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NaNoWriMo 2012 Edgar Bajana DAY 4

NaNoWriMo 2012 Edgar Bajana DAY 4

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Published by Edgar Bajana

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Published by: Edgar Bajana on Nov 05, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Edgar Bajaña
The Lunar Ruins
"Captain, is your father still on your mind?" Mirror asked. The Captain whose real name was Herbert Rockefeller, liked to spend his free time ondark side of the moon because it was the only place where he could really make peacewith his father who died a long time ago. "Captain?" Mirror asked again.On the surface of the moon, Herbert was a small silvery figure that floated over thedesolate chalky surface. From time to time, Henry's suit glimmered with the shine of thesun. The sun was strong and laid the lunar world out in black and white. Henry wasa small figure moving across the moonscape. He propelled himself across several lunar craters with ease. Herbert was the Captain, as everyone came to know him. He was the great adventurer who would voyage across the stars to find the truth to the Question.The year of Q would finally come to an end.His quest for the answer to the Question had reviled even his desire for love, itself.Mistakenly, he thought he could have both. He was smart and thought he could have itall."Just call me Herbert, when were alone." He replied to the Mirror "Of course." This time out on the alien terrain, Herbert felt different. Herbert was accompanied by avoice inside his helmet. The voice that echoed in his ear was his Mirror. "Herbert?" The voice called to him.The Mirror was making sure that Herbert's psychological state was stable."I'm fine Mirror. No worries." Herbert Replied.Mirror listened to Henry's breathing, to make sure it was regular, compared to other space walkers under the same circumstances. Henry's breathing was deep and full andhis heart was calm. Everything was fine. 
"Why do you keep coming out here, Herbert? The ruins have been closed for a longtime now and these parts have been off limits." The voice sounded more human thanartificial.Henry kept floating over the lunar surface without a saying much to his Mirror.The Mirror.The Mirror was a psychologically oriented program that specifically made sure thatHerbert was okay when he spaced walked outside of his home. The scientist thoughtthat having a dedicated Mirror would help space walkers from going a little crazy in thedarkness of space.The program was simple. The Mirror begged for data, for conversation. "Herbert?" Asked Mirror."Yes?"Herbert's home was primarily on the moon where he was the Director of the Operationsto the New World. He oversaw the final construction phase of the Ships and gatheredthe crew. For the past two decades Herbert was stationed on the moon and traveled toearth for only special purposes, mostly for love."You're quite a great man," said Mirror, "I hear that the ships will soon launch. Is thattrue." Herbert stayed quiet. He knew the answer was yes. But, he did not want to say it.Herbert stopped halfway - between the lunar ruins and his home. He stopped to look atthe stars above. He looked at everything that he hoped to one day understand.The Question of the Sphinx.Then, he stared into the dark side of the moon and thought about his father."What do the ruins mean to you. Is it a moment of nostalgia that you seek? What kind of benefit does that feeling give you? Herbert?" Mirror's voice did not bother him. He had gone into his own world.Herbert was too busy with all the memories of his father coming back. Visiting the lunar ruins was like visiting his father's tombstone and grave back on earth.

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