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Sliders 2013 - Episode 1.1 You Can't Go Home Again

Sliders 2013 - Episode 1.1 You Can't Go Home Again



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Published by ireactions

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Published by: ireactions on Nov 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A twenty-first century reboot of the 1995 science fiction series.
Episode 1.1: “You Can't Go Home Again”
Draft 1.1 – to be revisedStory by Slider_Quinn21 (pg 1 – 55) and Informant (pg 56 - 127)with contributions from Chaser9 and Temporal Flux.Script by ireactionsBased on the TV series created by Tracy Tormé and Robert K. WeissWade Welles
is a dreamer who failed to find direction in life. Rembrandt Brown
is anR&B singer who failed to hang on to his 15 minutes of fame. Professor Arturo
is ascientist who failed to gain recognition for his brilliance. And Quinn Mallory
is a geniuswho just failed to create anti-gravity -- but discovered something else instead...SLIDERS: a daring adventure through infinity. Sometimes, being lost is the best way to be found.SLIDERS (2013) is an ebook series that uses script format.SLIDERS is owned by NBCUniversal and was created by Tracy Tormé and Robert K.Weiss. It is used without permission and no copyright infringement is intended. Theauthors will not receive financial gain from the distribution of this document.
We fade in on a wide angle of the city of San Francisco. TheGolden Gate Bridge is a brilliant orange against the eveningsky.FADE TO:A RESIDENTIAL AREA IN THE EVENINGWe focus on one 2-storeyhouse and move in close to theBASEMENT WINDOWS.CUT TO:INT. QUINN MALLORY’S BASEMENT - EVENINGIn the basement is an astonishing SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY.There are shelves lining every wall. Each shelf is filled with books and electronic parts.In the center of the room are four worktables. Three areoccupied by a MASSIVE CONTRAPTION of COILS and TUBING,connected to a stereo-sized HELIUM-NEON LASER.A desktop computer is by the stairs leading out of thebasement. (Next to the monitor is a framed photo of an OLDERMAN. This may be important later.)A tall young man (23) with moppyhair darts back and forth,dressed carelessly in unironedflannel and ragged jeans. Thisis QUINN MALLORY.Quinn rushes to a BLACKBOARD. It’s covered from top to bottom in chalk-written symbols and numbers for a complex equation.There is a LAPTOP on the only worktable not dominated by machinery. The laptop has a VIDEO-CHAT WINDOW open. In the window is a scruffy twentysomethingin glasses. This isCONRAD BENNISH JR.
BENNISH (VIDEO FEED)(yawning)Quinn, are we good to go? ‘CauseI’m ready to be gone.
QUINNOne more second, Bennish!At his desktop computer, Quinn taps in a series of commands.At the other end of the room, the helium-neon laser begins to make a whirring sound. Quinn moves to the laptop, turning itin the same direction the laser’s aiming in.
QUINN (CONT’D)It’s started!!The end of the laser glows -- and a blue beam bursts from thetip. But the beam of light doesn’t strike the shelf in frontof it -- instead, it stops in mid air.In the space of a second, the beam resolves to a single-pointof light and WIDENS into a RIPPLING, GLOWING HOLE IN THE AIR.This CIRCULAR VORTEX is 40-feetwide, filled with silver-bluelight. It has the texture of a ROUNDED RIPPLING EFFECT like apond after dropping a stone into it.A gleeful smile fills Quinn’s face. He moves towards thevortex. It crackles like thunder, it creates wind in thebasement, scattering papers and blowing Quinn’s hair back.SUDDENLY, there’s a GROANING, WHEEZING SOUND from Quinn’scontraption. SPARKS burst from inside. The vortex VANISHES.Tiny POPS, like mini-explosions, can be heard from Quinn’s machinery. A gray smoke drifts from within.Quinn spins to the laptop, thrilled and delighted.QUINN (CONT’D)That was amazing! We --The laptop’s video chat window shows Bennish lying back inhis chair with his eyes closed. He’s snoring.QUINN (CONT’D)HEY!!
BENNISH (VIDEO FEED)(snapping awake)Whuh?! What’d I miss?
QUINNI mapped a symplectic manifoldequation into three dimensionalspace!
BENNISH (VIDEO FEED)Uhhhhhhh-- can you do it again?
Quinn looks at his scorched, smoking equipment.QUINNDunno...And we SMASH CUT TO A BLACK SCREEN showing glowing numbers --2.

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