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Published by: Akana Keith Richards on Nov 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Velan: For Dummies!
A survival guide for the rest of us.
Chapter 1: Culture.
Chapter 2: Places
Chapter 3: Politics
................. 7Council................................ 7International Relations........ 8
Chapter 4: Organizations
..... 9Guilds..................................9Velan is an old country rich with heritage and long standing cities and traditions. It is knownthat the country is as old as two thousand eight hunred years. Housing one of the world's mostprestigious and prosperous arcaniums, Zaq, has earned it much recognition. These lands are in afavorable alignment with the sun, giving steady weather and green land all around. Almost nowherein this country is without grass or trees except possibly the highest mountains. Light forests specklethe land while a thick one grows along the river, giving it a geographic advantage of consistentlyfavorable conditions for farming.
Tanxai is only a hundred and a half years younger then the country itself, growing into abeautiful city filled with towering structures and luxurious living conditions. The underlayers of thecity have been well protected and maintained, leaving it closest to the wildlands of Velan so eventhose not as well off have good living conditions and growing space for their own agriculture.
Favoring the old spirits of the world Velan has retained ancient traditions. Instead of joining theyounger immortals, Velan continues to give thanks and worship to the spirits of old called Toki.These spirits are not so much ancient as they are renewable, giving protection to nature andguidance to mortals. Spirits are the spirits of the dead, everything has essence that passes on to thespirits when it dies plants, animals, and humans alike. While rarely ever visible their presence ismade known through the way the wind blow, how the stream shifts its ripples, or how a recklessadventurer was eaten by fifty two squirrels.The spirits are not without a darker side, instead of passing on and becoming a part of Tokisome corrupted beings become evil and haunt the world. These dark spirits are known as Akki,often the remnant souls of murderers or those. Akki are also believed to be a result of the recentPandem wielders who have arrived in Zaq.There are several spirits unique to certain places, usually where they have died or been mostattached to. A forest Toki can travel between forests, though its abilities are only particularly strongwithin a forest. While an animal, such as a squirrel, may be related to the forest they come fromtheir power over them are not as great once outside their domain.A spirit can leave it's domain if it so desires, doing so for a variety of reasons such as seekingrevenge on someone who wronged it or protecting those it likes. Worshippers of the Toki believe
that they will receive their guidance and protection particularly in aspects most notable to that Toki'domain. For example, the Moutain Toki represents that which the mountain does ( unmoving, strongwilled) and those that respect those traits most would become followers of the Mountain Toki, evenif they don't live on the mountain. Mountain Toki are likely to watch over those that share theaspects of their domain, as such the worshipper is likely to be strong willed which attracts theMountain Toki. These guardian Toki would watch over him, give guidance, and protection.The following is a list of Toki and Akki, and some of their promiment aspects.
ForestChaotic, Wild, lively, ambitoiusGrasslandsNeutral, tame, peacefulOceanChaotic, Strong, Shifting, impulsiveMountainsLawful, Strong, Steady, stubbornLakesLawful, calm, friendly, unadventurousRiversChaotic, changing, fast, recklessMarshNeutral, quiet, mellow, dullWindChaotic, curious, adventurous, convincableEarthLawful, sturdy, traveled, unadventurousFlameChaotic, wild, powerful, uncontrollableGravesNeutral, calm, protective, quietMoonNeutral, wise, seeing, unacting
-MurderChaotic, intelligent, calm, impulsiveRevengeLawful, determined, strong willed,blindedLostChaotic, adaptable, adventurous, confused
*Lost Akki is a broad term, lost akki can come from those who died lost or with a powerfulattatchment to some worldly object or another.TaintChaotic, strong, jealous, without purpose*Taint Akki are the results of things such as necromancy

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