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Beware the disaster capitalists

Beware the disaster capitalists

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Published by pardost

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Published by: pardost on Nov 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ugg off 
Out of fashion
Jungle fever
 Nadine Dorries down under 
Hadley Freeman
 Lady Di, Savile and Brooks
 Meet the cat surgeons
The Killing III
Sarah Lund’s back 
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Beware thedisaster capitalists
How America can rebuild a fairer societyBy Naomi Klein
The Guardian 07.11.12
How great is The Hour’sRomola Garai? In the RadioTimes, she not only tookaim at Hollywood’s weightobsession but describedherself as a “bra-burning,building-burning feminist”.Video mash-up merchantsCassetteboy have returned withtheir take on the US electiondebates. It contains Obamasaying: “If you’ll vote for me,I will fist Donald Trump.” Watchthe clip at bit.ly/YvsCzp.
Cut and thrustWomen’s Hour
What willDorries debatein the jungle?
h, Nadine Dorries. In herongoing bid to add to thegaiety of nations, it has been announced that the MP for-merly known as Nadine Bargery isout in the Australian jungle, readyto compete on I’m A Celebrity ...Get Me Out of Here. She decidedto go because 16 million peoplewatch the show, she says, and islooking forward to “lively, heateddebates” about the abortiontime limit around the campfire.But what other treats can fellowcontestants – who include boxerDavid Haye, EastEnders starCharlie Brooks, comedian BrianConley and former Doctor WhoColin Baker – expect from thetempestuous MP over their witch-etty grubs? And will learningabout Nadine’s past and passionssend another prospective con-testant, the inimitable GraceJones, running for Sydney’s BlueMountains?
 MPs’ expenses
At the height of the scandal in2009, as the Daily Telegraph’srevelations rolled out day afterday, Dorries told the Todayprogramme the newspaper wasexecuting “almost a McCarthyitewitch-hunt”; she had already sug-gested on her blog that “everyonefears a suicide”. That blog gavethe impression she spent mostof her time in her Bedfordshireconstituency – although she haddesignated this her secondaryresidence, which enabled her toclaim expenses. She explained thisto the parliamentary standardscommissioner, who later clearedher of wrongdoing, by stating her blog “is 70% fiction and 30% fact.It is written as a tool to enable myconstituents to know me betterand to reassure them of my com-mitment to Mid Bedfordshire.I rely heavily on poetic licenceand frequently replace one placename/event/fact with another.”Later, she said this was a throw-away comment, and “the figureshould have been the other wayaround”. 30% factual? 70% fic-tion? Keep a close eye, viewers!
Nadine has said she’s “not an MPfor any reason other than becauseGod wants me to be ... I am just aconduit for God to use.” She hasalso said she constantly tries “todo what Jesus would do”, whichconjures up the unlikely image of Christ in an alligator tank compet-ing against Linda Robson fromBirds of a Feather, while Ant andDec cheer them on. 
Despite evidence that US statesthat stress abstinence educationhave some of the highest levelsof teenage pregnancy, Nadine lastyear called for this to be akey part of the British sexeducation curriculum, aimedparticularly at girls. She justifiedthis with much talk of howyoung kids are being shownto “apply” a condom to a banana. The bill was opposed by Labour MP Chris Bryantwho called it “the daftestpiece of legislation I haveseen”, impressively avoidingthe quip, “absolutely bananas”. 
Gay marriage
On the Conservative Home web-site earlier this year Nadine wrotethat “gay marriage is a policywhich has been pursued by themetro elite gay activists andneeds to be put into the same bin.I have yet to meet a gay couple inmy constituency or beyond whosupport it; in fact, the reactionhas been quite the opposite. GreatBritain and its gay couples don’tlive on Canal Street in Manches-ter, shop in The Lanes in Brightonor socialise at [sic] Gaydar in Lon-don.” Except for all those whodo, of course. She went on to saythe policy “is divisive, unpopularwith the public” – while a YouGovpoll published this year found71% of people support it.
In an act of jaw-dropping politi-cal harakiri, Nadine took to theBBC’s Daily Politics earlier thisyear to say: “Not only are Cam-eron and Osborne two posh boyswho don’t know the price of milk, but they are two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, nocontrition, and no passion tounderstand the lives of others –and that is their real crime.” OnThe Andrew Marr Show, Osbornereplied that: “Nadine Dorries, forthe last seven years, I don’t thinkhas agreed with anything eithermyself, David Cameron, or indeedmost Conservatives in the leader-ship of the party have done.” Foronce, few people could disagreewith either MP.
She has already said shewants to talk about her sup-port for a 20-week abortiontime limit while she’s inthe jungle – but will shetalk about the 13-weeklimit she favouredwhen I spoke to herabout the issue in2008? Or the nine-week limit that someonecalling themselves NadineDorries opted for while com-menting on the Spectator web-site? When it comes to Nadine,you just never know ...
Kira Cochrane
t willies debate
Nadine Dorries says she is going on reality TV to debate the issues
07.11.12 The Guardian
    C    O    V    E    R    P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H
     K    E    Y    S    T    O    N    E    U    S    A  -    Z    U    M    A    /    R    E    X    F    E    A    T    U    R    E    S
    P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H    S
    S    T    E    V    E    B    L    O    O    M     I    M    A    G    E    S    /    A    L    A    M    Y ,    D    A    V    I    D    L    E    V    E    N    E    F    O    R    T    H    E    G    U    A    R    D    I    A    N ,    R    E    D    M    O    N    D    D    U    R    R    E    L    L    /    A    L    A    M    Y
Part-time Albert Finneylookalike.
What does he do for a day job?
He’s thepresident of Kazakhstan.
As in Borat’s country?
That’s the one.
It’s an actual place?
It is indeed.
I thought Sacha Baron Cohen made it up.
Afraidnot. He just picked a real country and caricaturedit as corrupt and very silly.
So what’s the real Kazakhstan like?
Corruptand very silly. Nursultan Nazarbayev has wontwo decades of widely criticised elections witharound a 95% share of the vote, and even changedthe law to personally exempt himself from termlimits. Which may go some way to explaining whyright now he is doing his best to emphasise thecountry’s silliness.
What’s he done?
He has instructed Kazakhscientists to go in search of the elixir of life, and,after two years and a few million quid of research,they have invented yoghurt.
Hold on. He instructed them to what?
Toinvestigate “anti-ageing medicine, naturalrejuvenation, immortality”.
How did this all start?
Two years ago a member of the Kazakh parliament suggested Nazarbayev stayon as president until “at least” 2020. To which heresponded: “I’m willing to go on to 2020. Just findme the elixir.”
As a joke, surely?
Maybe at first. But he thenasked Kazakh scientists to look into “the studyof the prolongation of life” on three separateoccasions that year, even telling them: “People of my age are really hoping all of this will happen assoon as possible.”
So they brought him a yoghurt?
Well, theyhad to bring him something. ZhaqsybaiZhumalidov, chair of the Life Sciencescommittee, announced their findings lastweek: “We have created a bio-product called Nar.It will be able to improve the quality of life andprolong it.”
And Nar is a yoghurt?
Yep. It’s also theKazakh word for “food”. In his defence,Zhumalidov admitted there was “still work to be done”.
Do say:
“Look on my works, ye Mighty, anddespair!”
Don’t say:
“Your works look a lot like Onken.”
Philip Schofield fans are inuproar after he tweeted apicture of himself eatinga guinea pig in Peru. Theyare apparently deliciousdeep-fried and servedwith chilli sauce.DJ Nick Grimshaw has called RobbieWilliams “not relevant” to hisbreakfast-show audience. Perhaps hehas a point. Robbie peeled his skin offfor Rock DJ – these days the best hecan do for shock value is punching apensioner in his video for Candy.
t may be an object of deri-sion throughout the fashionindustry, but the Ugg boothas refused to die. Over the past10 years, sales continued to rise,and their squat, solid, shearling-lined shapes became the footwearof young Britons nationwide. Until now. The newest salesfigures from Deckers, Ugg’sparent group, are down 31%.While this has been put downto mild weather and risingprices, it’s a minor victoryfor fashion.Uggs are undeniably comfort-able – they’re more often worn asslippers in their native Australia– but the ubiquity of them, andtheir many imitations, has ledto overkill. In a survey in 2010,they were voted one of the 10items men don’t like on womenand a judge recently ruled
The Ugg boot isdead – fashionworld rejoices
in yThe Shard is nolonger the tallestbuilding in Europe,having been usurpedby Moscow’s newestskyscraper, the pink-hued Mercury CityTower. Here’s howthey measure up.
The Shard
Mercury City Tower
Pass notes
No 3,277PresidentNazarbayev
A new survey contains thesurprising finding that 16% ofpeople have never sent an email:could it be because those peoplewere users of antediluviansearch engine Ask Jeeves, whichconducted the research?
Pet foodTechnophobes ahoyTake that!
ast aa ou Uggs  thei moment has passed
 they can be dangerous to wearwhile driving. They first gained fashion-ability in 2001 when they wereworn by celebrities includingCameron Diaz, but recent advo-cates include Joey Essex: hardlyan advert for a chic look. RanaReeves, founder of brand agencyJohn Doe, believes this hasdamaged the reputation of the brand. “I’d say they’re in a similarposition to when Daniella West- brook wore Burberry,” he says.Recently, the firm hasexpanded into high-heeled styleswith price points over £300,handbags, and even a bridal col-lection. It might be a case of onespongy step too far. “Ugg’s coreproduct is seasonal,” says HonorWestnedge, senior retail analystat Verdict Research. “While it hastried to diversify into new ranges,these have struggled to achievethe same level of popularity as itswinter boot collections.”Westnedge points to therelatively high price of Uggs as aproblem, and suggests that con-sumers are unlikely to buy morethan one pair. There’s also theissue that they may simply be outof vogue. New competitors in the boot market include Hunter, LeChameau (the brand favoured bythe Duchess of Cambridge) and,recently, Converse. Fashion haslong rejected Uggs – it looks likethe rest of the populace is finallyfollowing its lead.
 Lauren Cochrane
asof ocmsohZcowtpr
Crap gloves
Uggs are onlyunfashionable on your feet. Strollaround with them on your hands andpeople won’t know what to think.
2. Insulation
Got an uninsulated pipeabout the size of your shin? Whack anUgg on it. Problem solved.
3. Weasel beds
Most weasels findtheir beds cold and uncomfortable.Let’s do something for them, guys.
4. Fashionista repellent
A singlescrap of Ugg boot worn on a lanyardaround the neck will keep awayall but the most foolhardy fashionsnobs. Win.
5. Safer throwing boots
Tired ofaccidentally braining a six-year-oldwhen you hurl your Wellingtonsacross the park? Softer equals safer.
Tom Meltzer
Five uses for an old Ugg

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