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Table Of Contents

Dates of Writing or First Publication
Key to Credits and Abbreviations
Chap. 1 - Reasons for Reform
For the Glory of God
Choice of Life or Death
Seek for Perfection
A Question of Obedience
Penalty for Ignorance
Not Always Ignorant
Responsibility for Light
An Offering Without Blemish
A Pitiful Offering
Why the Light on Health Reform
Importance of Health Principles
In the Front Ranks of Reformers
Health Reform and Prayer for the Sick
The Christian Race
Daniel’s Example
God’s Approval Won
Unready for the Loud Cry
Preparation for the Refreshing
Appeals to the Hesitant
All Being Proved
True Reform Is Heart Reform
A Question of Primary Importance
A United Front
Stumbling Over the Blessing
Consider the Judgment
Chap. 2 - Diet and Spirituality
Intemperance a Sin
When Sanctification Is Impossible
Willing Ignorance Increases Sin
Mental Effects of Disobedience to Physical Law
Effect on Appreciation of Truth
Effect Upon Discernment and Decision
Effect Upon Influence and Usefulness
Special Responsibilities and Temptations of Ministers
“Do All to the Glory of God”
Relation to the Victorious Life
The Relation of Diet to Morals
Moral Pollution in Early Times
Prevailing Corruptions Due to Unrestrained Appetite
Influence of a Simple Diet
Temperance an Aid to Moral Control
Chap. 3 - Health Reform and the Third Angel’s Message
As the Hand to the Body
To Prepare a People
Adam’s Defeat—Christ’s Victory
Aids in Discerning Truth
Sanctified or Punished
Work of Elijah and John a Type
A Marked Contrast
Give the Health Work its Place
Need for Self-Mastery
Ministers and People to Act in Concert
A Part of, but Not the Whole Message
Its Relation to Medical Institutions
An Entering Wedge
To Remove Prejudice—Increase Influence
Chap. 4 - The Proper Dietary
Part I—The Original Diet
Chosen by the Creator
A Call to Return
Part II—The Simple Diet
An Aid to Quick Perception
Saving Much Suffering
Inducements to Simple Living
The Reward of Perseverance
Let Us Advance
Camp Meeting Diet
The Picnic Lunch
Simplicity in Entertaining
Ready for the Unexpected Guest
Think Less About Temporal Food
Reforming Influence of the Simple Life
Part III—An Adequate Diet
Not a Matter of Indifference
God’s Bountiful Provision
An Impoverished Diet Discredits Health Reform
Adjusting the Diet to Individual Needs
Part IV—Diet in Various Countries
Suited to Season and Climate
Nourishing Foods Found in Every Land
A Suggestion for the Tropics
Tact Needed in Teaching Health Reform
An Assurance of Divine Guidance
Chap. 5 - Physiology of Digestion
The Reward of Respecting Nature’s Laws
Physical Effects of Overeating
Clogs the Machinery
Digestion Aided By Moderate Exercise
Aided by Pure Air
Hindered by Liquid Diet
Food to Be Warm, but Not Hot
Vital Force Depleted by Cold Food
A Caution to Busy People
Eat Slowly, Masticate Thoroughly
A Lesson to Be Repeated
Avoid Undue Anxiety
Combination of Foods
War in the Stomach
Peaceful Stomachs and Peaceful Dispositions
Fruits and Vegetables
Rich Desserts and Vegetables
Sugar and Milk
Rich and Complicated Mixtures
Diseased Liver Through Wrong Diet
Rich Food and Fevers
Blaming Providence
The Price of a “Good Meal”
Effect of Improper Eating Upon the Disposition
Appeals for Reform
Chap. 7 - Overeating
A Common, but Serious Sin
Clogging the Human Machinery
Gluttony a Capital Offense
The Course Plan Incites to Gluttony
The Cause of Physical and Mental Debility
Drowsiness During Church Service
A Cause of Forgetfulness
Sodom and Gomorrah
Esau Conquered by Appetite
Israel’s Lust for Flesh
All These are Ensamples
The World Today
Worshiping at the Shrine of Perverted Appetite
Christ’s Victory in Our Behalf
Look to the Saviour
Daniel’s Example in Overcoming
Our Christian Duty
Slaves to Appetite
Educate the Appetite
Effect of Indulgence, Physical, Mental, Moral
A Future Day of Remorse
Unnatural Appetite to Be Restrained
Usefulness of God’s Workers Depends Upon Controlled Appetite
An Appeal to a Fellow Worker
Abstemiousness Increases Vigor
Relation of Habits to Sanctification
Decision of Character Required
The Futile Attempt to Reform Gradually
Peter’s Appeal
By the Power of the Will and the Grace of God
A Question of Moral Courage
Victory Through Christ
Chap. 9 - Regularity in Eating
Part I—Number of Meals
Rest Needed by the Stomach
Eat a Substantial Breakfast
Late Suppers
The Cause and Cure of that All-Gone Feeling
The Two-Meal Plan
As a Remedy for Irritability
None to Be Forced to Discard Their Third Meal
Not to Be a Test
Objectionable Results of Enforcing the Two-Meal Plan in Training Schools
Part II—Eating Between Meals
The Importance of Regularity
Chap. 10 - Fasting
Christ’s Victory Through Denial of Appetite
As a Preparation for Study of the Scriptures
When Special Divine Help Is Needed
The True Fast
As a Remedy for Disease
Guard Against Enfeebling Abstinence
Advice to an Aged Minister
Chap. 11 - Extremes in Diet
The Value of a Consistent Course
Mistaken Ideas of Reform
Urging Personal Views
Avoid an Impoverished Diet
Vary the Menus
Consideration for Individual Needs
Not to Be the Cause of a Time of Trouble
When Health Reform Becomes Health Deform
The Food Should be Made Appetizing
Harmful Influence of Extremists
Urging Personal Opinions and Personal Tests
Error on Side of People Preferable to Opposite Extreme
Both Extremes to Be Avoided
Chap. 12 - Diet During Pregnancy
Prenatal Influences
“Let Her Beware”
Appetite Not to Run Riot
Effects of Overwork and Impoverished Diet
Chap. 13 - Diet in Childhood
Counsel Based on Divine Instruction
The True Beginning of Reform
The Infant
Early Education of the Appetite
Indulgence and Depravity
Study Simplicity
Fostering Intemperance
Teach an Abhorrence for Stimulants
Foods Especially Injurious to Children
Counteracting Evil Tendencies
The Cruel Kindness of Indulgence
Observations While Traveling
Cause of Irritability and Nervousness
Relation of Diet to Moral Development
Corruption Among Children
Things Might Have Been Different
Teach Children How to Meet Temptation
Chap. 14 - Healthful Cookery
Poor Cooking a Sin
A Knowledge of Cookery Worth Ten Talents
Respect Due the Cook
Every Woman’s Duty to Become a Skillful Cook
Let Men and Women Learn to Cook
Study Health Journals
Encourage Development of Individual Talent
A Call for Cooking Schools
Health Reform and Good Cooking
Changing From a Meat Diet
Poor Cooking a Cause of Disease
Appropriate Epitaphs
Souls Lost Because of Poor Cooking
No Mean Science
Study Economy
Lives Sacrificed to Fashionable Eating
The Choice and Preparation of Foods Important
The Stereotyped Breakfast
Study and Practice
An Important Branch of Education
Encourage the Learners
Cooking Lessons More Essential Than Music
Teach the Mysteries of Cooking
Chap. 15 - Health Foods and Hygienic Restaurants
From the Heavenly Provider
To Be Like the Manna
Knowledge Divinely Imparted
Simple, Easily Prepared, Healthful
More Simple and Less Expensive
As Famine Increases, Foods Will Be Simplified
Christ’s Lesson on Economy
Foods From Local Products in Different Lands
Health Foods to Precede Advanced Phases of Health Reform
Nut Ingredients to Be Used Sparingly
Sweetened Crackers
Hygienic Restaurant Service at Camp Meetings
Our Restaurants to Stand for Principle
Avoid Complex Combinations
The Mission of Hygienic Restaurants
Ultimate Aim of Health-Food Work
Chap. 16 - Sanitarium Dietary
Rational Care and Good Food
Responsibility of Physicians, Dietitians, and Nurses
Seek the Comfort and Good Will of the Patients
Require Only Necessary Changes in Habits and Customs
Make Dietetic Changes Gradually
Education to Accompany Reforms
Two Extremes
Vary the Bill of Fare
Avoid Extremes
Influence of Short Rations or Unpalatable Food
Flesh Foods Not a Part of the Sanitarium Dietary
No Prescription for Flesh Food
Caution in Prescribing No Flesh Foods
“Do Not Let It Appear”
Serving Tea, Coffee, and Flesh Meat in Patients’ Rooms
Tea, Coffee, and Flesh Meat Not to Be Prescribed
Liquor Not to Be Served
Dishes Inviting Appetite
Foods for Invalids
The Education of the Sanitarium Table
To Recommend Health Reform
The Best Food Needed
Chap. 18 - Fruits, Cereals, and Vegetables
Part I-Fruits
A Blessing in Fresh Fruits
A Part of an Adequate Diet
A Temporary Fruit Diet
Replacing Injurious Articles
Canning and Drying
Fresh From Orchard and Garden
Part II-Grains
In a Diet of the Creator’s Choice
Abundantly Supplied
Properly Prepared
Graham Gruel
To Take the Place of Flesh Meat
Part III-Bread
The Staff of Life
Religion in a Good Loaf
Use of Soda in Bread
Using Milk in Yeast Bread
Hot Yeast Bread
Old Bread Preferable to Fresh
The Evils of Sour Bread
The Advantage of Using Bread and Other Hard Foods
Hot Biscuits
Gems and Rolls
Whole-Wheat Bread Better Than White
Grains in Bread May Be Varied
Sweet Breads
Part IV-Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables, Simply Prepared
A Part of a Complete Diet
Plenty of Vegetables
Some Cannot Use Vegetables
Potatoes, Irish and Sweet
Beans a Wholesome Dish
Growing and Preserving Vegetables
Greens and Tomatoes in the Diet of Ellen G. White
Chap. 19 - Desserts
Part I—Sugar
Sale of Knickknacks on the Campground
Sugar in Ellen G. White’s Diet
Part II—Milk and Sugar
Part III—Pie, Cake, Pastry, Puddings
A Temptation to Overindulgence
Not a Part of a Healthful, Nourishing Diet
Simple Desserts Not Forbidden
For Clear Minds and Strong Bodies
Chap. 20 - Condiments, Etc
Part I—Spices and Condiments
Spices Irritate the Stomach and Cause Unnatural Cravings
Their Use a Cause of Faintness
Part II-Soda and Baking Powder
Part III-Salt
Part IV-Pickles and Vinegar
Chap. 21 - Fats
Part I-Butter
Progressive Reform
Replacing With Olives, Cream, Nuts, and Health Foods
Not Best for Children
Free Use Obstructs Digestion
When the Purest Butter Cannot Be Obtained
Not to Be Classed With Flesh Meat
Allow Others Their Convictions
Caution Against Extremes
God Will Guide
Part II—Lard and Grease
Part III—Milk and Cream
Part of a Nourishing, Palatable Diet
The Danger of Unsafe Milk
Sterilization of Milk
A Substitute for Butter
The Strictest Diet Not Best
God Will Provide
Part IV—Olives and Olive Oil
Chap. 22 - Proteins
Part I-Nuts and Nut Foods
Part of an Adequate Diet
Nut Foods to Be Carefully Prepared and Inexpensive
Proportion of Nuts to Other Ingredients
Part II-Eggs
Use of Eggs Will Become More and More Unsafe
Exciting to Children
Properties in Eggs Are Remedial Agencies; Guard Against Extremes
In Sanitarium Dietary
Failure to Replace Food Elements
Part III-Cheese
Unfit for Food
Practice of Mrs. White
Chap. 23 - Flesh Meats (Proteins Continued)
Flesh Diet—An Aftermath of Sin
Antediluvian Depravity
Israel’s Failure and Spiritual Loss
Nonflesh Diet to Modify the Disposition
Rebellion and Its Punishment
God’s Purpose for Israel
An Ensample for Us
Back to the Original Diet
Preparing for Translation
Perfecting Holiness
Meat Eating Especially Dangerous Now
Animal Suffering and Its Effects
Physical Results of a Flesh Diet Increase Liability to Disease and Sudden Death
Diseased Blood
Cancer, Tuberculosis, Tumors
Decreases Mental Vigor
Strengthens the Baser Passions
The Safest Course
The Cause Not Recognized
The Swine Especially Condemned
Animal Fat and Blood
Fish Often Contaminated
Recognition of Emergency Conditions
A Nonflesh Diet Adequate
Why Use Secondhand Food?
Meat a Typical Stimulant
Provide Substitutes
Illogical Excuses
Earnest Appeals for Reform
Strength to Resist Through Fasting and Prayer
When Prayer for Healing Is Inconsistent
Leaders in Reform
A Summary
Progessive Dietic Reform in Seventh-day Adventist Institutions
Appeals for a Nonflesh Diet in Our Early Medical Institutions (1884)
Meeting the Issue Squarely
A Second Letter Meeting the Issue
Remaining True to Our Principles
Chap. 24 - Beverages
Part I—Water Drinking
Pure Water a Blessing
Use of Water in Sickness
In Fever Cases
A Right and Wrong Use of Water
Part II—Tea and Coffee
The Stimulating Effects of Tea and Coffee
Harmful Effects Attributed to Other Causes
Effects on Mind and Morals
Create Nervous Excitement, Not Strength
No Food Value
Spiritual Perception Blunted
Cravings Interfere With Spiritual Worship
The Stupefied Transgressor Not Guiltless
A Losing Battle With Appetite
The Only Safe Course
The Conflict Between Truth and Self-indulgence
The Roots of Intemperance
Persevere, and Nature Will Rally
A Suggestion of Satan
Part III—Cereal Substitutes for Tea and Coffee
Immoderate Use of Hot and Injurious Drinks
Part IV—Cider
Moderate Drinking the Highway to Drunkenness
Our Example to be on the Side of Reform
Under the Microscope
Part V-Fruit Juice
Sweet Grape Juice
Beneficial to Health
Chap. 25 - Teaching Health Principles
Part I-Instruction to be Given on Health Topics
The Need of Health Education
Many Will Be Enlightened
Pioneer Efforts in Teaching Health Reform Principles
At Camp Meetings and from House to House
The Medical Tent on the Campground
By Example as Well as Precept
In Our Sanitariums
Educate Patients in Home Nursing
Temperance Instruction to Be Given
Comprehensive Nature of Reform Required
Leaves From the Tree of Life
Preparation for Prayer for Healing
The Physician’s Responsibility to Enlighten His Patients
A Solemn Charge
Moral Courage Required by Diet Reformers
Cooperation of Sanitariums and Schools
In Evangelistic Work and City Missions
Let Ministers Teach Reform Principles
Appeal to Ministers, Conference Presidents, and Other Leaders
Failure to Practice Health Reform Disqualifies For the Ministry
A Time to Keep Silent
A Wrong Method of Working
Teach by Example
Present Temperance in Its Most Attractive Form
Meet the People Where They Are
Meeting Extreme Views—A Historical Statement
Patience, Caution, and Consistency Necessary in Reform Movements
Part III-Cooking Schools
A Work of Utmost Importance
In Every Church, Church School, and Mission Field
Their Rightful Place
A Reforming Agency
Teaching From House to House
Teaching Diet Reform at Holiday Gatherings and Special Entertainments
The Opportunities and Dangers of Our Restaurants
Tact and Discretion Required in Educators
Cooking Classes in All Our Schools
Faithfulness in Common Duties
Appendix I
Personal Experience of Ellen G. White as a Health Reformer
The First Health Reform Vision
Revealed as Progressive Work
A Personal Acceptance of the Message
After One Year’s Trial—Benefits Received
The Battle for Victory
Acted on Principle
A Battle Against the Vinegar Habit
A Spare, but Adequate Diet
A Well-supplied Table
On the Cars
Encountering Difficulties and Resultant Compromises
Lament for Want of a Cook—1892
Final Pledge for Teetotal Nonflesh Diet
One Year After the Advance Step
Two Years After the Advance Step
Moderate Use of Nut Foods
An Adequate Diet-but No Meat
Tea and Coffee
Simple Food
Following the Light in 1903
The Family Not Bound With Rigid Rules
A Statement for Those Who Question Mrs. White’s Manner of Eating
General Principles of Reform
Tolerance of Others
“I Have Been a Faithful Health Reformer”
Appendix II
A Statement by James White Relating to the Teaching of Health Reform
The Review and Herald, November 8, 1870
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