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A Christmas Lesson

A Christmas Lesson

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Published by chulbakera
An LDS Christmas play with a focus from the teachings of Samuel the Lamanite.
An LDS Christmas play with a focus from the teachings of Samuel the Lamanite.

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Published by: chulbakera on Nov 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Christmas Lesson
By Sofia LykesDec. 2012
TeacherStudent 1Student 2Student 3Student 4Student 5*Other studentsSamuel the Lamanite*Song Helpers to hold up signs or act out different parts of the songPresident Hinckley 
 *These parts are for children who might not want a speaking part, but still want their ownspecial part. These are good for primaries who have a lot of children participating.Have the stage divided in half. On one side, a classroom. On the other, Zarahemla. Have simpleprops accordingly and costumes! A wall for Samuel could also include 3 chairs turned back, covered by paper that is drawn to look 
like it’s bricks.
 Choose your parts wisely!! Samuel and Pres. Hinckley are roles needed to be played by strongand confident children!!Songs in Play:
Book of Mormon Stories #118CS
The Books in The Book of Mormon #119CS
Sing: Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus #36CS
Sing He Sent His Son #34 CS
Welcome to class everyone!
Student 1:
 We’re so happy to be here and learn!
: Yeah!!!!
: Well we all know what time of the year it is. Christmas is so very special.
Student 2:
I love reading the Bible and the Nativity story.
Student 3
: Me too!!
Student 4:
I love acting it out with my family and playing the part of the shepherd!
: The story of the birth of Jesus here on is wonderful!! Is the Bible the only place thatthe story is found?
Student 5:
I know! I know!! The story is also in the Book of Mormon.
That’s very good! Let’s sing a song to start out our learning.
Sing : Book of Mormon Stories #118CS
(You could have some song helpers lined up in a row doing hand motions while singing)
: And now with the story! Please make sure to help me tell it!
Student 1
: Picture the land of Zarahemla. It’s a beautiful land, a land of promise! However, the
Nephites are full of wickedness, constantly fighting and doing evil.
Student 2
: It’s 6 years before Christ is to be born. Not far away live the
Lamanites. They follow the law of Moses and seek to keep the commandments of Heavenly Father.
Student 3
: Are you sure? I thought it was the other way around!?!!
Student 1
: You might be thinking of the beginning or ending of the Book of Mormon. This story is found in Helaman.
Sing The Books in The Book of Mormon #119CS
(You could have some song helpers holding up signs of the different names in the Book of Mormon when they are sung)
That’s right! In Helaman we start with a Lamanite prophet name
d Samuel. He hadpreached to many days about repentance to the Nephites and they kicked him out of their city!He was about to return to his own land, when the Lord told him to go back and tell the Nephitesthe things that came into his heart.

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