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IckeNwsletter. Saville--Doorway to the Cesspit.3rd Nov 2012

IckeNwsletter. Saville--Doorway to the Cesspit.3rd Nov 2012

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Published by cardinal761831

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Published by: cardinal761831 on Nov 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jimmy Savile ... Doorway To The Cesspit - David Icke Website
Saturday, 03 November 2012 00:27
Copyright David Icke, 2012. All Rights Reserved.
The David Icke Newsletter, October 14th, 2012
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Jimmy Savile ... Doorway To The Cesspit - David Icke Website
Saturday, 03 November 2012 00:27
Hello all ...Something of massive significance has happened in Britain in the lasttwo weeks which might have been lost on most of the rest of the world.It concerns the revelations about serial child abuse over decades by aman considered by many to be a British 'icon' and 'national treasure'.
His name is Jimmy Savile and the reason the significance of what ishappening may have passed most people by outside the UK is thatSavile was a major figure in these islands, but little known beyond them.What, and who, he was involved with, however, is global in nature andhas the potential to expose both the staggering scale of child sexualabuse and many of the mega-famous names for whom it is a way of life. Savile was one of the first in the entertainment field known as 'disc jockeys' who emerged with the 1960s music and cultural explosionknown as the 'Swinging Sixties'. I remember him well as a kid appearingon television shows, still in black and white then, and in fact you couldhardly miss him. Once seen, never forgotten.
He would always appear with dyed hair, mostly blond, and highlycolourful and eccentric clothing accompanied by multiple rings andother jewellery. Savile was what they called a 'one-off', a 'character' andpeople either loved him or deeply loathed him and thought he wasseriously weird. There was little of the half-way about Jimmy Savile.
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Jimmy Savile ... Doorway To The Cesspit - David Icke Website
Saturday, 03 November 2012 00:27
He began as a disc jockey in dance halls and later managed several ofthem before he launched a career in the media via the legendary RadioLuxemburg in 1958 and eventually moved to the BBC which was to behis prime public platform for decades.He was a first and last presenter of the ground-breaking music chartshow
Top of the Pops 
, which ran from 1964 to 2006, but his biggestclaim to fame was the BBC show
Jim'll Fix It 
which he presented from 1975 to 1994.
This is particularly relevant to current events because it was aprogramme in which children wrote in to describe what they would mostlike to do or who they would most like to meet. The programme then'fixed it' for the children chosen to take part. The 'fix' could be anythingfrom going up in a hot air balloon to meeting their favourite pop star.
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