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Sms 14 05 Kropej

Sms 14 05 Kropej

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Published by: Slovenian study references on Nov 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Članki s konference
Onkraj esencializmov: Izzivi antropologije v 21.stoletju
(Oddelek za etnologijo in kulturno antropologijo, FF, Univerza v Ljubljani, 25. – 27. november 2010)
Gli articoli della conferenza
 Aldilà dellessenzialismo: Sfidadell’Antropologia nel XXI. secolo
(Dipartimento di etnologia e antropologia culturale, FF, Università diLubiana, 25. – 27. novembre 2010)
Te articles based on the papers presented at the conference
Beyond Essentialisms: Challenges o Anthropology in the 21
 (Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, FF, University of Ljubljana, 25th – 28th November 2010)
    S    T    U    D    I    A     M    Y    T    H    O    L    O    G    I    C    A     S    L    A    V    I    C    A     X    I    V   -    2   0   1   1 ,   6   1   -    8   6
Folk Storytelling between Fiction andradition: Te “Walled-Up Wife” and OtherConstruction Legends
 Monika Kropej
Discussed are olktales and songs about the building o important constructions, whichinclude the motis o human or animal sacrifice or the immuration o other objects, as well asthe narratives in which the master mason is a supernatural being. Te origins o these storieswere interwoven into the myths and different belies and cosmogonic presumptions and wereat the time o their ormation considered to be credible, but in the process o spreading themaround they lost their plausibility.
People have always been caught between different layers of the imaginary and fic-tional world. Teir cultural, social, and natural environment offered them a certain tradi-tional basis, but they continuously added to this the new inspirations that they received.Tis can also be observed in folk storytelling, where one easily discovers various depositsand substrates of different origins from the very earliest imaginations to the recent beliefs.Tis article presents the fusion of various beliefs and worldviews based on examples of motifs about building and construction from ancient sources to the modern media andinternet tales.Literary folklore has preserved traces of ancient beliefs that were practised duringthe building of important structures such as churches, castles, bridges, residences andwells. Te constructors used to avert the wrath of chthonic forces or gods and gain theirbenevolence by offering them a human or an animal sacrifice. Tis has been confirmedby numerous findings excavated from walls and thresholds, both in Europe and in otherparts of the world (Grafenauer 1957a, 41; Kropej 1995, 73–77; Simpson, Roud 2003, 189).In Ljubljana a skeleton of a cat, which was immured to protect the building and the peo-ple living in it from supernatural forces, was discovered in a wall of a house from the 17
 century (Grafenauer 1957a, 41).Human - or later animal - building sacrifice was gradually replaced by an object of special sacral or apotropaic value; occasionally people tried to redeem themselves alsowith money. Money and a small cross with apotropaic significance were found immuredin the walls of a chapel on Velika Planina. In this case, the sacred object whose purposewas protection from the forces of evil, and gaining the benevolence of gods and housespirits in the form of money, have been combined.Te sacrifice was oen built into the foundations or under the doorstep, at the mainentrance of the building. Since the main entrance to a building was of special significancepeople oen buried sacral and apotropaic objects, occasionally animals or money, alsounder its doorstep. Tis does not merely have as apotropaic character but also signifiesthat the doorstep was a sacred spot. It leads from one world to another, enabling the tran-

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