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Collaborative Economy Lab

Collaborative Economy Lab

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Published by Martin Montero
A proposal I created for the redevelopment of a Philadelphia landmark.
A proposal I created for the redevelopment of a Philadelphia landmark.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Martin Montero on Nov 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A proposal for a multi-use, cross-sector development...
The slow decline of industrial manufacturing indeveloped nations and recent failures of financialcapitalism across the globe have sent us searchingfor a new model of economic growth. I see the twomovements of Technology Entrepreneurship andSocial Entrepreneurship beginning to convergeinto a promising solution. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are awakening to the possibility of combining the scalable tools and methodology of Technology Entrepreneurship with the world-centric value system of Social Entrepreneurship. Togetherthey create a new type of entrepreneurship that couldbecome our primary source of socioeconomic valuecreation. What do we call this movement? I propose we call it
Transformational Entrepreneurship
 – Max Marmer
The Beury Building is a 14-story, 112,000 square foot Art Deco skyscrapercompleted in 1933 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Towering above the intersection of North Broad Street, West Erie Avenue, andGermantown Avenue, the Beury is the key property in the neighborhood andone of the most recognizable landmarks in North Philadelphia. A redevelopedBeury will serve as the commercial flagship of the revitalized Broad & Erieneighborhood.BROAD & ERIE
Where North Philadelphia Comes Together The Beury sits atop the Broad & Erie Station,the third busiest stop on SEPTA’s Broad Street line, and is located only two blocks northof the Temple University Hospital and medical campus, a dominant economic presencein North Philadelphia. The team’s branding effort—under the slogan “Where NorthPhiladelphia Comes Together”—will emphasize the role that the Beury Building plays as acritical hub tying together anchor institutions, the neighborhood, and the city as a whole.
A pro-development mayoral administration won reelection in Philadelphia in fall 2011,and its citywide master plan through 2035 incorporates the Beury Building as the northernanchor of the Broad Street commercial axis stretching north from Center City.
The Beury Building is a widely recognized landmark in North Philadelphia, and thefortunes of the Broad & Erie district hinge upon its redevelopment. The team will devotesignificant efforts to engaging the community as part of its outreach effort, with a majoronline presence devoted to spotlighting local retailers and residents, all under the “WhereNorth Philadelphia Comes Together” slogan—which demonstrates place, purpose, andconnection to the Broad & Erie neighborhood. In addition, the team sees the presence ofthe Temple University medical campus as a source of value—as yet untapped—that canbe leveraged to benefit the wider neighborhood.
 A B O U T T H E B E U R
The Beury Building is alandmark, with great transit access and proximity tomedical and academicinstitutions that anchor theBroad & Erie neighborhoodand North Philadelphia.
The Beury Building was constructed between1929 and 1933 at 3701 North Broad Street.Originally home to the North PhiladelphiaNational Bank, this 14-story, approximately112,000 square foot building is the only art decoskyscraper outside of Center City Philadelphia.The Beury sits atop the bustling intersectionof North Broad Street, West Erie Avenue andGermantown Avenue. The building is adjacent tothe Erie Avenue station, the third-busiest stationon SEPTA’s Broad Street line, and once boasteda direct underground connection to the station.For decades, the Beury served as a commercialanchor in North Philadelphia as a bank and officetower. In 1985, in recognition of its architecturalsignificance, the Beury Building was listed on theNational Register of Historic Places.The official designation of the Beury as alandmark came at the nadir of the neighborhood’sfortunes in the 1980’s, against the backdrop ofPhiladelphia’s decline in the decades after WorldWar II. The crumbling of the city’s manufacturingsector and flight to the suburbs led to thewidespread abandonment of property. The BeuryBuilding was no exception. Once the beacon fora prosperous North Philadelphia, the Beury lost all its tenants. Vacant for over two decades, thebuilding became a target for vandalism—and,towering over low-rise North Philadelphia, a clearsymbol of the area’s decay.Since the Beury Building is such a widelyrecognized landmark - and because its decayand abandonment have for so long been a visiblesign of the neighborhood’s health—the teambelieves that the Beury’s redevelopment willdetermine whether the neighborhood revivesrapidly or more slowly. With this in mind, the teamwill devote significant marketing effort to brandingand promoting the Broad & Erie neighborhood—toemphasize the centrality of the location in NorthPhiladelphia’s identity. We strongly believe that the Beury Building provides intrinsic value, andthe foundation for successful redevelopment theentire Broad & Erie neighborhood.

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