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Stoke on Trent Pottery Investigation Report.

Stoke on Trent Pottery Investigation Report.

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Published by lee steer

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Published by: lee steer on Nov 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stock-on-Trent Pottery Ghost Investigation
Project-reveal Investigation Team
Lee Steer, Paul Sheraton, Larry Herbert, Dave Rising, Chrissie Hough Rising, Andrea ClareSummers
Equipment used By the team.
Camcorder & wildlife Cam - Dave risingDigital SLR Camera - Larry HerbertLaser temperature gauge, Digital compact cameras, Voice recorder, KII Meters, Electrosmog Meter. used by various team members - Lee Steer, Paul Sheraton, Chrissie HoughRising, Andrea Clare Summers.
Project-reveal were invited to long-port pottery by Ghosts r us, for a BBC AmericaProduction.upon arrival we began to find out about the sightings from Debbie "Ghosts r us Founder"and Phil "property owner"
The 3 bad men
The Kiln was home to 3 bad spirits according to both parties, who were nasty men andwould physically harm people who would enter or challenge them, these men was believedto worked at the pottery back in its prime.
The Children
On the Middle level is were Children all girls was kept and went to sleep,these children normally show them selves, or speak to women only, and we was told thestory that the lady who looked after the children would leave the door open, for men"workers" to come in and abuse the girls, this is why the children dont like men. People believe they have heard and recorded the voices of these children to this date.
The Court Yard Patrol
PR was told that the court yard is meant to be very busy with spirits, just passing by doingthere day to day life job, as they would in real life, but amongst the people is one Mean Man,who is the Court yard watch man, who likes to lock people in the Kiln, and sometimes showhis authority by pushing people out of his way.
Photography Report - Larry
Various photo's were taken in and around the pottery in the hope that we catch a glimpse of something paranormal and yes some of the photo's are repetitive but we have to just keeptaking pictures over and again in the hope that we are lucky enough to time it right andcapture something paranormal. The one thing that I have noticed since I started using thenew SLR digital camera with a top mounted flash gun is that I now very rarely get photo'swith orbs on them even it dusty conditions. This is simply down to the flash being further away from the lens and preventing light from bouncing straight back into the camera fromdust particles which are in very close proximity to the lens and that are within the focalrange that the camera is capable of focusing on correctly.Please take time to look at each photo as you never know you may spot something that wemay have missed.
Lee Steers Report
My role in this production was to film and watch the way ghosts r us worked. They divided
there team into 4 groups, each all dotted around the property along with a CCTV monitoringsystem which was watched throughout the investigation. I got to visit and see eachindividual group and see there methods and what activity they was encountering.
The Ghosts R us team
, took a very spiritual approach to there side of the investigation, usingoujia boards, pendulums and glass work, At points the Team believed they were talking tofew spirits. One member caught a Misty type image in the main hallway where the ghost of a woman is said to walk up and down. One thing caught my attention for awhile.. on CCTVcamera 2, which the Ghost R Us team had setup, there was many orbs like a "blizzard". Myfirst thought is that there is a window open, so a member of Ghosts R Us team and I went upto investigate only to find no windows open around the cctv camera, other then that I didn’tencounter anything strange myself while filming for Ghosts R us which couldn’t be fullyexplained.I would like to thank Ghosts R us for allowing us to come and investigate and film them..
I would just like to add a follow on comment to Lee's report, just to say that the CCTVcamera's used were the sort that have all the bright infra-red LED's closely surrounding thecamera lens in a single combined unit this will then cause any dust partials close to the lensto show up as orbs and this building was very dusty because the dust could even be seenfloating in ordinary torch beams.A separate light source away from the lens would most certainly make dust orbs almost noneexistent and in doing so would make it easier to spot any light anomalies that may actually be of a paranormal nature.
Paul Sheraton
As we left the history side of this pottery alone and did very little research on to the ghostsights we were told many stories of ghosts around the complex, many to be bad and getangry from people doing things they didn’t like which we did, like sparked a flame in thekiln, and nothing happened which we were hoping to have been grabbed by the throat for doing so. Also reports of flash cameras being wiped after being in a certain area of thecomplex seems to have not happened either as yes our cameras are still full....i hope lol.As this place was really big and there wasn’t enough time to get round the full area we cantsay that the other side had activity or not, although one area which a member of ghosts r ustook us to, the children’s room, had had placed a collection of balls and a click on/off ledlight on the floor. When we arrived in that room the balls were scattered about and the lightwas on, to which the ghosts r us member said the light was off and the balls were left in aclose together formation. We hoped for some activity in here but again we failed to getanything on any evp recordings as we checked them after doing the sessions.I feel there was no evidence to prove any activity at the pottery this time round and we go tomost locations expecting to get nothing back.Chrissie how ever picked up on somebody but i dont think they were any thing to do withthe pottery maybe just attached to an item that was in the room with us as most of the household items were from house clearances which i will let Chrissie explain her findings more.
My main role within the group as a sensitive is to gain any information about the places wego to spiritually. In the furniture room i felt the presence of a young man, aged in his early20's, with dark hair. I was unable to get a name from him, but felt that his spirit walked at a busy pace around this room. I was unable to find out why he was there but felt that he cometo the building from one of the many pieces of furniture that had come from house

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