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Carroll S, 2012. F-35 Flight Test Update, Code One Vol. 27 No. 1

Carroll S, 2012. F-35 Flight Test Update, Code One Vol. 27 No. 1

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Published by: Foro Militar General on Nov 10, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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he F-35 Flight Test Update in the Volume 26, Number 3issue closed with the first F-35B vertical landing at seaaboard the USS
(LHD-1) on 3 October 2011. Shorttakeoff/vertical landing test aircraft BF-2 and BF-4 completedseventy-two vertical landings and seventy-two short takeoffs atsea during the nineteen-day ship suitability testing period. Theaircraft contributed to October’s program record of 122 flights.With ship trials complete and 268 vertical landings in 2011,Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta rescinded probation for theF-35B on 20 January 2012.The System Development and Demonstration, or SDD, fleetcompleted 2011 with more test flights and test points than in anyother year—972 and 7,823, respectively. In the last quarter,carrier variant test aircraft CF-3 conducted the first F-35 launchfrom the Navy’s new Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System,or EMALS, and conventional takeoff and landing jet AF-1achieved the F-35’s maximum design limit speed of Mach 1.6.The 2012 flight test plan calls for 1,001 flights and 7,873 testpoints, including night flying, airstart testing, and weaponsseparation testing.Through 3 March 2012, the F-35 test program had completed161 flights totaling more than 250 flight hours and had accruedmore than 1,100 test points. F-35B test pilots have executedtwenty-three vertical landings so far this year. With several morecheckout flights completed, thirty-three pilots have now flownthe F-35. Twenty-six pilots are flying currently.
Code One8
Vol. 27 No. 1 2012
4 October 2011
First Short Takeoff At Sea
Marine Corps Lt. Col. Fred Schenk lew the irst short takeo at sea rom the USS
 (LHD-1) in F-35B BF-2 ollowing the irst landing at sea the previous day. The one-hourlight included two additional short takeos and three vertical landings on Flight 120 orBF-2. Marine Corps Maj. Richard Rusnok lew BF-2 Flight 121 later in the day or threeadditional short takeos and vertical landings, marking the program’s 200th verticallanding and 505th F-35B light.
Photo by Michael D. Jackson 
6 October 2011
BF-4 Lands At Sea
Marine Corps Maj. Richard Rusnok landed the second F-35B, test aircrat BF-4, aboardthe
. Upon returning rom the 1.1-hour erry rom the Naval Air Warare CenterAircrat Division test acility at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, Rusnok hot pit reueledand then lew two short takeos and two vertical landings to complete BF-4 Flight 70.
 Photo by Andy Wolfe 
10 October 2011
Steam Ingestion Catapult Launches Complete
Lockheed Martin test pilot Dan Canin lew the inal six F-35C steam ingestion catapultlaunches in test aircrat CF-3 at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey.The catapult launches completed tests that began 26 September. The 0.9-hour light,CF-3 Flight 29, brought the carrier variant catapult launch total to ity-nine, thirty-sixo which were steam ingestion launches.
Photo by Layne Laughter 
14 October 2011
First Fuel Transfer From KC-10
US Government pilot Vince Caterina was at the controls as an Air Force KC-10 tankerreueled the F-35 or the irst time. The 2.2-hour light out o the Air Force Flight TestCenter at Edwards AFB, Caliornia, marked Flight 63 or F-35A AF-4.
 Photo by Matthew Short 
18 October 2011
Test Fleet Surpasses 2,000 Flight Hours
The F-35 System Development and Demonstration leet surpassed 2,000 total lighthours. The milestone includes light hours on the irst test aircrat, AA-1. The light testteam lew eight lights 18 October: our F-35A, three F-35B rom the USS
, and oneF-35C sortie.
Photo by Darin Russell 
Levin Becomes 30th Lightning Pilot
Lockheed Martin test pilot Dan Levin became the thirtieth pilot to ly the F-35 whenhe took o rom Edwards AFB, Caliornia, in F-35A AF-7 or a 1.4-hour test mission.Levin is slated to support F-35 light testing at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.
Photo by Tom Reynolds 
21 October 2011
F-35B Sea Trials Complete
F-35B completed initial ship suitability testing as the amphibious assault ship USS
 (LHD-1) returned to homeport, and F-35Bs BF-2 and BF-4 returned to NAS PatuxentRiver, Maryland. BAE Systems test pilot Peter Wilson executed the last three verticallandings on the
in BF-2 beore returning to Pax River on a 1.7-hour light, BF-2Flight 137. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Matt Kelly lew BF-4’s 0.9-hour erry light, Flight 81 orthe aircrat. During the nineteen-day test period, the F-35B logged more than twenty-eightfight hours and completed seventy-two short takeos and seventy-two vertical landings.
 Photo by Layne Laughter 
24 October 2011
AF-1 Flies Mach 1.6
Air Force Lt. Col. George Griiths reached the maximum design limit speed o Mach 1.6or F-35A or the irst time during a 0.8-hour light rom Edwards AFB, Caliornia. Thelight marked AF-1 Flight 170.
Photo by Darin Russell 
31 October 2011
Most Flights In One Month
The F-35 System Development and Demonstration program recorded 122 lights and73 vertical landings in October, the most lights achieved in one month to date orthe F-35 leet. F-35B BF-2 was lown on twenty-two o those lights, the most or anindividual F-35 test aircrat in a single month.
Photo by Michael D. Jackson 
400th F-35A Flight In 2011
Lockheed Martin test pilot David Nelson few F-35A AF-4 or the 400th F-35A conventionaltakeo and landing System Development and Demonstration test light o 2011. Thehal-hour light marked AF-4 Flight 73.
Photo by Matthew Short 
2 November 2011
Pax Adds A Pilot
Marine Corps Maj. Russell Clit became the thirty-irst pilot to ly the F-35 when hetook o rom NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, in F-35B BF-4 or a 1.2-hour test mission.Clit is the sixth USMC pilot to ly the F-35. The pilot amiliarization mission markedBF-4 Flight 85.
Photo by Andy Wolfe 
4 November 2011
First TC-7 Catapult Launch
A TC-7 steam catapult launched an F-35 or the irst time with Navy Lt. ChristopherTabert at the controls. This launch was also the irst F-35C catapult launch at NASPatuxent River, Maryland. The launch began the 0.7-hour Flight 32 or F-35C test aircratCF-3. Previous catapult launches used a TC-13 Mod 2 test steam catapult at Joint BaseMcGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey.
Photo by Andy Wolfe 
7 November 2011
300th F-35B Flight In 2011
Marine Corps Maj. Richard Rusnok lew a 2.6-hour mission in F-35B BF-2 to mark the300th F-35B short takeo/vertical landing System Development and Demonstrationlight o 2011. The light out o NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, marked BF-2 Flight 145.
 Photo by Andy Wolfe 
18 November 2011
First F-35C EMALS Launch
The F-35 Integrated Test Force carried out the irst Electromagnetic Aircrat LaunchSystem, or EMALS, launch o the F-35C. Navy Lt. Christopher Tabert lew the milestonemission in F-35C CF-3 at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. The brie0.1-hour test marked CF-3 Flight 37.
Photo by Michael D. Jackson 
29 November 2011
100th CF-1 Flight
Marine Corps Lt. Col. Matt Taylor was at the controls or F-35C CF-1 Flight 100 romNAS Patuxent River, Maryland. CF-1 was the irst F-35C test aircrat to reach thismilestone on the 0.3-hour light.
Photo by Michael D. Jackson 
7 December 2011
1,500 Flight Hours In 2011
The F-35 System Development and Demonstration test leet surpassed 1,500 light hoursin 2011 with F-35A AF-4 Flight 82 rom Edwards AFB, Caliornia. Air Force Lt. Col.George Griiths piloted the 3.1-hour KC-10 reueling mission in AF-4, completing theplanned clean aircrat KC-10 tanker reueling test requirements.
Photo by Darin Russell 
10 December 2011
First VL With New Auxiliary Air Inlet Doors
BAE Systems test pilot Peter Wilson executed his 100th F-35B vertical landing duringBF-1 Flight 155, the F-35B’s irst short takeo/vertical landing mode light and verticallanding with the redesigned auxiliary air inlet, or AAI, doors. The 1.8-hour fight rom NASPatuxent River, Maryland, veriied perormance o the new AAI doors ater discoveriesin fight test ound the original door design was prone to oscillation.
Photo by Andy Wolfe 
Three F-35s Fly In Formation
Three F-35A aircrat with Air Force pilots at the controls ell in line during concurrentlight tests at Edwards AFB, Caliornia. Maj. Matt Hayden lew 3.2 hours or AF-2Flight 176; Lt. Col. Dwayne Opella lew AF-3 Flight 83 or 2.3 hours; and Maj. Speareslew AF-4 on the 2.1-hour Flight 85.
Photo by Darin Russell 
19 December 2011
First F-35B Flight With Instrumented BRUs
Marine Corps Maj. Russell Clit few the rst F-35B short takeo/vertical landing missionwith instrumented bomb rack units, or BRUs, holding GBU-32 satellite-guided weapons.The 2.1-hour light rom NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, included light with the weaponbay doors open. The test mission marked F-35B BF-3 Flight 167.
Photo by Andy Wolfe 
AF-2’s 100th Flight In 2011
Lt. Col. George Griiths rom Edwards AFB, Caliornia, piloted the irst F-35 test aircratto reach 100 lights in one year, F-35A AF-2. The 2.2-hour light marked AF-2 Flight 179.
 Photo by Matthew Short 
22 December 2011
BF-3’s 100th Flight In 2011
Lockheed Martin test pilot Dan Levin lew F-35B BF-3 or the aircrat’s 100th lightin 2011 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. The light, BF-2 Flight 168, was a 1.2-hourweapons test mission. It was also the inal BF-3 light o 2011.
Photo by Michael D. Jackson 
31 December 2011
F-35 Completes 972 Flights,7,823 Test Points In 2011
The 2011 F-35 light test plan called or 872 lights and 6,622 test points. For theyear, the System Development and Demonstration program lew 972 lights and tallied7,823 test points. The F-35A conventional takeo and landing variant was lown on474 lights and tallied 3,600 test points. The F-35B short takeo/vertical landing variantwas lown on 333 lights and tallied 2,636 test points. The F-35C carrier variant waslown on 165 lights and tallied 1,587 test points. Additionally, the F-35B test leetexecuted 268 vertical landings. The cumulative 2011 milestones were achieved througha combination o planned test lights and test points along with test lights and testpoints added throughout the year.
Photo by Darin Russell 
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