very words and promises which we so solemnly made to each other, to putinto practice those great commandments of Jesus, that is to LOVE EACH OTHER ASHE (JESUS) DID. I am not a religious fanatic, but I recognize that this commandmentis of a universal validity. Love is so essential to man's health and development and hiswhole being, that it does not matter which specific religion or philosophical belief one
Page 1 of 52Best of KIT 199228/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbest_92.html
is engage in, one has to recognize, LOVE is essential. Now, coming back to our years in Primavera, why didn't we manage to apply thisessential element of love to the rules and ways of dealing with children and other members of the community when something 'wrong' had been done (or supposedlydone)? Why did we exclude members when they most needed communication? Whydidn't we discuss the pro's and con's of dissident opinions to see if there were someuseful arguments to be thought about? Why did we throw away all this effort, all thistime, all these opportunities? IT'S MADNESS. COLLECTIVE BRAIN-WASHING.We were so short-sighted that (most of us) couldn't think an inch beyond thecommunity horizon or its history. We were a group of people cunningly manipulatedthru a war crisis, and when this crisis faded away after 1945/46, we went on thinkingin the same way as before. During a crisis you need strong and instant leadership anddecision-making. Those who are not yearning for a position in or next to leadershipare easily brought to accept apparently reasonable arguments for things like: let's giveup the hospital. It is a great burden and does not contribute to "the message." Let usgive up Primavera because the "spirit" isn't OK here and if we move to the U.S., wewill all be much more united. BULL___! The Bible says that the spirit has no fixed place. It hovers where it pleases to go. And that was what I was taught in Primavera.And we did just the opposite.Who decided to give up the EL ARADO COMMUNITY? I was a brotherhoodmember and was not consulted. Who decided to send away members just because of some imaginary "spirit?" IT'S CRAZINESS! All of us know perfectly well that to theextent to which we took part in these decision or were too cowardly to voice our opposition, we will have to present our accounts to divine justice. So if any of us is ina position or has the opportunity to forward the appropriate attitudes and actions tothose who have been (or might have been hurt) so as to reach a state of forgiveness, letus grab this PRECIOUS OPPORTUNITY and show our fellow man or woman thatthe door on our side is open.This means, as far as I understand it, in the case of Bette Bohlken-Zumpe and her mother, for instance, that every possible opportunity for a meeting and clearing of her father's letters is A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for everybody involved. Bymoving Bette's mother around the globe to keep her from meeting her daughter, thecommunity leaders show an incredible lack of love and even of downright solidintelligence. This is STUPIDITY in a repugnant manner. Those of you, members of the community who, even though not personally involved with the family affairs of Bette Zumpe, but in a position to disapprove of this kind of policy, would do better ust to give those leaders who insist on such hiding a great "kick in their 'leadership'ass." Pull out of such a miserable Mafia company. This kind of policy does not fit intoa single one of Jesus' commandments. There is just no excuse. It is plain and dirty politicking and treating human feelings worse than a lost dog.I have all of you, in or outside the b'hof, very much in my thoughts and I believewe should all try and broaden our 
so that we can start to tackle some of the many urgent problems which affect the larger part of humanity. I think of thiscruel economic war between the richer and poorer nations, of the millions of starvingand fatherless children, of the spreading of AIDS and other diseases, of the preservation of our environment.Each of us can try to find even a small way of contributing toward a better world,
Page 2 of 52Best of KIT 199228/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbest_92.html
a better family, and last but not least, a happier relationship with all of our KITFOLK!A Happy Xmas and a REALLY NEW YEAR in 1992 to all of you.Loy McWhirter 11/22/91: Again there is a lot in KIT about how anger gets usnowhere and we should be all peace and love and forgiveness toward the people whohave abused us as children (SOB + our families) and toward those who are "out" whowant to defend and excuse away the perpetrators of such violence and brutality againstus. "Forgive and forget..." "Live and let live," etc. And some suggest that we who havecome of that SOB experience are some sort of amorphous group forming as a benevolent aid to bring the SOB to better ways & greater understanding. I am as tiredof hearing that line of "thinking" as the people who entertain it probably are of myequally endless wrath. I am sick to death of some particularly brainy but mindless people who keep up this insidious double-speak in the guise of deep gratitudes for theSOB life. This pedantic and pompous evangelizing under the veneer of reason servesto deepen the wounds and scars some of us have from our time in the SOB, in thename of "healing the rift" between them and us. It is an attempt at minimizing or shoving under the rug the particular responsibility of the SOB -- collective ANDindividual -- in causing these wounds. It completely ignores or denies the purposefuland methodical mind control the SOB instituted and made us victims of. And it is plain to me that such a line of defense of the SOB, no matter what else you want tocall it, is part and parcel of the SOB mind control itself.When I am angry, or ENRAGED, I feel real for the first time in my life. I beginto feel life in my body for the first time. I will not let the whining rationales of the brainy, mindless ones insinuate themselves, like the clandestine rapists of mychildhood, back into my life now that I'm finally learning to recognize its cover actionand weed it out. You all who speak these mindless platitudes and post-hypnoticmaxims against the ritious anger of abused children speaking thru the adult self do notunderstand it. You qualify for no more than that you can ASK how you may help,offer undisguised information, photos, or other ASKED-FOR help. Otherwise you cankeep you uninformed opinions to yourselves.P.S. I don't want to hear horseshit about how the SOB meant well and maybe if WEtalk 'til we're blue in the face (the nebulous 'WE') they'll become the excellentcreatures they're meant to be. Or any more prattling on about how if WE just say it NICELY then they will take us seriously and acknowledge that WE may crawl three paces behind them to the kingdom of their (cramped due to lack of space) heaven.What tired malarky, and if I have to keep hearing THAT loathsome rhetoric, then Ireckon you-all will keep getting, if not heeding, my raving FURY on whatever subjectsets it off. With LOVE from Loy FOR ALLP.P.S. What is this sick & silly notion that to be reasonable is to be without blemish.You can still have the quickness of a "lawyer's" mind without stooping to put it out for hire to any idiotic religious semblance that offers you sanction or sanctity. YAG!!!
---------Food For Thought--------
 "The Bruderhof demands the whole man. To show whatwe mean, we quote the satanic words of Adolf Hitler:'In this one thing we are like the early Christians:we demand the whole personality.'
Page 3 of 52Best of KIT 199228/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/kbest_92.html

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