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Basketball Preview

Basketball Preview

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KU vs. Washburn
KU vs. Washburn

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Published by: The University Daily Kansan on Nov 06, 2012
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November 5, 2012
moNDAY, NoVEmbER 5, 2012
Kansas Basketball.Tese two words all mean some-thing dierent to every person as-sociated with the University.Many see it as the apex o theyear, when or two hours twice aweek, we stop studying or worry-ing about classes and just enjoy basketball.Anywhere you go on campus,you can nd stories about their re-lationship with this program thatdenes this institution.For me, it’s always been a majorpart o what I look orward to eachyear.Growing up in Lenexa, a mere 30miles, rom Lawrence I was neverar away rom Allen Fieldhouse.Much o my childhood, likemany kids who grew up in Kansas,revolved around how the Jayhawksseason would are.For many games I would gatherwith my amily to watch on televi-sion or tune into the radio and lis-ten to Bob Davis and Max Falken-stien on the radio.It became the routine on week-day nights or Saturday aernoons.Listen to the Jayhawks and see an-other impressive victory.As I moved into becoming a journalist, my outlook changed onthe Jayhawks. I don’t get swept up inthe pregame rituals or the mystiqueo the Fieldhouse while I’m typingaway on my computer courtside.It’s still hard to ignore the his-tory. Tere are trophies burstingout o the Booth Hall o Athletics,banners covering raers and pic-tures plastered on the tunnels o the Fieldhouse.Although the basketball seasonhas started, the basketball preview is set up to give inormation orour readers to use throughout theseason.An important part o our sec-tion is to not only highlight themen’s basketball season, but alsothe women’s basketball prospectsor the season.Te section has schedules, Big 12previews and some posters o someo your avorite Jayhawks.So enjoy fipping through thissection and getting acquainted withthe Jayhawks that will be ollowedthroughout the next ew months.Tis is Kansas basketball seasonolks. Let the crazy ride begin.
Table of Contents
 3Phog Wars 3Camping changes 4Men’s what to watch for 4Men’s Big 12 Preview6 Men’s Big 12 Preview  7Women’s Big 12 Preview 7 Women’s what to watch for 10 Women’s team preview
Best partof the yearhas arrived
By Ryan McCarthy
editor’s note
th Uv dal Kaa  h uwpap f h Uv f Kaa. th fcp  pa hugh h u acv f.Aal cp f th Kaa a 50 c.subcp ca b pucha a h Kaabu ffc, 2051A dl Huma dvlpmC, 1000 su Avu, Lawc, Ks66045.th Uv dal Kaa (issn 0746-4967) publh al ug h chl a xcpsaua, sua, fall bak, pg bak axam a wkl ug h umm xclug hla. Aual ubcp b mala $250 plu ax. s a chag th Uv dal Kaa, 2051A dl Humadvlpm C, 1000 su Avu
@kaa.cmwww.kaa.cmnwm: (785) 864-4810tw: @UdK_nw@UdK_spLk th Uv dal Kaa Facbk.
ia Cummg
Vkaa shak
managing Edir
Vca Pch
Special SecinsEdir
ra McCah
Sprs Edir
eha Pawa
Assciae SprsEdir
r nw
business manager
el Fag
Sales manager
Malclm Gb
News AdviserGeneral manager
 J schl
Sales Adviser
Who is your favorite Kansas basKetball player?
Jessie HalliwellOvrnd Prk, frhmn
Je Withey. He’s a big seniorman
MaTTHew BOResOwOvrnd Prk, frhmn
“Jff Wh. i lv wachg hm blck hla a plu h fak tw pag.”
JaReTT TaylORPron, frhmn
“Je Withey. He’s a beast.”
Kelsey FOllMeRlncon, Nb., frhmn
“Je Withey, probably becausehe’s really tall.”
Fa ch a h g h alma ma bf h gam,  f h ma a a KU. oh p-la a clu campg f bakball gam, h rck Chalk Cha a “Wavg h Wha.”
I have been honored to represent the district thatincludes the University of Kansas and to haveBaby Jay visit me in the Kansas Senate.
Political Advertisement paid for by Marci for Senate,
en honoredtorepresent the district
Cver illusrain y trey Cnrad
moNDAY, NoVEmbER 5, 2012
Student camping rules or bas-ketball games could change aerthe rst regular season home gameat a meeting on Nov. 10.Te tradition o camping adds tothe one-o-a-kind basketball expe-rience o the Jayhawk community.However, the rules o camping canbe conusing and rustrating, es-pecially or reshmen. Students,including rey Johnson, a seniorrom Leesburg, Va., run camping.Johnson helps organize campingand supervise the lottery.Lotteries take place at 6 a.m. theday aer a home game. Groupsmust have at least ve students toqualiy or the main lottery, but thegroups cannot be larger than thirty members. Having larger groupsgives students an advantage be-cause students are granted one draw or the lottery or every ve groupmembers. According to Johnson,“Te lottery sets up camping, andthe order o the camping list.” Tecamping list determines the orderthat the groups will get to choosetheir seats on gameday.Te process is ull o rules andrequirements to make it to game-day.“We’re going to all le into thegym and sit down in the bleachersbehind the basket, and then you’llhave your groups signed up and I’llstart calling roll. And everyone willdraw a number,” Johnson said.Students draw numbers that rep-resent their place in line or seatingat the next home game. However,ollowing the lottery, students mustmaintain their position by camping.According to Johnson, the numbero days and time spent campingwill be determined by how many groups are camping and when thenext home game is. Te largergames, or which seats are more indemand, camping may last romone home game until the next. Forsmaller games, it may be cut short.Students can also choose to stopcamping i there is an unanimous vote to cancel the rest o the camp-ing process or that game.However, while camping is go-ing on, students must have a groupmember present at all times. Dur-ing the week, there must be a mem-ber o the group at the campingpost rom 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. On theweekends, someone must be pres-ent between the hours o 8 a.m. and10 p.m. Roll can be called or thecamping groups at any given timethroughout the process. I a groupmember is not present or i they donot announce their presence, thegroup will be eliminated rom theoverall camping list.On gameday, students can bring15 group members at one time andsave seats or the remaining mem-bers. “I the game is at 7, KU Ath-letics people will pass out laminatednumbers at 4,” Johnson said. Stu-dent camping groups must arrive atAllen Fieldhouse three hours priorto game time.According to Johnson, on Nov.10, “Aer the rst regular seasonhome game, which is Nov. 9, aregoing to have a rule meeting anda vote and an ofcial rule set puttogether.Students who wish tolearn more about camping or takepart in the vote should attend thismeeting.
— Edited by Laken Rapier 
Iria Yai, a opomor from Ovrad Par, a o  po i campig o for r grop i A Fido Modayvig.
“I’m excited, I like our guys,” Sel said.“We have great experience with our seniorclass, they’ve been through a lot o battlesand then we have a lot o puppies, sevenreshmen. I think it will be a good team intime.”Te biggest challenge acing the mostrecent installment o the Jayhawk ranchisewill be replacing the leadership and scoringlost with the departures o national playero the year candidate Tomas Robinsonand our-year starter yshawn aylor.Last season the aylor-Robinson duo ledthe Jayhawk star eet, accounting or 46.3percent o the Jayhawks scoring.“(Tomas) gave us an air o toughnessthat made other players think that they were tough and erce because he led by ex-ample,” Sel said. “Tat’s something we’vegot to get our guys to buy into.”Te backcourt returns two o its startersrom last season’s run to the title game inh year senior and jack-o-all-trades ra- vis Releord and a ormer ve-star recruitElijah Johnson, who patiently waited be-hind others or his chance to lead.“Yeah, I think (the tournament success)helps, and me being an upper classman isone o the reasons they look up and listento me,” Releord said. “And I’ve been hereve years, so I kind o know a bunch abouthow coach wants things to go about aroundhere.”Te ront court will also rely on a pairo seniors or leadership. Kevin Young is ahigh-energy player, who spent most o lastyear as a spark of the bench.Te other, center Jef Withey made greatstrides last season, emerging as one o thetop deenders in the nation down low, buthis ofense was inconsistent despite benet-ing greatly rom the presence o Robinson.“I’m denitely going into this seasonwith a diferent mindset than I did last yearwhere I was just ocused on not being theweak link in the team,” Withey said. “Tisyear I just want to be more aggressive bothofensively and deensively.”Despite the heavy toll the losses o Rob-inson and aylor will have on the team, theother Big 12 coaches unanimously pickedthe Jayhawks to repeat and win the leagueor a ninth consecutive season.And nationally, the sentiment is thesame, with Kansas starting the seasonranked seventh in the nation in both theAP and the Coaches poll.“I eel like even when we didn’t getpicked, we still had a target on our back,”Releord said. “A lot o teams want to comeout and beat us. But this year, same goalswe have every year since I’ve been here towin the Big 12 and try to get a good seed tomake a good run in the tournament.”Whether this team ullls the premoni-tions o the Big 12 coaches and the pollsrests in how the group o seniors handlestheir time as the leaders o the Jayhawks,and how they help the younger players de- velop as they make the transition to collegebasketball.“I don’t think there’s a jubilation thatgoes with winning the league that youwould anticipate with our guys, becauseI think they take the approach that this istheir job,” Sel said.
— Edited by Ryan McCarthey 
Camping rules to change in early November 
bAsketbAllRetuRn OF the jAYhAwks
en years ago,
in a Fieldhouse not so ar away, a shockwave
ripped through the mortar that holds the
oundation o Kansas basketball together
as longtime leader Roy Williams le the program
or his alma mater ater guiding the Jayhawks
to consecutive Final Four appearances in his nal
two seasons coaching in the eclipse o Mount Oread.
Te Jayhawk leadership handed the controls o the intergalacticempire to Bill Sel,
and under his tutelage they experienced a winningstreak never beore seen in the Jayhawk 
base that orbits Naismith drive.Kansas won eight consecutive Big 12 titles and Sel vanquished
his predecessoron the only two occasions they’ve met, and both became the deepest tournament runsSel 
has ever made.
Now, less than sixth months aer leading Kansas to the national championshipgame in what
was billed as a ‘rebuilding year,’
Sel aces a new challenge o taking a teamwith a core group o our seniors and a tal
ented reshmen class as the Jayhawksattempt to win their ninth straight Big 12 title.
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Self Strikes Back

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