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AlgoTradeSystems.com Summary Business Plan (2)

AlgoTradeSystems.com Summary Business Plan (2)

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Published by Bryan Downing

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Published by: Bryan Downing on Nov 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AlgoTradeSystems.com Business Plan
Executive Summary
AlgoTradeSystems.com is an internet-based high-end platform connecting its own advancedquantitative trading expertise with the fast-growing retail trading community dealing withany possible combination of asset classes, frequencies and risk/return profiles.AlgoTradeSystems.com aims to change the way individual retail traders participate in theHigh-Frequency-Trading (HFT) field as well as improve their comparative disadvantage asopposed to sophisticated financial institutions. More specifically, AlgoTradeSystems.com willprovide a variety of in-house trading strategies and techniques in any possible liquid securitythus improving HFT portfolios performance subject to the risk/return profile of eachparticular investor. AlgoTradeSystems.com will also offer online access to quantitative toolsand complete black-box systems concerning efficient risk management, optimizationprocedures, data mining, sentiment analysis and plausible forecasts on the back of acontinuously enhanced quantitative knowledge. Last but not least, AlgoTradeSystems.comwill administrate investment forums and chat rooms on relevant topics of interest as well asprovide educational material including tutorials, books and papers for a betterunderstanding of the HFT business. All the services before mentioned will be available forpurchase through safe online payment routes that will allow the company to generate profitbased on its growing community.Algorithmic and High-Frequency-Trading have both met an impressively rapid growth in thelatest years because they provide a scope for greater performance scores than any otherclassic trading rationale. They eliminate overnight market risk, better benefit frominstantaneous market liquidity imbalances and short-term inefficiencies as well as exploitthe potential of leverage across asset classes simultaneously. The proportion of equityorders volume done by HFT accounts in the total trading volume in the US and Europe equitymarkets has been impressively rising since early 2000 and now accounts for more than 50%across active exchanges. The number of major financial institutions investing in HFTtechnology and talent is remarkably growing as well with major players being RenaissanceTechnologies, Getco LLC and Citadel LLC whereas the legal and regulatory environment isbeing increasingly refined in order to avoid any potential adverse market impacts.
1.1 Mission
It is AlgoTradeSystems.com's mission to provide retail individual traders with the mostcomprehensive Web-based HFT interface available. The platform will be constantly updated
and modified according to the retail HFT community’s needs and suggestions in addition toits own developers’ ideas and breakthrough concepts
. AlgoTradeSystems.com is committedto offer first-class expertise, first-class quality, first class service and first-class companyimage while making a fair profit for its employees and investors. With a solid long-term view
about the company’s growth over time along with the confidence on its personnel’s
experience and competence, AlgoTradeSystems.com is ready to professionally face anyupcoming challenges in this swiftly expanding business.Initial seed capital for AlgoTradeSystems.com is required in order to account for the set-upand maintenance of both hardware and software requirements, the initial marketing costs,management fees and legal-related costs. AlgoTradeSystems.com will require heavy first andsecond round funding in order to robustly develop and efficiently market
the Web Site’s
1.2 Keys to Success
To succeed in this business AlgoTradeSystems.com must:
Differentiate the Web-based HFT interface from all others with similar services andproducts
Provide robust and steady returns over time on the structured quantitativeportfolios
Provide easy access and user friendliness concerning the first-class quantitativepackages structured by the development team
Create a significant and flexible community of individual retail traders that will bethe grounding of a long-term relationship between the company and the public
Effectively communicate the wide variety of AlgoTradeSystems.com
’s quantitative
tools and services to non-professional traders willing to participate in the HFTindustry
1.3 Strategic Advantage
Main Competitive Advantages of AlgoTradeSystems.com as per below:
Trading Activity across liquid assets (not just FX or Equities)
Structuring portfolios out of efficient strategies adjustable to all combinations of risk/return profiles
Highly skilled and experienced quant team for the main product development
Extensive technological knowledge in the fields of cloud computing and softwaredevelopment
HFT Trading system already developed and modified in Matlab and C++programming environments thus ready for incorporation into the main businessservers concerning publicly available quantitative tools packages and data sharing
Experienced strategic partners with backgrounds in the technology, consulting andsecurities industries
1.4 Objectives
Alpha and Beta testing of Web-based platform, January 15, Year 1 and May 15, Year1 respectively
Complete negotiations with brokerage firms for initial deployment of tradingplatform by June 1, Year 1
Secure First-Round Funding by June, Year 1
Web-site available to public beginning June 1, Year 1 (without online trading)
Online trading and quantitative tools available on the Web-site, beginningSeptember 1, Year 1
Sign up 100 members and 3 brokerages by Q4, Year 1, and another 150 members byQ4, Year 2
Achieve revenues of $100K by year end, Year 1, and another $150K by year end,Year 2

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