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Blossom Gardens Episode 3 & 4

Blossom Gardens Episode 3 & 4

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Published by Ayush Mathur

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Published by: Ayush Mathur on Nov 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Episode 3
Nimit and Shamita reached Kuala Lumpur airport, Shamita was tired due to day longtravelling, though Nimit was holds the luggage. They came out of the airport and hired a cabto reach their hotel, it was late evening. Shamita was overjoyed to see the beautiful city, asthey came for the first time, while going towards the hotel they witness some beautiful placeslike the Petronas Towers, an impressive icon of Kuala Lumpur. As they reached their hotel, Nimit thought of calling his family in Delhi. He spoke withMalishka and informed her that they have reached safely. Malishka again reminded her dad,to not to worry about them, and enjoy the trip. As the day was tiring, Shamita and Nimit bothwent to sleep.Next morning, Nimit plan to visit the city, they hired a cab and went on to visit the exoticlocations of Kuala Lumpur. Shamita was happily enjoying those beautiful moments withNimit, as those were some special moments she could cherish lifelong. They both went for shopping. Like any other woman, Shamita was also a shopaholic, but she purchased notonly for herself but for her family members more than anything. Nimit was getting bored butstill he encourages her and constantly participating in her shopping not only financially butmorally as well.Next day, Nimit plans to visit the nearby market. As Shamita was not feeling well, she stayedat the hotel only. Nimit went out to visit the local areas. While crossing the road he witness abeautiful park, he enters the park. Here, he saw a small little girl of almost 8
9 yrs trying tocatch a butterfly. Every time she tries, she failed but she never lost her hope, at last shecatches a fly but she fell down, Nimit quickly ran towards her and picked her up. Nimit askedher, Is she ok? She replied yes and smiled, Nimit asked her again, What will she do with the
butterfly, the little girl smiled and very innocently said, “ I will show it to my little brother and
friends, we have a lot of butterflies and we play with them,
the little girl said innocently. Hethen politely asked her,
what is your name and where do you stay
The little girl points her 
figure towards a nearby building named “
Blossom gardens.
Nimit, wondered, and asked her 
the girl told her, that she stays there.Nimit holds her hands and walked towards the house , they both started walking. Nimitentered the building. He was amazed to see the beautiful paintings at the corridor. The littlegirl told him that,
these paintings were made by their teacher cum caretaker. Nimit wasamused to see those beautiful art pieces. This reminds him of a college friend Ishita Bosewho use to be a painter, when he was studying in Delhi. As they entered the premises of blossom gardens, he saw an old man standing and holdingsome candles with each candle he burn, he prays to god. Nimit saw him burning 10candles. Suddenly that old man looked back at him with the little girl. The old man smiledand asked about him. Nimit introduced himself and tell the entire story of how he met thelittle girl, and how she fell down, due to which he came with her, thought. The old man saidthank you and introduced himself as P.Mazumdar, the owner and caretaker of the
orphanage Blossom Garden. Mr. Mazumdar tells his story of how, he started this day-care-cum-orphanage, as his own children passed away in an accident long back, he also lost hiswife due to the same tragedy. That day onwards, those small children are his only family andhe take care of them till the time he is alive. Nimit was listening to him; suddenly he heard afemale voice, from the other room. That lady was speaking to the little girl, as she wasasking her why she went alone outside. The lady,
was putting medicine on the girl’s foot,
which got injured as she fall in the park.Few minutes later that lady came outside the room
 Nimit was stunned to see her, what he saw was unbelievable. The lady was Ishita Bose, her college friend. Ishita and Nimit has a past, they know each other well, and were very closefriends at one point of time, in fact they were in a serious relationship when they were inDelhi. Ishita was also in a state of shock after seeing Nimit for almost after 18 years.She could not believe her eyes that Nimit is standing in front of her, that too in a differentcountry. Mr. Mazumdar introduced both of them and said
“Hey Ishita
! He is Nimit from India.He brought Kaizen, the little girl back to the Blossom Garden when she fell down at the park.Ishita was silent, Mr. Mazumdar told Nimit,
she is my niece and stays with me only.
Kidsloved her a lot.Nimit was silent; For a minute all those flashbacks came in front of her eyes, the time theyspent together with the love of his life Ishita at one point of time in Delhi. Nimit said bye toboth of them and come outside from Blossom Gardens.
Episode 4
Nimit was stunned; he could not believe that his destiny will again bring him back to Ishita.He went back to those memory lanes. Those were the days when Nimit and Ishita werestudying at Delhi University. They met during a college fest where the blossom of their lovestarted growing, as they started liking each other. Nimit was a bit shy to express his feelingsbut Ishita was full of life and kind of understand that Nimit is fond of her, but she hesitate asshe wants him to propose her.Ishita was the most popular girl in college, not only because she was beautiful, but also of her good nature and joyful personality. She was one
bindaas girl. That’s the reason Nimit
fellin love with her. Nimit and Ishita have spent a lot of time together in Delhi. They both wenton for long drives especially during monsoons.One day Ishita went out with him for a drive. They reached India Gate, suddenly it startedraining heavily, Nimit insist Ishita to get back to car, but she stayed outside only. He forcedNimit to come outside and enjoy the rains. she herself was fond of rains. She was dancing &singing in rain. Nimit was just looking at her; she smiled
, and holds Nimit’s hand
. They bothstarted walking in rain as they get back to their car, they both were
looking in each other’s
Nimit can’t control his emotions and so
was Ishita. They kissed each other passionately. Nimit looked into her eyes, he kissed her forehead and said to her,
“I love you”Will you marry me Ishita!!! The proposal can’t stop Is
hita to express her feelings too. Ishitalooked down she smiled and said a yes to him. As
passes, they both went into a much stronger relationship; the entire college knowsabout them now. After few days, Ishita asked Nimit to inform his family about their relationship,
Nimit was a bit hesitant as he knows her father’s strict nature, but he still
thought of convincing them. Nimit agreed and told his father & mother about their relationship.
Nimit’s father 
, an ex-army man was very strict and introvert too,
he doesn’t
wanthis son to marry a Bengali girl, as he want a Kashmiri girl from an army background only.He told Nimit clearly, that they cannot marry each other. Nimit was totally aghast and irritated
by his family’s decision. But he can’t go against them also as he was the only child.
He hasno courage to face Ishita. Though he was completely broken from inside, He avoids meetingIshita now, he doesn
’t want
ed her to suffer due to him. Somehow he got courage as hisfriends told him to meet Ishita. One day Nimit told her about the incident that due to familypressure and boundations he cannot marry her. They both cried, and Ishita just left without
saying anything, few weeks past, Nimit’s family fixed up Nimit’s
marriage with Shamita. Theywent to the ancestral village near Kashmir where both Nimit & Shamita got married. He wasin no touch with either Ishita or his old group of friends.

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