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Against the RH Bill - Part One

Against the RH Bill - Part One

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Published by CBCP for Life
Against the RH Bill - Part One
by Howard Go
Against the RH Bill - Part One
by Howard Go

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: CBCP for Life on Nov 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Against the RH Bill - Part Oneby Howard GoA lot of people think the RH Bill is such a practical law, but it isn’t.Is it easy to teach people to use condoms? It seems like the answer is so obvious, but itisn’t. Improper use of condoms was a big problem before and introducing it to communitiesthat have never been able to afford it will mean that it will be a problem for them, too.Check out:http://www.pancap.org/en/news-global/821-improper-condom-use-a-global-health-issue-improper-condom-use-a-global-health-issue.htmlSo, someone might say, we’ll spend more to teach them. But here’s the problem, the RHBill is not just a distribute-condoms-to-those-in-need-and-teach-them-to-use-it law. It is not just about family planning. It is also about providing better health care to pregnant womenin areas with poor hospital services (and this aspect is actually the better part of the law).But, let's try to see how far family planning as an objective in our country can go; inparticular, the artificial contraception way.Let’s assume people learn to use it after our country spends a fortune to teach them. Is thesolution to supply them condoms for life? Not realistic (i.e., not practical). At some point,they will have to buy the condoms themselves. Condoms are not cheap. The people whoare thought to need it cannot afford the extra expense.But, let’s pretend the artificial birth control and family planning part of the RH bill work outand people learn all about condoms and we somehow make it available for free or for apeso a pack. What happens?Do we really need to think this through? How many wealthy, educated children do weknow who got pregnant or got someone pregnant in high school or college or during theiryears as a working adult? AIDS is back in the Philippines and it isn’t happening to the thepoor in those areas the RH bill claims to want to help. It’s happening in corporate callcenters where people know about condoms, know how to use them, can find of them (justin the convenience store located near almost every call center in our country), and canafford them.I recall that there are people who were interviewed who would say, “Gee, I wish I knew allabout family planning (whether natural or artificial birth control) or could afford it (for theartificial kind).” But, really, do we honestly believe the discipline for family planning willfollow for the majority given our current economic situation? The bill on this aspect is justnot realistic. In other words, just not practical.I just want to end with this: Some people might say these families need to control theirsize. But is family size really the problem? Just one and two generations before mine (andprobably long before that), most families would have at least four children with a decentpercentage having six or more. And most of these families did well back then. And this wasbefore and during the time our country was developing so well that we were the envy ofour Asian neighbors.The problem now is that inflation has far outpaced the minimum wage (and I won’t evenget into how some people are paid less than half of the minimum wage just because theyare contractual employees or in desperate need for a job). So, assuming we succeed inhaving less members in the family of those below the poverty line, do we really solve

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