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SAT Issue 02-17

SAT Issue 02-17

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Nov 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 2
Issue 17
Thursday, 08.11.12
Seepage 18
South Asia
Sa lman  han and a tr ina a i f   to romance aga in  in  ic k ?
Irland Gardai (Police) hunt Irish racists who burned the Quran
The Quran -burning has so far amassed just afew hundred hits on YouTube.But cops fear it is only a matter of time beforethe recording goes viral. Now gardai are probingthe six-minute clip of racists burning the Quran.The “nationalist” nuts are anti-Muslim, anti-Jew, anti-gay and want to end all immigrationinto Ireland.The video begins with a declaration that theNazi-style book-burning is a protest againstIslam — which it warns is not welcome inIreland. The video also showed a local IRISHExaminer newspaper of the date 27th October2012 when the culprits burned the Quran. And the clip, which appears to have been shot in
a replace, is blacked out in places to protect the
identity of the cowards who made it. The video was Published on Oct 28, 2012 by some onenamed as Johnson Wake
Protest Quran burning in Ireland
New Insult to Islam Anti Muslims burned Quran 6:34 sec video uploaded on
President John F. Kennedy said that “victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan”— though President Obama and his aides cited asingle reason for their re-election success.Turnout. Getting Obama loyalists into voting booths helped the president overcome anxiety over the economy and well-funded Republicanchallenger Mitt Romney on his way to a secondterm in the White House.
Republican concedes as America’s women, young andminorities back President – and he heralds victory via Twitter
Mitt Romney lost because hardline Republicans betrayed him
 A Second Term
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South Asia Tribune
Thursday 08 November 2012
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Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday granted a pre-election interview to Channel 2 in which he spokemore tough than ever on Iran,
and rmly positioned himself as
the “security” candidate ahead of the January 22 poll. Asked about Israel’s perceivedreluctance to take military action
against Iran’s deant nuclear
program without Americanconsent, Netanyahu made clearthat he was prepared to act without anyone’s permission.“When former Prime MinisterDavid Ben-Gurion declared theestablishment of the State of Israel, was it with the consentof the Americans? When formerPrime Minister Menachem Begin bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, was that with the consent of the Americans?” asked Netanyahu.Netanyahu insisted that theJewish nation’s days of pleadingfor its survival were over. “When we didn’t have a state, when wedidn’t have an army, and whensomeone threatened to destroy us and then actually annihilatedus, we went and pleaded withothers. Today we don’t plead, weprepare.”The interviewer pressedNetanyahu on whether or not he was endangering Israel by goingdown such a dangerous path, a lineof thinking that has characterizedthe election campaign of hispolitical opponents.Netanyahu responded by reiterating what he and DefenseMinister Ehud Barak have been saying for months - thatlaunching a preemptive strikeagainst a non-nuclear Iran will befar less dangerous than dealing with a nuclear-armed IslamicRepublic.“We can’t afford to put our headsin the sand,” said the primeminister. “There is no doubtabout Iran’s intention to destroy Israel. It’s not a bluff. If there isno other way to stop Iran, Israelis prepared to act.”
Netanyahu says he doesn’t needpermission to strike Iran
Swiss team visits Arafat grave ahead of probe
French investigators to exhume Arafat’s body Nov. 26 over poison report
The body of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is set to be exhumed onNov. 26, eight years after his death,as part of an investigation to see if he was murdered, a diplomat said onMonday.Two senior Swiss forensic experts arealready in the West Bank to discussplans for the exhumation, which iscomplicated on a technical, legal andpolitical level. Swiss laboratory teamhas made a brief visit to the WestBank city of Ramallah to prepare forthe exhumation of the late President
 Yasser Arafat, a Palestinian ofcial has
said. A French court in August opened amurder inquiry into Arafat’s deathafter a Swiss institute said it haddiscovered high levels of radioactivepolonium on the Palestinian leader’sclothing, which was supplied by his widow, Suha. Allegations of foul play have longsurrounded Arafat’s demise. French
doctors who treated him in his nal
days said they could not establish thecause of death.Suha has said she believes he waspoisoned and has requested theexhumation so that samples can be taken from Arafat’s body to see whether polonium is present. A European diplomat said Frenchmagistrates were due to travel to theIsraeli-occupied West Bank later thismonth, with Nov. 26 seen as the likely date for the body to be removed fromits limestone mausoleum.Two senior employees of Switzerland’sLausanne University Hospital havetraveled to Ramallah and are workingclosely with the Palestinian Authority and French judicial authorities, saidhospital spokesman Darcy Christen.
“We have sent our best experts for nal
consultations,” Christen told Reuters.
“Scientically it would still be a viable
operation if carried out before the endof November.”Eight years is considered a limitto detect any traces of the deadly radioactive substance, according to theSwiss Institute of Radiation Physics, which is part of the public hospital.The two experts are Patrice Mangin,chief forensic scientist at the hospital,and Francois Bochud, head of theinstitute.“Their on-site mission is in order to
have nal consultations so that we canall take a nal decision,” Christen said.“It is to do the ne-tuning. Things are
going rather well.”It is still not clear if other membersof Arafat’s family have given theirapproval for an exhumation and, withtime running out, there is widespreadskepticism in the West Bank as to whether his body will ever be removedfrom the mausoleum.No autopsy was carried out when Arafat died, aged 75, in keeping withhis widow’s original request. He had
 been effectively conned by Israel to
his compound for two and a half years
 before ying to France for emergency 
medical care.
Protest Quran burning in Ireland
Deplores hatred ... Dr Selim
 A TOP Muslim has appealed for calmafter a vile hate video was postedonline by racist bigots in GALWAY.
Islamic Cultural Centre spokesman Dr Ali Selimappealed to Irish Muslims not to demonstrateagainst the vid. He said: “We vehemently deplorethese actions.“It is incitement to hatred and I call upon the Gardaito take immediate actions.“It is very stupid behaviour. The Quran is in theheart of millions of Muslims and they try to livetheir lives according to it.” But he added: “I appealto Muslims in Ireland not to protest. Take the legalchannels.“These people are worthless. They want a reactionto cause controversy.”How to Complain ti Youtube : go to http://www. youtube.com/reportabuse and register yourreaction and the name to insert http://www. youtube.com/watch?v=5hh64bjOceU&feature=youtube_gdata
Uploaded by Johnson Wake
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South Asia Tribune
Thursday 08 November 2012
 A violent racist mother - AmandaLowe - left her 4-month old childin pram, along with her 8 year oldsibling to attack a man, includingstamping on his head, for noother reason than the colourof skin. Lowe screamed racistabuse as she attacked KhuramNisar who was walking homefrom work. The CCTV footageshows Lowe, from RochdaleRoad, Blackley, Manchester (anarea predominately populated by council housing) calling the victim, Khuram Nisar, a ‘F******Paki’ and a ‘Terrorist’ .AmandaLowe, 26, was caught on camerastamping on Khuram Nisar’shead. The father of their child Wesley Earls and friend Daniel Wray joined Lowe in the frenziedattack that could have easily killed Nisar. After the attack mother of twoLowe is seen on CCTV camerashowing her eight year olddaughter how she stamped onNisar’s head.For reasons best known to JudgeLindsey Kushne, Lowe wasspared jailed for this unprovokedshocking attack. It is not asthough this violent incident wasa one of aberration. Lowe andher boyfriend have a string of convictions for violent disorder.Earls and Wray also got a 12-month sentence, suspended fortwo years, on the basis that itis unfair to give them a harshersentence when Lowe was themain attacker. Whether it’s racist jokes, abuseor extreme violence, it seemsour criminal justice system only  brings these cases to court whenit is blindingly obvious thereis a case to be answered, andeven then convictions are notguaranteed. Worse still when aconviction is found, like in thiscase the violent perpetrator isspared a custodial sentence.
 Amanda Lowe: No prison for violent racist attack on Asian man
Britain is set to unveil plans this week to slash its 280 millionpounds per annum aid to India by half, amid criticism that itsoverseas assistance was not
 justied at a time of cut backs
at home, a media report said onSunday.Justine Greening, Britain’sInternational DevelopmentSecretary, will this week unveil plans to slash Britain’scontroversial 280 million pounds-a-year aid budget to India.Greening, who is due to visitIndia shortly, will outline how thepayments could be reduced amidclaims that India is too rich toneed handouts.Quoting sources, The Sunday Telegraph reported that Greeningmay cut the subsidies by up tohalf.The move comes amid mountingcriticism that Britain’s overseasaid programme, which is set toreach more than 12 billion pounds
 by 2014, cannot be justied at a
time of spending cuts back home.However, the Daily Mail today reported that Greening willmerely divert money sent to Indiato poorer countries, not cut theoverall aid budget.Britain sends about 280 millionpounds per annum to India eventhough the country has its ownspace programme and its leadersclaim it does not need the cashfrom the UK.The rapidly industrialisingcountry, whose economy is rankedtenth in the world on one measure,recently earmarked 52 millionpounds to send a probe to Mars.The Daily Mail has also revealedhow the UK spent tens of millions of pounds on an army of consultants to tell India how tospend the cash.The Department for InternationalDevelopment has defended thesubsidies, saying India is stillhome to a third of the world’s poor who survive on less than 80 pencea day.Greening, a former accountant who only took on the internationalaid brief only two months ago,revealed last month that she wasin talks with India over turning off the aid tap.She told last month’s Tory conference: “We should recognisethat as countries get richer, weneed to be responsible about how  we transition in our relationship with them from aid to trade.”“Those are the discussions thatI am having with the Indiangovernment at the moment,” shesaid.Greening also promised a ‘new approach’ to ensure every poundof British aid spent around the world had the ‘biggest impact’. Although she has backed DavidCameron’s controversial pledgeto increase UK overseas aid to0.7 per cent of the nation’s GDP,the former Transport Minister was portrayed as sceptical of theinitiative when she was appointedInternational DevelopmentSecretary last month.
Britain to slash its 280 millionpound India aid by half: Report
Saudi health authorities reportedSunday at least eight cases of H1N1infections at the Al-Amal mentalhospital in Riyadh. The infected
people were given Tamiu vaccine
 while 27 other people, includingfour nurses, suspected of having the
inuenza virus were quarantined.
Staff of the hospital also took precautionary measures, including wearing masks when dealing withpatients, and cancelling an party celebrating the Eid al-Adha Muslimfestival. The latest H1N1 outbreak in the kingdom was discovered 18days ago but was not disclosed toavoid panic among haj pilgrims,according to spokesman of Health Affairs Directorate in Riyadh Saad
 Al Qahtani. The virus rst reached
Saudi Arabia in 2009 brought by an infected Filipino nurse workingat King FaisalSpecializedHospital.Last month,a Saudi boy  vacationing with his family in Hong Kong was diagnosed with the virus but recovered.In September,a 60-year-old Saudi man died fromthe virus and a 49-year-old Qatariman was infected with it aftertraveling to the kingdom. The Qatariman has recovered after beingtreated in a hospital in London.
H1N1 outbreak reportedin Saudi Arabia

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