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Published by Feast Valenzuela

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Published by: Feast Valenzuela on Nov 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Feast Valenzuela is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family held at the
Cinema 1 of SM Valenzuela,every Sundays,
1:30 to 4:00 pm
. For questions and concerns, contact Danny Añonuevo @ 09178275755 or email usat 
visit our website:
I GOOGLED Earthly Rewards fromGod and 2,240,000 results popped up.I clicked a few of them and realizedmany of them looked at EarthlyRewards in a negative way. Theydidn’t like talking about it. Theirmessage? “God wants to giveyou Eternal Rewards, not EarthlyRewards.” Really? Hmm...Don’t get me wrong. I’lltalk about Eternal Rewardsnext Sunday. I think it’s crucialthat we listen to God aboutthat very specialsubject. After all,we’re temporaryresidents onEarth butpermanentresidentsin Heaven.(We’ll beliving onEarth for ahundredyears. Butafterlivingin Heavenfor a trillionyears, we’restill gettingto knowthe place.)So yes,let’s talkabout theglories ofHeaven.Nextweek.But not now. I want to talk aboutEarthly Rewards.Because from my experience,there are Earthly Rewards when Ifollowed God. One obvious example?Since I learned to love others theway Jesus loved me, I’ve enjoyedthe most wonderful relationships.My marriage, my family, and myfriendships aren’t perfect, butthey’re absolutely beautiful. Another example? Since Istarted following God’s instructionson loving my body (eating the mostnutritious food on earth, avoidingwrong food, and surrendering allworry to God) I’ve enjoyed robusthealth. Again, it’s not perfect,but man, I love the vibrancy andstrength I feel in my body.
My nal example: When I
remain humble by always improvingmy businesses because I want toserve my customers more, I see
nancial blessings ow into my life.
Why? Because that’s what the bookof Proverbs says. (More on this later inthe talk for today.)What should I do? Complain toGod? “Lord, I shouldn’t be receivingany Earthly Rewards, only EternalOnes!”Honestly, I’m enjoying thesetemporary blessings. I should enjoythem because that’s my way of beinggrateful to God for blessing me.But every day, I remind myselfthat these blessings are temporary.Borrowed from above. To be returnedat an assigned day to its OriginalOwner. And I remind myself of thistruth by giving my Tithes and LoveOffering to Him. Enjoy your EarthlyRewards.
Important Note: They’re meant to
be shared.Have a great Feast today!May your dreams come true,Bo Sanchez
from th
e founder 
Peteronce asked
Jesus: “We have
left everythingto follow you!What then willthere be forus?” (Matthew
19:27). But we could paraphrase it likethis: “We’ve given up a lot to be here. Is
it really worth it?”Some of us may well ask the samething. We have given up a lot—careers,families, jobs, status, pride—in ourspiritual journey. But is it really worth it?Is there some sort of a reward in storefor us?We often talk of rewards in thekingdom of God, and many members
nd this very encouraging and
motivating. It has put eternal life intoterms we can relate to. We couldenvision ourselves with a physical
prize that makes our sacrices seem
worthwhile. And the good news is that
our labors and sacrices are not in
vain. Our efforts will be compensatedbecause Jesus says that wheneverour motive is right, when our labor and
sacrice are for His name’s sake, we will
be compensated.It will really be helpful to think ofthe kind of rewards God promises forus. The Scripture has quite a bit to sayabout it. God knows that we do ask thequestion and we do need an answer,so He inspired Scripture writers to talk
about rewards. And I am condent
that when God promises something,
we will nd it extremely satisfying—far
above what we could even think to ask
God will surely reward our gooddeeds, so learn to wait for the
 benetsof delayed gratication
. It’s clear we’retalking about self-denial here. Andthis could make you feel all itchy andsuffocated just thinking about it. Whywould you want to deny yourself ofanything? Simply because delaying
the gratication of your desires offers amyriad of amazing benets. When youdelay gratication and then nally get
what you want, you’ll often discoverthat you need less of it than you thinkeven realize there’s no more need for it.You may think you need a new laptopbut after waiting for two months, you’ll
realize the old one works just ne.
Do you take a pause to think things
through rst?
So often, we live with our minds onautopilot, taking in whatever thoughtscome our way. But if we are going to risehigher the way God intends, we’re goingto have to make sure our thoughts arealigned with God’s. Seven times in theScripture God asks, “What do you see?”Before your dream comes to pass, youhave to imagine yourself accomplishingthat dream. God is interested in ourvision, so you’ve got to get a picture inyour mind. Before you lose the weight,before you break the addiction, you haveto see it happening in your imagination.So today, instead of thinking about yourproblems, think about God’s promises.Get a vision for what He has in store foryour future.Imagine yourself living in victory,
W  l      cm   
A Catholic Prayer Meeng of the Light of Jesus Family
October 21, 2012
Your story can change the world! Email your story of blessings to media.feastvalenzuela@gmail.com
Rewards Come to Tose Who Wait!
Te Power and Pleasureo Delayed Gratifcation
“What do you See?” 

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