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The Magus Talks About Eyes Wide Shut-Update

The Magus Talks About Eyes Wide Shut-Update

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Published by Ron Lange

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Published by: Ron Lange on Nov 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Magus talks about Eyes Wide Shut
This is a selection from the papers and journals my old college roommate left me. I haven't  proofread or corrected the spelling of grammar. I've lost track of him and haven't heard from him in about several years. I do not know by what means he arrived at the gematria numbers he refers to in the essay.
He never called himself 'The Magus', I dubbed him that.In our discussions, he would cover a variety of topics. We talked a lot about the films of Stanley Kubrick and the initiatory nature of Barry Lyndon.The Magus was convinced that Kubrick had Kabbilistic training and was familiar withGematria.He never met Kubrick but told me with conviction, “All of Kubrick's films are somewhatautobiographical, progressing to the almost completely autobiographical Eyes Wide Shut, but notin the event sense, but in the allegorical sense. ““Even Lolita?”. I asked.“In a sense, yes.”His favorite Kubrick film was Eyes Wide Shut. We talked extensively about the 'orgy' in themansion. I asked him for his take on it.His response was in his typical stream of consciousness style.
The scene represents Kubrick's exposure to an occult group
Kubrick did 'work' for the group
Kubrick got a sense of their true nature
To the end of his days he was terrified of this groupI asked the Magus if he was referring to Scientology. He laughed and said there were definitereferences to that religion in the film but the group he referred to was not publicly known andwas ancient.I asked him for the name and he said it's in the film, even though it was edited after Kubrick'sdeath. They did not recognize it.I started to do some research on my own. I came across an article in 'Secret and Suppressed', a book edited by the late conspiracy writer Jim Keith.
The article was in regards to the Erotic Masonry of Count Nicholas Von Zinzendorf. Referred to by Marsha Keith Schuchard (http://www.esoteric.msu.edu/VolumeII/Blakefootnotes.html) as "...a lurid but inadequately documented account of Zinzendorf's sexual-Masonic rituals..." itnonetheless gave an interesting gematria value when paired with EWSErotic Masonry + Eyes Wide Shut = 2754 JG, same as Aleister Crowley Perdurabo the great beast.I followed the footnotes which lead me to a book series I happen to own, The Mysteries of MindSpace and Time (http://www.amazon.com/Mysteries-Mind-Space-Time-Unexplained/dp/0874755751)Volume 24 has an article by Kenneth Rayner Johnson (an author I'm having trouble finding infoon) about Tantric Cults. The article starts with the eastern Tantra practices, moves on to western practices and the OTO and ends with something called The Cult of Priapus and Ayana.Here are the pertinent highlights:
Cult is secret to the point of not recruiting (bloodline membership?)
They meet at various places, identities kept secret
Sex rituals, still illegal acts (pedophilia?) aimed at producing a fluid that extends life
Member refer to humiliating rituals that bestow occult power 
In ancient times, families gave their daughters as priestess' to the temples
One of their feast days is December 21-22 (roughly the time period of EWS, changed from theoriginal story)It was the following gematria that I found interesting.Priapus and Ayana = 488 same as Bohemian GroveCult of Priapus and Ayana + Eyes Wide Shut = 3183 same as, Jews without Masks (a Nazidocumentary from 1937)The other strange thing is, there is virtually no other mention of the cult on the web (except for afew non-English sites which reference a source work for the article, a pamphlet by ArnoldWeech).Probably it is a hoax but still... 

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