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communism - a jewish talmudic concept

communism - a jewish talmudic concept

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Published by stingray3579

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Published by: stingray3579 on Nov 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page | 1
CommunismA jewish Talmudic Concept
Know Your Enemy
By Willie Martin
Chapter One
– The Beginning of Communism Began With The Illuminati
 Chapter Two
– Communism, The Illuminati and Freemasonry
 Chapter Three
– The Khazars of Russia Become Jews
 Chapter Four 
– Jewish Ritual Mirder
 Chapter Five
– Jewish Hatred For Christians Rekindled
 Chapter Six
– Socialism To Be Substituted For Communism
 Chapter Seven
– Russia Is Still Controlled By The Jews
 Chapter Eight
– America Must Not Allow Itself To Be Deceived Any Longer
Chapter Nine
– Communism Is Jewish – The United States of America Has Come Under JewishControl
 Chapter Ten
– Jews Take Control of The Roman Catholic Church
 Chapter Eleven
– Origin of The Jews
 Chapter Twelve
– Communism A Jewish Talmudic Concept
 ConclusionBibliographie Notes
Page | 2
To prove the title is true, we must lay a little ground work, before we get to the meat of thesituation. Paul told us: "...we have many things to say, and hard to be uttered, seeing ye {mostChristians} are dull of hearing. For when the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need thatone teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; And are become suchas have need of milk, and not of strong meat.
For everyone that useth milk is unskillful inthe word of righteousness:
for he is a babe. But
strong meat
{the real truth of what ishappening in the world today}
belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who byreason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil
{are able tounderstand}."[1] There are many who look but do not see, listen but do not hear as God told us, that TrueIsrael, the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people were: "Son of man, thoudwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have earsto hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house."[2] They join the latest and current cliche or clique because it has the appeal of the hour. Theappeal of the hour, among many fads that come and go, has been one for the ubiquitous anti-communist movement which has been on the horizon for now more than 70 years. Some callit an enigma, among other titles, because they are one of the many who have been"hoodwinked" into joining their ranks. The ranks of the "unknowing." It is time to look  beyond communism and anti-communism to where the real threat to everything Americastands for - most of all Christianity and human freedom - truly rests. But first, an expose.The number of anti-communists who are still involved, actively, and the number of newinitiates to their ranks is difficult to determine. One thing, however, that has been agreed uponis the more than proven fact that, at anytime there are far more "ex" anti-communists thanthere are active anti-communists. This is true for at least the past twenty years and possiblyeven longer. Many remained among the ranks of the anti-communists for a period of abouttwo or three years and then disassociated themselves from the movement when they learnedto their satisfaction, but dismay, of the false and devious pretensions under which theyoperate. The
Anti-Communist movement is a complete and deadly mirage
in a vast desertof confusion
that was purposefully designed and augmented to aid in that confusion.
 Anti-Communism wants to supply its own thirst-craved dying entities with water from thewell, but the well is sea water! But we are getting ahead of ourselves.“Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism inEurope are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russiancolleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and theGerman People did not want war.
But we,
declared war on Germany,intent on destroying it
, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and wewere encouraged by the 'Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler's pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. Heoffered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing theimmense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that theaims we accused Hitler of, are being relentless pursued now, only under a differentlabel.”Anti-communism is one of the epitomes of falsehood and deceit. It is purely Hegelian indesign and function and is one of the best Hegelian philosophies put into being in moderntimes. It is Step No. 2, Antithesis: -- Briefly put for clarification, Step No. 1 is a Thesis: -- the
Page | 3creation of a situation, a problem, for which a desired and preconceived solution is wanted, but the solution, usually is far too drastic for acceptance by the masses.The antithesis {Step No. 2} is created by, of course, the same source that created the thesis.Call it point and counterpoint, if you will, and we now have two opposing forces which will practically be all consuming of the desired course of action needed to implement the originalthesis. Neither of the two forces {Step No. 1 or Step No. 2} will ever be the victor as long asthere is no referee or judge to rule and state the winner.Human nature and the condition of the world just will not allow a winner. Low and behold,now appears Step No. 3 the Solution: -- Technically, in Hegelian terms, we will call thesolution "the Synthesis" and it will have the answer for the problem! Please not the statementthat no thesis or antithesis can win without a judge or referee for this is an important thoughtto go along with our concluding remarks. But for now, please read on!Thesis and Antithesis will merge into what had originally been the goal as planned by theforces that could, in no other way, implement their desire(s)! A great game, it goes on daily inevery frame of existence {abortion and anti-abortion, the Second Amendment and the anti-gun lobby, East versus West, etc.}. We are just not normally aware of what is being shoveddown our gullets. We look but do not see; we listen but do not hear!What was the great overriding thought of the late 1940s and '50s that permeated the mindsof us all? Communism, of course! We were finally coming to realize what Gen. George S.Patton, Jr., had been telling us in 1944 and '45
for which he was murdered, because heknew too much!
We were learning that communism might possibly be our enemy, but wewere never told who or what was behind and controlling it.
What the average serf did notunderstand was the fact that the World Domination plans were not the exclusive right of Communism, that there were sinister forces behind the scenes which we were not toldabout, and for a very good reason!
 Communism was literally the convenient tool and ploy - a diversion that was easilyunderstood by the masses since it was being drilled into our minds by every media available -
Communism was our enemy.
Human memory is very short lived in most cases; we tended,conveniently again, not to recall that just a few years before
one of the greatest enemies andtraitors of this country the Jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was figuratively in bed withthe second worst mass murderer in the history of the world, “Uncle” Joe Stalin andplaced the U.S. in the same status with the U.S.S.R.
 There is no argument, no denying, that communism is a bad way to run a railroad; but thereal powers that control the world had to completely implement their plans for the "OneWorld" or "New World Order." Banking cartel had to be all powerful and dominate all to thenth degree! However, the masses, especially in our country, were not ready and would have to be converted, subdued, and pacified into accepting a "One World" or "New World Order!" Doyou now see Dr. Hegel appearing on the horizon!?! Anti-communism had to appear, anantithesis to the thesis of communism had to be created and who better to create Step No. 2than the forces that created communism!?!The origins of what we know as communism did not arise, as many wrongly believe, withthe 1917 Russian "revolution." Far from it, in time,
we must go back to at least the year1776 and the ranting and raving of a philosophy
Professor at IngolstadtUniversity in Germany, Adam Weishaupt.
In concert with the Duke of Brunswick, theGrand Duke of Gotha and the Elector of Hesse {recall the Hessian mercenaries who foughtfor King George III against our forefathers - the Colonies? They were supplied by the Elector 

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