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201210 FinishingtheJob

201210 FinishingtheJob

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Published by Midori Natsuki

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Midori Natsuki on Nov 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jo`oybo`e }bl dan4 Mlcozl~o`e h n|ccl}'v~aaj H]]
Y|ggh~H} }bl l`m aj }bl ia`yl`y|y'nhylm `lea}oh}oa` v~ailyy o` }bl D|c >68> Movcagh}oi Ia`jl~l`il ja~}bl H~gy ]~hml ]~lh}# y}h}ly jhoclm }a he~ll h }~lh}. H m~hj} }~lh} }lr} uhy v~am|ilm }bh} ia`}ho`ygh` aj }bl lclgl`}y `lilyyh~ ja~ ljjli}ozl ia`}~ac aj }bl o`}l~`h}oa`hc h~gy }~hml. Baulzl~# }boy}lr} hcya ia`}ho`y h `|gnl~ aj ulhk`lyyly h`m caavbacly }bh} }b~lh}l` j|`mhgl`}hcc }a |`ml~go`lo}y ljjli}ozl`lyy. Hy y}h}lgl`}y }b~a|eba|} }bl `lea}oh}oa`y mlga`y}~h}lm# }bl ghda~o} aj y}h}lyuh`} }a yll h ~an|y} }~lh} he~llm.]bl H~gy ]~hml ]~lh} oy }aa ogva~}h`} ja~ h` a`l y}h}l }a nl hncl }a uolcm h zl}a. O} oy }bl zaoilyaj }bl azl~ublcgo`e ghda~o} aj y}h}ly }bh} uh`} h y}~a`e }~lh} uboib g|y} nl blh~m o` }bl `lr}y}lvy o` }bl v~ailyy# ~h}bl~ }bh` }bl go`a~o} aj y}h}ly }bh} ma `a} y|vva~} }bl hogy h`m andli}ozlyyl} a|} n \@ El`l~hc Hyylgnc ^lyac|}oa` :=!=2 o` >66?.Eozl` }bh} }bl D|c >68> MovIa` uhy |`hncl }a v~am|il he~llgl`} n ia`yl`y|y h` mlioyoa` }abacm h jaccau'|v ia`jl~l`il a` }bl yhgl nhyoy ~|`y }bl ~oyk aj ~lvlh}o`e }boy jhoc|~l.
]bl D|c >68> Movcagh}oi Ia`jl~l`il "MovIa`/ ja~ }bl H~gy ]~hml ]~lh} "H]]/ uhy o`}l`mlm hy }blia`ic|mo`e vh~} aj }bl \@ H]] v~ailyy# uboib ja~ghcc nleh` o` >66:. Hj}l~ h ga`}b aj ml}hoclm`lea}oh}oa`y# h m~hj} }~lh} }lr} uhy v~lyl`}lm a` }bl vl`|c}ogh}l mh aj }bl MovIa`. Mlyvo}l }blmlyo~l aj gay} y}h}ly }a yll }bl }~lh} ia`ic|mlm
# a` }bl jo`hc mh# }bl \`o}lm Y}h}ly hyklm ja~ –ga~l}ogl‗ }a ia`yoml~ }bl }lr}#
}bl~ln ncaiko`e h ia`yl`y|y a|}iagl.Mlyvo}l }boy yl}nhik# }bl~l oy `au uomlyv~lhm y|vva~} }a mlcozl~ h }~lh} o` lh~c >689 n n|ocmo`e|va` }bl a|}iagly aj }bl D|c >68> `lea}oh}oa`y. Ubocl o} oy l`ia|~heo`e }bh} y}h}ly bhzl v~azlmuocco`e }a bh~`lyy }bl gagl`}|g aj }bl jo`hc mhy aj }bl D|c MovIa`# o} oy ua~~o`e }bh} gh` y}h}lyhvvlh~ v~lvh~lm }a yll }bl `lr} y}hel o` }bl v~ailyy na|`m n }bl ia`yl`y|y mlioyoa`'ghko`e ~|cl.]boy v~lyl`}y h yoe`ojoih`} ~oyk aj }bl `lr} y}hel o` }bl v~ailyy gl~lc ~lvlh}o`e }bl jhoc|~l aj }blv~lzoa|y# a~ v~am|io`e h zl~ ulhk }lr}. Y}h}ly `llm }a yhjle|h~m h` ljjli}ozl h`m v~am|i}ozlv~ailyy n hccauo`e ja~ }bl vayyonoco} aj h za}l oj hcc jlhyoncl h}}lgv}y }a hibolzl ia`yl`y|y jhoc.]bl m~hj} }lr} aj >: D|c >68> ia`}ho`y gh` aj }bl nhyoi lclgl`}y `llmlm ja~ ljjli}ozl ia`}~ac aj }bl ecanhc h~gy }~hml# o`ic|mo`e4
H` ancoeh}oa` a` h~gy'lrva~}o`e y}h}ly }a ia`m|i} iagv~lbl`yozl ~oyk hyylyygl`}y o` co`luo}b o`}l~`h}oa`hc b|gh` ~oeb}y h`m b|gh`o}h~oh` chu nlja~l hvv~azo`e o`}l~`h}oa`hc}~h`yjl~y aj h~gy;
H iclh~ ~liae`o}oa` }bh} }bl~l h~l io~i|gy}h`ily ubl~ln }~h`yjl~y aj h~gy yba|cm `lzl~ nlhcc
aulm# l.e. ubl~l ulhva`y ua|cm nl |ylm }a zoach}l y}h}ly‟ o`}l~`h}oa`hc ancoeh}oa`y;
H yiavl }bh} o`ic|mly yghcc h~gy h`m coeb} ulhva`y "YHCU/# uboib h~l ~lyva`yoncl ja~ }blch~ely} v~ava~}oa` aj mlh}by j~ag h~glm zoacl`il;
H ~lx|o~lgl`} }bh} y}h}ly ~lva~} a` }blo~ h~gy }~h`yjl~y h`m a` y}lvy }bh} }bl }hkl }aogvclgl`} }bl }~lh};
Vayo}ozl v~azoyoa`y ~lch}o`e }a ~lia~m'kllvo`e# o`}l~`h}oa`hc hyyoy}h`il# h`m ogvclgl`}h}oa`aj }bl }~lh}; h`m
]bl ly}hncoybgl`} aj h Yli~l}h~oh} }a hyyoy} yoe`h}a~oly o` ogvclgl`}o`e }bl }~lh}.
Icayo`e }bl caavbacly
Baulzl~ }bl i|~~l`} m~hj} }lr} bhy h `|gnl~ aj v~anclgy h`m caavbacly }bh} ua|cm |`ml~go`l o}yhnoco} }a hmlx|h}lc hmm~lyy }bl b|gh`o}h~oh` h`m b|gh` ~oeb}y v~anclgy j|lcclm n }bl vaa~c~le|ch}lm o`}l~`h}oa`hc h~gy }~hml. Gh` aj }blyl ul~l y}occ nlo`e `lea}oh}lm m|~o`e }bl chy} ba|~yaj }bl D|c MovIa`# ubl` }bl~l hvvlh~lm }a nl ia`yoml~hncl ~lyaczl o` jhza~ aj jo`mo`e ua~khnclyac|}oa`y ya }bh} h ~an|y} a|}iagl ia|cm nl hibolzlm. ]blyl caavbacly o`ic|ml n|} h~l `a} cogo}lm}a }bl jaccauo`e4
H~}oicl >4 ]bl Yiavl aj }bl m~hj} }~lh} oy }aa `h~~au4
]bl m~hj} }~lh} a`c o`ic|mly h~gy }bh} jhcc |`ml~ }bl ylzl` ih}lea~oly aj ghda~ ajjl`yozlia`zl`}oa`hc ulhva`y iazl~lm n }bl \@ ^leoy}l~ aj Ia`zl`}oa`hc H~gy vc|y YHCU. ]boyglh`y }bh} gh` }vly aj ia`zl`}oa`hc ulhva`y
o`ic|mo`e h~ga~lm }~aav'ih~~o`ezlboicly h`m blcoiav}l~y
h~l `a} ia`}~acclm. Hgg|`o}oa` h`m g|`o}oa`y# vh~}y h`miagva`l`}y h~l hcya goyyo`e j~ag }bl yiavl yli}oa` aj }bl }lr}# ya }~h`yjl~y aj }blyl o}lgyh~l y|ndli} }a clyy y}~o`el`} ia`}~ac h`m h~l lrlgv} j~ag ~lia~m'kllvo`e h`m ~lva~}o`e~lx|o~lgl`}y.
H~}oicl >4 ]bl m~hj} }~lh} yba|cm v~azoml g|ib e~lh}l~ ich~o} ~leh~mo`e ubh} ia`y}o}|}ly h`o`}l~`h}oa`hc }~h`yjl~ aj h~gy4
I|~~l`} ~ljl~l`ily }a o`}l~`h}oa`hc –}~h`yjl~y‗ h~l ia`jch}lm uo}b mljo`o}oa`y aj }bl–o`}l~`h}oa`hc }~hml‗ o` h~gy h`m h~l avhx|l h`m ia`j|yo`e; }boy ia|cm clhm }a y}h}ly
o`}l~v~l}o`e mojjl~l`}c }blo~ ancoeh}oa`y uo}bo` }bl }~lh}.
H~}oicl 94 V~abono}oa`y ~lch}o`e }a h~gy ja~ el`aioml# i~ogly heho`y} b|gh`o} h`m uh~ i~ogly h~l}aa `h~~auc hvvcolm4
]bl i|~~l`} ua~mo`e v~ly|gly h` o`}l`} a` }bl vh~} aj }bl y|vvco`e y}h}l }bh} }blulhva`y nl |ylm }a iaggo} v~abono}lm hi}y# uboib ua|cm hc~lhm vchil }bh} y}h}l jh~nla`m }bl na|`my aj o`}l~`h}oa`hc chu h`m hiilv}hnoco}. Ga~lazl~# }bl ~h`el aj uh~i~ogly }a uboib lzl` }blyl v~azoyoa`y hvvc oy jh~ }aa `h~~au h`m lric|mly# ja~ lrhgvcl#mlconl~h}l h}}hiky a` iozocoh` vav|ch}oa`y.
H~}oicl =4 ]bl }b~lybacm ja~ ~oyk hyylyygl`} aj b|gh` ~oeb}y h`m b|gh`o}h~oh` chu zoach}oa`y h`mja~ iaggoyyoa` aj }l~~a~oy} hi}y oy |`iclh~4
]bl m~hj} }~lh} yl}y h }b~lybacm aj –azl~~omo`e ~oyk‗
}bh} y}h}ly ia|cm o`}l~v~l} hy ~lx|o~o`e}bl ~lj|yhc aj h }~h`yjl~ a`c o` lr}~lgl h`m lrilv}oa`hc io~i|gy}h`ily.
H~}oicl =.:4 V~azoyoa`y ia`il~`o`e mozl~yoa`# ia~~|v}oa`# mlzlcavgl`}# h`m el`ml~'nhylm zoacl`ilh~l ulhk4
]bl m~hj} }~lh} maly `a} ~lx|o~l y}h}ly }a ia`yoml~ ~oyky ~lch}o`e }a mozl~yoa`# ia~~|v}oa`#mlzlcavgl`} h`m el`ml~'nhylm zoacl`il hy vh~} aj }bl e~a|`my ja~ ~lj|yo`e h` o`}l~`h}oa`hch~gy }~h`yjl~.
H~}oicl <.>4 Lrlgv}oa`y i~lh}lm n ch`e|hel a`
‒a}bl~ o`y}~|gl`}y‟ h`m ‒
mljl`il iaavl~h}oa`he~llgl`}y
h~l zl~ v~anclgh}oi4
]bl hyyl~}oa` }bh} }bl ogvclgl`}h}oa` aj }bl }~lh} yba|cm `a} v~ld|moil ancoeh}oa`y uo}b~leh~m }a a}bl~ o`y}~|gl`}y ia|cm hccau y}h}ly }a l`}l~ o`}a he~llgl`}y }bh} |`ml~go`l}bl }~lh}. ]bl~l oy hcya `a}bo`e }a v~lzl`} Y}h}ly ichyyojo`e hcc aj }blo~ o`}l~`h}oa`hc h~gy
}~hmo`e avl~h}oa`y hy –mljl`il iaavl~h}oa` he~llgl`}y‗ }bl~ln io~i|gzl`}o`e }bl
~lh}‟y v~azoyoa`y.

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