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KIT February 1996, Vol VIII #2 New 2-10-96 Rev 2-29-96

KIT February 1996, Vol VIII #2 New 2-10-96 Rev 2-29-96

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Published by KITexBruderhofCCI
ITEM: Oma Gretel Gneiting passed away on January 13 within the Bruderhof communities. None of her five grandchildren living 'outside' nor two daughters were informed until after the burial, and then only by a brief card. Two letters from 'Names Withheld' in this issue pertain to this ongoing theme.
ITEM: Oma Gretel Gneiting passed away on January 13 within the Bruderhof communities. None of her five grandchildren living 'outside' nor two daughters were informed until after the burial, and then only by a brief card. Two letters from 'Names Withheld' in this issue pertain to this ongoing theme.

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Published by: KITexBruderhofCCI on Nov 04, 2012
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The KIT Newsletter, an Activity of the KIT InformationService, a Project of The Peregrine Foundation
P.O. Box 460141 / San Francisco, CA 94146-0141 /telephone: (415) 821-2090 / (415) 282-2369KIT Staff U.S.: Ramon Sender, Charles Lamar, Christina Bernard, Vince Lagano,Dave Ostrom;U.K. : Joy Johnson MacDonald, Susan Johnson Suleski, Carol Beels Beck, BenCavanna, Leonard Pavitt, Joanie Pavitt Taylor, Brother Witless (in an advisorycapacity); Europe: Elizabeth Bohlken-Zumpe.The KIT Newsletter is an open forum for fact and opinion. It encourages theexpression of all views, both from within and from outside the Bruderhof. Theopinions expressed in the letters we publish are those of the correspondents and do notnecessarily reflects those of KIT editors or staff.
February 1996 Volume VIII #2
quotes & internal links improved 2/29/96 
--------------"Keep In Touch"--------------
From time to time the staff of KIT ponders what we are trying to accomplish by publishing the newsletter. For seven years we've been riding this bucking broncowithout either saddle or reins, wondering if the glue on the seat of our pants will giveway or not. Many of the same problems come up over and over again. People ask usnot to print 'sex stuff.' "Don't print stuff that isn't 'positive'." "Don't print material thatisn't 'true'." "Don't print material that isn't 'helpful'." And, sometimes, "Don't printmaterial that isn't 'Christian'." But we then must remind ourselves -- and our readers --that our only job is to hold up a mirror to the whole Bruderhof/ex-bruderhof situation.Hopefully it's a true mirror with no cracks, no ripples, no cloudy condensation. Andwhereas we are not in a position in many instances to tell what is true or not true --and never will be -- we are in a position to polish that mirror by facilitating the possibility for anyone who feels they have something to say, to speak up for themselves in their own words. As concerns what is true, positive, Christian, etc.everyone must be their own KIT editor.Several familiar problems: 1) Passive aggressiveness on the part of readers who don'twant to write unless they see what they like already in print. 2) The fact that many people don't write unless they feel upset. 3) The fact that the newsletter tends to takeon the tone of frequent contributors. 4) The fact that the desire to belong, which isuniversal and not limited to the Bruderhof, causes people to feel they 'belong' to KIT,and they try to censor other people. These are not problems that the editors canresolve. These are problems only readers can solve. So take up your pen and write,especially if we haven't heard from you in a while. And if you have never written, letus hear from you in 1996. It can be about anything in your life, both good and bad!Don't be shy. To paraphrase the inimitable Dr. Bernie Siegel, "If you feel you're just
Page 1 of 43KIT Newsletter February 1996 Volume VIII #228/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/KIT2_96.html
totally depressed, you can still be a success by serving as a bad example to others!"But to do that, you still have to write it down!
-----The Whole KIT and Kaboodle-----
-------- Table of Contents --------
Gretel Gneiting's death announced
ITEM: Oilers Divorce Bruderhof & Response
Christoph & Verena Marriage Counseling
Name Withheld: "Unconscionable Behavior" Name Withheld: Grandchildren's letters
Andrew Bazeley
Name Withheld: "Reporting Abuse"
Lou Scheggia
Dave Ostrom
Jon Greenwood
Andy Harries
Ben Cavanna & Ramón Sender - COB Report
Konrad Klüver
Kingston Daily Freeman
Leonard Pavitt
Alfred L. DeLeo
Barnabas Johnson
Hilarion Braun to Stan Ehrlich
Hilarion Braun to Christian Domer
Hilarion Braun - Confession of an AgnosticProfessor Holger Schweigegebot
Professor Gottfried Denckenklos
David &Wendy (Alexander) Dorsey
KIT: WTIC transcript
Bette Bohlken-Zumpe - "In Remembrance Gretel Gneiting"
Norah Allain - Life Story Part III
Jere Bruner - Poem
Norah Allain -Poem
Hannah Goodwin Johnson- Poem/EssayVance J. Youmans
Johanna Patrick Homann
Oma Gretel Gneiting passed away on January 13 within the Bruderhof communities. None of her five grandchildren living 'outside' nor two daughters wereinformed until after the burial, and then only by a brief card. Two letters from 'NamesWithheld' in this issue pertain to this ongoing theme.It also has been reported that Wilhelm Fischer asked for, but was refused, burial at theDarvell Bruderhof.
The "divorce" letter from the 'Oilers' to the Bruderhof mentioned in January's
Page 2 of 43KIT Newsletter February 1996 Volume VIII #228/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/KIT2_96.html
KIT and dated November 16, 1995, came from an October 25, 1995, meeting of all theministers and stewards "under Jacob Kleinsasser's leadership." It is addressed to"brothers and sisters and to all it may concern."It states in part: "A lot of your deception, deceit, impudence and false accusations thathave come to light through your own words and deeds were discussed at that meeting,and it was agreed at the meeting that it does not make sense to call one another brother and sister anymore...""2: Likewise, look at all the different letters you have written and published, spreading propaganda all over the world, labeling the West as unchristian..."3. Your Brotherhood meeting of November 8, also expressed... professional ridicule,mockery and criticisms through which the whole brotherhood is being poisoned..."...6: Then also the many untruthful letters from brothers like your sons-in-law andmany others, with no sign of respect but well-written for slander, based on rumor andgossip."7. The spirit of the Oakwood case reveals itself clearly in the end results, revealingthe power for money and property hoarding, even worse than it was in the ForestRiver case. The same still stands in holding the claim of the one-million-dollar notethat belongs to the Oakwood Colony, now named Haven Colony. These is no sign of the spirit of God but only technicality and carnal legalism."8. The same spirit revealed itself in the Palmgrove case, making total mockery of thecommission of Jesus who commanded his followers to go out and preach the Gospel, but instead the effort was to engage courts of law to confiscate property."...10: The spirit of dishonest, deception and greed for money is clear by withholdingand claiming fraudulently the money you owe to Crystal Spring. The Scripture quotesthe wicked borrow money and will not pay it back. Look also at the deceitfulness of the way you dealt with Elm River, ruining families and community. And now muchworse, the criminal offense and swindle of using Jake Vetter's or Crystal Spring'stelephone calling card number since 1994 and 1995."...Whomever does not feel the darkness and abominable sins in all such points musthave reached the point of no return. Scripture quotes upon such closed hearts, full of  pride and deceit, are useless."Since with these actions you have stated your separation and excluded yourself fromthe Hutterian Church, it was decided at the meeting that we do not want to associatewith you in any way or form, until you being to clear up these matters. With great painand cry of the spirit we reach out to you all,"Signed, Jacob Kleinsasser, Elder; Michael Wollman, S. Waldner, Michael Waldner.
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Page 3 of 43KIT Newsletter February 1996 Volume VIII #228/10/2007http://www.perefound.org/KIT2_96.html

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