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(Www.entrance Exam.net) TCS Placement Papers

(Www.entrance Exam.net) TCS Placement Papers

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Published by Anuja Sharma

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Published by: Anuja Sharma on Nov 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TCS PAPER JAN 29th 2010
Questions = 82 ; time limit = 90 minutes. no negative marking. Offline(paper & pen) test and a PSYCHOMETRY TEST also.
Section 1: VERBAL (32 Questions, 20 minutes)Directions for questions 1-10
: Find the synonyms of the following words1. DiligenceA. Laziness B. carelessness C. negligence D. meticulousnessAns: D2. IllustriousA. unimportant B. glorious C. shameful D. None of theseAns: B3. ProlificA. Unproductive B. scarce C. abundant D. None of theseAns: C4. RelinquishA. Vanquish B. repudiate C. retain, D. None of theseAns: B5. ABODEA. clay B. obstacle C. dwelling D. bindAns: C6. BEHESTA. behavior B. hold down C. relieve D. condemnAns: B7. MORTIFYA. make a cavity B. displease C. humiliate D. relapseAns: C8. LETHARGYA. reminiscence B. category C. fallacy D. stuporAns: D9. INCENTIVE
A. provocation B. amplitude C. reflex D. escutcheonAns: A10. CAJOLEA. mollify B. motivate C. profound D. coaxAns: D
Directions for questions 11-20
: Find the Antonyms of the following words11. AdmonishA. Reprove B. reprimand C. Approve D. rebukeAns: C12. CircumspectA. Reckless B. Cautious C. prudent D. guardedAns: A13. ImpetusA. Momentum B. thrust C. motivation D. InertiaAns: D14. LatentA. Dormant B. Overt C. embryonic D. suppressedAns: B15. ManifestationA. demonstration B. expression C. obscurity D. symptomAns: C16. SolicitA. Importune B. implore C. crave D. GrantAns: D17. VehementA. Fervent B. passionate C. Apathetic D. None of theseAns: C18. CapriceA. Whim B. impulse C. quirk D. None of theseAns: D19. DwindleA. extend B. fall C. fall off D. dropAns: A
20. CovetA. aspire to B. abjure C. begrudge D. craveAns: B
Directions for Questions 21-26
: Read the passage and answer thequestions that follow on the basis of the information provided in thepassage.A leading Indian industrialist in a recent article on ways to strengthen India'seconomy has drawn attention to the problems of inflation and industrialsickness among other things. One of the main reasons for industrialsickness in our country has been the fact that business and industrialmanagers, have not been able to look beyond the immediate future. Theyhave been too preoccupied with their attempts to report favorable results forthe current year higher profits and larger dividends to the share holders.The planning horizon has hardly ever exceeded five years. Investments havebeen inadequate for new plants and towards diversification and expansions.Modernisation and asset creation has seriously lagged behind. In business,growth is needed for survival; one has to grow if one does not want to bewiped out This is particularly true today with liberalisation of imports andincreasing competition. More over, growth and higher productivity createemployment and higher employment creates larger markets both forindustrial and consumer products. It was Hentry Ford who brought homethe need for the creation of larger and a more stable middle class, that is, alarger number of people who can afford more and more of goods andservices. Even after forty years of independence our industrialists have notbeen able to shed the petty shopkeeper's mentality and our highly educatedmanagement has tagged along merrily and without concern.21. Which of the following short comings of Indian industrialists has beenhighlighted by the author ?A) The invest unreasonable high amount on diversification and expansion.B) They are more concerned for immediate net gains than for developmentalactivitiesC) They are reluctant to maintain the shopkeeper mentalityD) They are less concerned for payment of dividends to shareholdersE) None of the aboveAns: B22. The leading industrialist attributes industrial sickness mainly toA) lacunae in five-year plansB) preoccupations of managers with matters unrelated to businessC) higher profits and larger dividends to shareholders

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