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8 Armorican Celts

8 Armorican Celts

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Published by: Richard David Dellerman on Nov 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the post-Roman Celtic-speakers of . . .Armorica. . . were colonists from Britain,resulting in theBreton language, a language related to Welsh and identical toCornishin the early period and still used today.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BrythonWHO WERE THE "CELTS" PROPERLY SO-CALLED?
 Disclosing identity of Early British "Celts" or Keltsand "Culdees" with the "Khaldis" of Vanand the Picts.
The province of Armorica was within Pictland being the territory of Britannia (northwestern France). Picts also called Khaldis are from theChaldeans in the land known as the Chaldeesthat also lived inSumer’Samaria including Babylonia. See Galilee, Galatians, Gaul, France,Britanni
Barat/Barak is a person’s name from the ancient Sumerian Tablets.Sumerian Empire reached into Egypt and gave the Egyptian gods their names andreligious ideas and doctrines of Astrology.
Sidon of the Chaldees of Samaria’s Phoenicia of Gaelic (Gaul) mix people that migratedinto the Miletus of the Milesians of Ionia Islands. Iona was a name of a Latin goddess.She became as the Roma of the Aquilonians of southern Italy, Greece-Corinth and Crete.France was previously called Aquitainia.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milesians_%28Irish%29The Sepharad 585 BC, Babylon’s
Chaldean Persians pushed the Adamic Medes across into the {mixed race}Milesians of Ionia and through Sephardic’s Latin Hispania/ Basque’s/Aquitania’s(Aquilonians) landand into the lands of the DeDanaans of Ireland and Briton: {Fir-Bolgs(giant gods-Niflheim), DeDanaans(sons of gods-Titans), and Fomers(Picts of the Sephardim-Chaldeans) .
Also known as
Apostle of the Picts 
http://www.wisdomportal.com/Columba/ColumbusDoveAmerica.htmlCRETE Dove gods1841-1873 6point starColumbia Pictures Statue of Liberty from Masons of Celtic France’s World Bank loan

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