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Environment and Character Research(Additional)

Environment and Character Research(Additional)

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Published by gnwosisi

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Published by: gnwosisi on Nov 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lair Environment: Research
For the environment, Hyperborea has been described as a place from the North, somewherecold and full of snow. During this process further investigation will be attempted to give memore understanding on how I really want my environment to look like.
Ice crystals
Here I’ve looked into ice crystals. This could symbolize the fact that he’s still a god/King andeven though he’s in the middle of nowhere, he has a
special place where this crystals can
only be found in he’s lair.
(Figure 1) (Figure 2)
The picture above shows the cave of Superman which is a special place as he is the only
one that is allowed to enter. This is because it’s the only place where he can speak to he’sguardian also a place when he really focus he’s mind.
(Figure 4)
To me these crystals come across as something peaceful. To change this I would add someblood textures to show violence and death in the surroundings.These ice crystals could form his throne where he can take a sit after eating anddecapitating the humans. Figure 3 looks more place and modem and that kind of throne
wouldn’t be found in a place surrounded snow and mountains, whilst Figure 4 is
more of astructure that the character himself could make. Still at figure 4 we could see how the throneis more exaggerated, huge and scary with icy ice spikes uprooting from beneath.The ice crystals could also be in form of the cage that he would use to imprison the captured
ones. This is so they wouldn’t be able to break it with fist. I would also build the this cage
with bones, huge bones left over from what the character has killed e.g. Whale Bone, these
bones are huge and strong. Using this to create
a cage reflex’s the power of the character in
killing and also in strength as he built the bone cage.
(Figure 5) (Figure 6)
Igloo is a type of shelter built with snow which was originally developed and created by theInuit. Igloos are found in a cold, snow environment where people use this to keep warmmostly known in the Canadian Central Artic and Greenland
s Thule. Applying this to my character will be in the perfect lair/cave where he can use as shelter. Asthere are three different sizes of Igloo I will be going for the medium size because mycharacter would like to still feel as a god and would also need little space to keep the sparebody
s that he
s killed.
(Figure 7) (Figure 8)(Figure 9) (Figure 10)

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