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The contribution of partnerships to sector coordination and aid effectiveness: Vietnam

The contribution of partnerships to sector coordination and aid effectiveness: Vietnam

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Sector coordination through partnerships and policy recommendations.
Sector coordination through partnerships and policy recommendations.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Global Donor Platform for Rural Development on Nov 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Contribution ofPartnerships to Sector Coordinationand Aid Effectiveness
The Case of Agricultureand Rural Development
artnershipsin Vietnam
Global Donor Platformfor Rural Development
Global Donor Platorm studies are joint analyses o its members designed to close identifiedinormation gaps and provide a global public good. Platorm studies shall inorm and guidepolicy makers and practitioners in the delivery o assistance in agriculture and rural develop-ment.As such, Platorm publications are not copyright protected. The Platorm encourages dupli-cation o its materials or non-commercial purposes. Proper citation is requested at all times.Permission to make digital or hard copies o part or all o this work is hereby granted withoutee and without a ormal request provided that copies are not made or distributed or profitor commercial advantages and that copies bear this notice and ull citation on the first page.Inormation not owned by the Platorm must be honoured and permission pursued with theowner o the inormation.
NotE FroM thE AUthorS
As indicated in the box on the previous page, the approach taken in this study has evolved overtime as we, the study team, gradually understood the issues that were important or under-standing the evolution o the five sub-sector and sector partnerships supported by the Ministryo Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and its national and international partners.Notably, in addition to reviewing conditioning actors at the national and MARD level, we ap-proached this study as a
analysis, rather than as an individual analysis o eachpartnership. We realised that a comparative approach would be more eective in helping usidentiy “what works and what doesn’t work” across partnerships. Readers interested in a de-tailed analysis o the individual partnerships are, thereore, reerred to the (many) annual orother reviews o each these partnerships.Furthermore, the core objective o this study is to generate learning that is useul or de-cision-makers in Vietnam when assessing whether the MARD partnerships have eectivelycontributed to enhanced aid eectiveness and sector coordination. It will also be useul whenexploring options or using partnership structures as the means or aid management andsector coordination in the context o the upcoming Rural Development Strategy or Vietnam.The primary audience o this report is, thereore, these national decision-makers. However,being jointly implemented by MARD and the Global Donor Platorm or Rural Development(Platorm), the study also serves a global Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) audienceinterested in learning about the “Vietnamese experience”. Needless to say, the context knowl-edge o these two audiences is radically dierent, as is their interest in whether the content othis report provides a detailed analysis o “what works and what doesn’t work” as opposed toa grand overview o the “big picture”. When drating this report, we have tried to find a middleway, striking a balance between the interests o these two audiences. We have also included aairly extensive executive summary or those who want the big picture quickly!This study is an independent study. This report thereore represents the views and observa-tions o the consultant team and does not necessarily refect the oficial viewpoints o MARD,the Global Donor Platorm or Rural Development or agencies interviewed as part o the study.Finally, the study team consulted extensively with a wide range o national and internationalstakeholders at the level o individual partnerships, MARD, other GoV agencies and interna-tional agencies and international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) operating in Viet-nam. The team wishes to thank all the parties they met with or their willingness to engageenthusiastically and open-mindedly in the exploration o issues and opportunities o relevanceto the study. A special note o appreciation goes to Dr. Le Van Minh, Director-General, ICD/MARD, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Nga, ISG Manager and Mr. Ngo Gia Trung, ISG Communicationsand Inormation Oficer or their never-ending support to the team.Jens RydderDao Thanh HuyenLotta HöglundHanoi, January 2008

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