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Dangerous Google - Searching for Secrets

Dangerous Google - Searching for Secrets

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Published by: Alexander Abhinava Knecht on Nov 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dangerous Google – Searching for Secrets
Michał Piotrowski
This article has been published in issue 4/2005 of the
magazine. All rights reserved. This file may be distributed for free pending no changes are made to its contents or form.
magazine, Wydawnictwo Software, ul. Lewartowskiego 6, 00-190 Warszawa, e
hakin9 4/2005
        B      a      s        i      c      s
oogle serves some 80 percent of allsearch queries on the Internet, mak-ing it by far the most popular searchengine. Its popularity is due not only to excel-lent search effectiveness, but also extensivequerying capabilities. However, we shouldalso remember that the Internet is a highlydynamic medium, so the results presentedby Google are not always up-to-date – somesearch results might be stale, while other relevant resources might not yet have beenvisited by Googlebot (the automatic scriptthat browses and indexes Web resources for Google).Table 1 presents a summary of the mostimportant and most useful query operatorsalong with their descriptions, while Figure 1shows document locations referred to by theoperators when applied to Web searches. Of course, this is just a handful of examples – skil-ful Google querying can lead to much moreinteresting results.
Hunting for Prey
Google makes it possible to reach not justpublicly available Internet resources, but alsosome that should never have been revealed.
Dangerous Google – Searching for Secrets
Michał Piotrowski
Information which should beprotected is very often publiclyavailable, revealed by carelessor ignorant users. The result isthat lots of condential data isfreely available on the Internet – just Google for it.
About the Author 
Michał Piotrowski holds an MA in IT and hasmany years' experience in network and systemadministration. For over three years he hasbeen a security inspector and is currently work-ing as computer network security expert at oneof the largest Polish financial institutions. Hisfree time is occupied by programming, cryp-tography and contributing to the open sourcecommunity.
What You Will Learn...
how to use Google to nd sources of personalinformation and other condential data,how to nd information about vulnerable sys-tems and Web services,how to locate publicly available network de-vices using Google.
What You Should Know...
how to use a Web browser,basic rules of operation of the HTTP protocol.
hakin9 4/2005
Google hacking
Table 1.
query operators
OperatorDescriptionSample query
restricts results to sites within thespecied domain
site:google.com fox
will nd all sites containing theword
, located within the
restricts results to documents whosetitle contains the specied phrase
intitle:fox re
will nd all sites with the word
in thetitle and
in the text
restricts results to documentswhose title contains all the speciedphrases
allintitle:fox re
will nd all sites with the words
in the title, so it's equivalent to
restricts results to sites whose URLcontains the specied phrase
inurl:fox re
will nd all sites containing the word
 in the text and
in the URL
restricts results to sites whose URLcontains all the specied phrases
allinurl:fox re
will nd all sites with the words
in the URL, so it's equivalent to
inurl:foxinurl:reletype, ext
restricts results to documents of thespecied type
letype:pdf re
will return PDFs containing the wordre, while
fox will return
spreadsheetswith the word
restricts results to documents con-taining a number from the speciedrange
numrange:1-100 re
will return sites containing a number from 1 to 100 and the word
. The same result can beachieved with
1..100 relink
restricts results to sites containinglinks to the specied location
will return documents containingone or more links to
restricts results to sites containinglinks with the specied phrase intheir descriptions
will return documents with links whosedescription contains the word
(that's the actual linktext, not the URL indicated by the link)
restricts results to documents con-taining the specied phrase in thetext, but not in the title, link descrip-tions or URLs
allintext:"re fox"
will return documents which con-tain the phrase
re fox 
in their text only
species that a phrase should occur frequently in results
will order results by the number of occurrences of the word
species that a phrase must not oc-cur in results
will return documents that don't contain the word
delimiters for entire search phrases(not single words)
"re fox"
will return documents containing the phrase
re fox 
wildcard for a single character 
will return documents containing the phrases
re fox 
wildcard for a single word
re * fox
will return documents containing the phrasesre the
re in fox 
re or fox 
logical OR
"re fox" | refox
will return documents containing thephrase
re fox 
or the word

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