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Target Audience§

Target Audience§

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Published by alexandermasha

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Published by: alexandermasha on Nov 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Target Audience and Audience Research
The target audience is a specific group of people in which aproduct is aimed at. This could be because of their ageethnicity, class or socio economy group. The product will beaimed at teenagers 15+. We decided that it should be a 15+simply because of the themes in the product focus on tortureand violence. The strong use of violence and torture may behard for younger viewers to understand, or may be subjected tocopying the acts
British Board of film classification
According to the British Board of Film Classification areproduct is classified as a 15. The language used in theproduct must be controlled this means no constant use of swearwords, in addition the language use must be justified and inthe right context. The theme of the product as to be viable toa 15 that means it has to be appropriate for that age group.Violence can be strong as long as it does not dwell on theinfliction of pain and injury this can be done with quick cutaway, which implies further violence. The product must notdwell on dangerous behaviour because of the risk of theaudience copying it.
Ethnicity and Gender
There is no specific ethnic group that the product is targetedat. Our product can be viewed by any ethnicity, no mattertheir walks of life or standing in society. Our product isaimed at both male and female audiences. There is noparticular or specific gender we want our product to bewatched by.Our product is a spy thriller, so their aspects of the productthat will attract both male and female viewers. For exampleleading actor will attract female viewers because they mightfind him attractive. Male viewers might find the femme fataleattractive.
Socio Economic Group
There are six socio economic groups these are;A-Higher managerial, administrative and professional,B-Intermediate managerial, administrative, and professional,C1-Supervisory, clerical and junior managerial,C2 –Skilled manual workers,D-Semi skilled and unskilled manual workers andE-Casual labourers, pensioners, unemployedThe Socio-economic we are targeting is C2-E this is becausethey are the most likely to watch our product. This is becausetheir income is sufficient enough to allow them to watch it.The 15year age group are mostly unemployed or have part timejobs and are still in education, so they would have the timeto watch our product.

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