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Elements Report

Elements Report

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Published by slavkornik

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Published by: slavkornik on Nov 06, 2012
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ROUTING – Executive Committee | DELEGATION – N. Chapdelaine/D. Campbell/A. YakeleyWRITTEN BY – N. Chapdelaine | November 5, 2012 – Edmonton Police Commission 2012POSC09Page 1 of 4
Licence Review for Large Events
That the November 5, 2012, EdmontonPolice Commission report 2012POSC09,be received for information.
Report SummaryThis report provides a response to amotion regarding a Licence Reviewfor Large Events.Previous Council/Committee Action
 At the March 21, 2012, ExecutiveCommittee meeting, the followingmotion was passed:That Administration consider aLicence review for large events thataddresses the following:
the recommendations outlined inthe Edmonton Police Servicepresentation
increased police presence to thesatisfaction of the EdmontonPolice Service, paid by the eventorganizer 
proper Emergency MedicalServices paid by the eventorganizer and return to Executive Committee inOctober 2012, with a report outlininga strategy to deal with after hoursdance events, with associated coststo be paid by the event organizer .
On February 8, 2012, the Public SafetyCompliance Team received informationthat Boodang Canada was hosting a twoday, 12 hour a day, Electronic MusicFestival at the Northlands Expo. It wasprojected that up to 24,000 patronswould attend the event.There were immediate concerns relativeto the significant impact the event wouldhave on many civic and emergencyservices. The Edmonton Police Servicepresented these concerns on March 21,2012, to the City of Edmonton’sExecutive Committee.There appeared to be no formalized Cityoversight for the Electronic MusicFestival and it was unclear if the Cityhad the authority to prevent the eventfrom occurring. To support the needs of the event, from a public safetyperspective, the Edmonton PoliceService developed a StandardOperational Plan. The Civic EventsOffice was identified as the City areacapable of leading and working with thevarious City departments and externalagencies to develop service plans insupport of this event.The Electronic Music Festival eventhosted a total of 8,312 patrons on April27 and 8,254 on April 28, for a two daytotal of 16,566. There were 4 drugoverdose related medical transports toarea hospitals from the Electronic MusicFestival the first night and 18 the secondnight. The large event report identifies anumber of factors that may havecontributed to this.Stakeholder consultation with over fortypeople representing promoters, venuesand regulators was completed in July2012. The purpose of the consultationwas to identify and discuss pastexperience (the Electronic MusicFestival) and recommendations for future large events. A number of itemswere identified as best practices or 
Licence Review for Large Events
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factors to consider to properly plan,manage and police large events in theCity of Edmonton. Arising from the Electronic MusicFestival experience, consultation withstakeholders and research conducted,are 11 best business practicerecommendations. Theserecommendations will assist in clarifyingroles and responsibilities related to theplanning, managing and policing of events that impact civic and emergencyservices within the City of Edmonton.If the City of Edmonton hosts futureevents that have known significantimpacts on civic and emergencyservices, then timely, collaborative andtransparent communication is critical.Corporate risk must also be consideredwhen evaluating whether an eventshould take place. Most importantly,public safety should not be up for negotiation and should remain a civicpriority and responsibility when suchevents are being considered.Recommendations All of the stakeholders involved in theconsultation agreed that having a better understanding and increasedinvolvement in the planning stages willallow for more effective deployments of resources for all involved agencies.During the consultation, there was littlesupport from promoters and venues toadd further regulations (municipalbylaws) around large events takingplace within the City of Edmonton, inprivate or public venues. Currentlegislation (municipal, provincial andfederal) allows regulatory agencies toutilize enforcement in a reactivemanner. In an effort to better plan,manage, coordinate and police largeevents, it will be prudent for the City of Edmonton to explore additionalproactive processes and/or regulations.The recommendations will assist withthe following:
clarifying roles and responsibilities
amendments to support therecommendations
items that require further consultation or discussion1. Civic Events Office becomes thelead oversight group with the planningand managing of events that impact twoor more departments/services and thattake place within City-owned, operatedor supported venues, such as:
Shaw Conference Centre
Commonwealth Stadium
Northlands Expo Centre
Rexall Place
Telus Field2. Civic Events Office, in consultationwith the appropriate stakeholders, willdevelop and implement a process for the notification, planning, managing andpolicing of events that take place withintheir venues.3. The Civic Events ImplementationTeam Terms of Reference be amendedto clearly reflect Recommendation 1,update language required to accuratelydefine the roles and responsibilities of the Civic Events Implementation Team.That the membership of the CivicEvents Implementation Team isreviewed on an annual basis to ensureits accuracy.4. For events that fall within the CivicEvents Implementation Team mandate,
Licence Review for Large Events
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the Civic Events Management Team isdesignated as the oversight group whohas the authority to makerecommendations, to the appropriateperson or body capable of entering intoan agreement/contract for such events,that the event is supported or notsupported.5. The Civic Events Management TeamTerms of Reference be amended toclearly reflect Recommendation 4,update language required to accuratelydefine the roles and responsibilities of the Civic Events Management Teamand to update its membership. That themembership of the Civic EventsManagement Team is reviewed on anannual basis to ensure its accuracy.6. The Public Safety Compliance Teammaintains responsibility of events thattake place within a privately ownedvenue.7. Sustainable Development Licensing Branch explore the feasibilityof creating a category and definition for “Promoters” which may have specificregulations or licensing requirements.8. Sustainable Development Licensing Branch explore the option of increasing the fine amount for personswho host events without a validbusiness licence in any location withinthe City of Edmonton.9. Sustainable Development Licensing Branch in consultation withthe Civic Events Office, Civic EventsManagement Team and other identifiedstakeholders further explore the need tocreate a permitting process or bylawthat regulates specific promoted eventsto assist the City in properly planning,managing and policing of these events.10. That the City of Edmonton considersa process for seeking cost recovery,utilizing new or existing powers, fromperson(s) responsible for hosting anillegal event that impacted civic and/or emergency services.11. That language and best practicesdeveloped by the Alberta EmergencyManagement Agency and Office of Emergency Preparedness be utilized for all events that meet the definition of aMass Gathering
Corporate Outcomes
The Way Ahead - City of EdmontonStrategic Plan 2009-2018.
Public Consultation
Stakeholder consultation included:Venues
Shaw Conference Centre
Edmonton Events Centre
Commonwealth Stadium (invited –did not attend)
Oil City Hospitality Group
Skyslimit (invited – opted out)
212 Social Co.
Gateway Entertainment (invited –opted out)
Canadian Brewhouse (invited – didnot attend)
Chrome Lounge (invited – did notattend)
Starlight Lounge (invited – did notattend)Promoters
Pearl Entertainment
Boodang Music Canada
Trixstar Productions

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