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Hazrat Khaja Syed Hasan Barhana Shah

Hazrat Khaja Syed Hasan Barhana Shah

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Brief biography of Hazrat Khaja Syed Hasan Barhana Shah.The land of Deccan was a great center for pious persons since longtime . For this reason many pious persons came over Hyderabad forpreaching and propagation work of Islam in this area in largenumbers and in all corners of Deccan. Also the land of Deccan(Hyderabad ) is known and famous for the shrines and their greatlearning centers of Islam which attracted the large numbers of localpeople. Due to hard their tasks and endeavors of holy saints in thesecenters large number of local persons not only embraced Islam butmany from them also continued the work of preaching andpropagating of Islam to their fellow countrymen the right pathtowards Allah. The land of Mehboobnagar district which is nearHyderabad is also famous for many pious persons where many piouspersons landed in that place and who did many endeavors and hardtasks for the preaching and propagation work of Islam and due totheir efforts and sacrifices large number of the Muslim population isnow available there.Name and geneology.His name is Syed Hasan and title is well known and famous asBarhana Shah and he belongs to Sadat (descendant of the holyprophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) family member and hisname shows this fact. His belong to Iraq. He left his country andreached Delhi and become disciple and devotee of Hazrat SufiSarmast and also he got his caliphate from.As per his
master’s style
he used to live always naked and for thisreason his title of Barhana Shah has become famous and well known.
His name also become famous with this name and in Deccan he is wellknown and famous as Sarmast of Deccan.The march of army of Aurangzeb Almgir.He was alive at the time of arrival of Hazrat Yousuf Saheb and Sharif 
Saheb to Hyderabad. When Aurangzeb Alamgir’s army marched from
the tank bund of Mir Alam Mir Jumla to the fort of Golconda and inthat army two great Qutubs (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) HazratYousuf Saheb and Hazrat Sharif Saheb were also present there. Dueto the above reason he asked a piece cloth from his disciples andcovered his body with that cloth .Upon passing away of the royalarmy of Aurangzeb Alamgir from there he returned cloth to thedisciples. The people were surprised to see his action and requestedhim what is the reason of covering his body upon arrival of the royalarmy of Aurangzeb Alamgir?.He asked one of his disciple to put hishead under his armpit and said there should be shame from thehuman beings and not from the animals. The person who had put hishead under his armpit said except Hazrat Yousuf saheb and Sharif Saheb he saw all royal army men in the shapes of animals .His name is Syed Shah Burhan uddin Mahboob Sarherwardi and histitle (alqab ) is known as Barhana Badashah. He belongs to linage of the holy family of the prophet of Islam and Hazrat Ali who was the
fourth caliph of Allah’s last prophet. His native place is Iraq. He was
landed in India directly from Iraq and he has reached to Delhi . Asper the records in Delhi he became the disciple of Hazrat Sufi Sarmadand did many endeavors and hard tasks there and for the this reasonHazrat Sufi Sarmad granted him the cloak of honour and given him
permission to guide the disciples and general persons towards theright path of Allah.Arrival in Deccan.He was arrived in Deccan in the reign of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shahof Golconda kingdom. At that time there was great ignorance whichprevailed in the area . He was settled down four miles to the eastfrom Hyderabad City and now in that place his holy mausoleum issituated which is known as great blessed place to the citizens of Hyderabad and other neighboring areas.Status.He was famous for his following qualities.1.Majzub (one lost in divine meditation).2.Revelation.3.Miracles.The people of Deccan have complete faith and devotion with him sofor this reason they used to visit him and get favour and blessing of him.He was great lover of Allah so for this reason he was always immersedand ecstatic in the love of Allah and he was man of great miracles.Since long time the peoples of Hyderabad are extremely devoted tohim. His mausoleum in Hyderabad which is famous since long timefor the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit hismausoleum there.

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