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Rins (Debts) and Remedies

Rins (Debts) and Remedies

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Published by sounak_s

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Published by: sounak_s on Nov 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Generally, one visits astrologer when going through problematic face. Astrologers read their chart andalso guide Vedic or Lal Kitab Remedies. But, native keeps on suffering and none of the remedies workor even reduce the intensity of problem. Then people go to different astrologers and finally, whentheir problems are not solved, they loose faith in Astrology. Actually, the fault does not lie withAstrology but with Astrologer. I am not stating that Astrologer can change the complete fate of aperson but every Horoscope has some problems which can be solved and some problems which cannot be solved. It is the duty of the Astrologer to tell the native that his problem falls in which categoryin the first meeting itself instead of keeping eye on financial benefits. Generally, problems which donot solve easily despite of performing several remedies are due to Pitra Dosh i.e our ancestors debtsor Pitra Rin. Rin means debts. These types of problems affect all of us regardless of our caste orreligion.
The Pitra Dosh or Pitra Rin can cause severe problems like:-
1) Jobless or frequent loss of Job
2) No success in business enterprise despite of putting best efforts
3) Inability to get married
4) Alcohol Addictions
5) No Child, especially male child or frequent miscarriages or death of child especially male child inchildhood.
6) Children take no interest in education
7) Miscarriages.
8) All members of a family, especially male members, are suffering and have similar problems.
So, simple question arise in one’s mind: Is there any special Puja for Pitra Dosh Nivaran. Or is there
any special mantra to ward off evils of Pitra dosh.
There were many classical literature available earlier which gave solutions to overcome Pitra Dosh butunfortunately, before independence, most of our valuable classical texts were put into fire and ourancient temples were demolished. But by the grace of God, we still have one of the most effectiveremedial book in Astrology and it is known as Lal-Kitab. Lal Kitab provides best remedies for PitraDosh in Astrology.
How to diagnose Pitra Dosha in a Horoscope through Lal Kitab Astrology:-
1) Jupiter
(Forefathers) Pitra Rin:- If either of Rahu, Venus or Mercury are placed in 2/5/9/12 Housesof the horoscope.
Reason: Changing Family Purohit.
General Symptoms: Native destroys temple or Pipal tree nearby his house or his forefathers had donethe same.
Major Symptoms: The wealth of the native starts reducing from the time his hairs start turninggrey(white). The hairs may start turning grey (white) at any age. He looses his respect in society andhe gets surrounded by deep sorrow and sadness.
*Remedy: Collect equal amount of money from all blood relatives and donate all the money on singleday in a temple. Or stand at the main entrance of ancestral house facing outward. Look at the leftside. You will find either a Pipal tree or a temple nearby within 16 steps. Serve them.
2) Sun - Self Rin - apna khud ka rin :- Venus, Rahu, Ketu or Saturn is placed in fifth House.Reason: No belief in traditional values and God.
General Symptoms: There will be a fire pit in his house or he will have open space in the roof of thehouse to allow light to come in.
Major Symptoms: As the native grows young, he faces problems from government and faces poverty.All dreams get shattered. Native faces litigation, debts etc. He will face heart problems and pain inarm. Such problems may continue till 48th year of life. He will get relief from these problems when hisgrand son will be 11 months or 11 years old.
*Remedy: Collect equal amount of money from all blood relatives and conduct Homa (Yagya) in thetemple.
3) Moon
Matri Rin - Matru Rin-
Mother’s Rin
:- Ketu in fourth House.
Reason: No care given to mother after birth of own child.
General Symptoms:- There will be sewer line very close to his house or a place next to his house forcollection of garbage.
Major Symptoms: Native will face problem in education. His milk giving pets or horse will die. He willloose his mental piece and night sleep. He faces problem in earnings. His relatives give him no help
rather his friends enjoy on native’s wealth. All the savings of native is spent
on diseases, deaths,penalties etc.
*Remedy: Collect equal amount of silver from all blood relatives and put it in a flowing river.
4) Venus
Istri rin -
Wife’s Rin
:- Sun, Rahu or Moon are placed in second or seventh House.
Reason: Killing of pregnant wife because of some greed.
General Symptoms: The native and his forefathers hate to keep animals especially Cow at home.
Major Symptoms: Native faces problems whenever there is auspicious occasion at his home. Happymoments change in to quarrel and sadness. All sorts of problems come at the time of marriage. Nativegets deprived from first night after marriage. Male progeny troubles the native. Someone dies in thefamily on the day of marriage of a family member. All family members keep wondering that why allsuch things are happening and which family member is so unlucky for them.
*Remedy: Collect equal money from all blood relatives and feed 100 Cows on single day. No Cowshould be handicap or tailless or half tail.
5) Mars - Rishtedar ka rin - Relatives Rin:- Ketu or Mercury is placed in lagna or eighth house. Reason:
Poisoning some body or putting fire in someone’s house or killing pets or destroying somebody’s
wealth or property.
General Symptoms: The native will dislike even meeting his relatives. He will not even celebrate birthof children in his own family or he will not celebrate any festival.
Major Symptoms: Native initially prospers after the age of puberty. He gets married and beget child.He gets all round success and all enemies get defeated. But suddenly, all wealth gets destroyed. Hemeets an accident and his ribs break down. One of his friend tries to kill him for petty reason or hegets killed. He gets no mercy from any where. But native still sticks to his ethics. But none of hisrelative come to rescue him. These sufferings will be experienced in 28-36th year of life.
*Remedy: Collect equal amount of money from all blood relatives. Donate this money to a Hakim(Doctor) and ask him to offer free service to others against that money. How to select that Hakim(Doctor) for donation? Lal Kitab has explained it in detail. Please read on. When you will just enter
into your city from east direction, you will find an intersection and a Hakim’s shop on the right side.His entrance door will also be on same side. The shop owner of left side of that Hakim’s shop had sold
his shop and the one who purchased; his male child died. Who ever worked in that shop; destroyedcompletely. People who worked at that shop may not have male child or he may not see him reachingyoung age or his child will treat him badly.
6) Mercury - Baytee ka Rin -
Daughter’s Ri
n:- When Moon is placed in third or sixth house.
Reason: Killed someone’s daughter or sister or oppressed them.

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