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MCTS Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 --Chapter 10 Study Guide-

MCTS Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 --Chapter 10 Study Guide-

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Published by studentncollege

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Published by: studentncollege on Nov 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MCTS Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 --Chapter 10 Study Guide-- November 10, 2012Exam # 70-680
 Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
__ 1. New hybrid disks use flash memory as a cache to enhance performance, reduce power consumption, andextend hard disk life.
__ 2. Network bottlenecks are more common for computers than servers running Windows 7.
__ 3. A processor executes multiple threads at a time.
__ 4. In addition to monitoring current activity, Performance Monitor can also be used to view logged data.
__ 5. Like Resource Monitor, Performance Monitor allows you to select the counters you wish to view.
Multiple Choice
 Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
__ 6. ____ allows some disk access to be designated as low priority.a. Windows SuperFetch c. Windows ReadyBoost
b. Low-priority I/O
d. Windows ReadyDrive__
__ 7. ____ allows you to use a flash memory in a USB flash drive to boost Windows 7 performance.a. Windows SuperFetch
c. Windows ReadyBoost
b. Low-priority I/O d. Windows ReadyDrive__
__ 8. ____ allows Windows 7 to use flash memory embedded directly in hard disks.a. Windows SuperFetch c. Windows ReadyBoostb. Low-priority I/O
d. Windows ReadyDrive
__ 9. A ____ occurs when a limitation in a single computer system component slows down the entire system.
a. bottleneck
c. crashdownb. counterdown d. baseline__
__ 10. ____ bottlenecks occur when Windows 7 and running applications want to read and write information to thephysical disk in the system faster than the disk can manage.a. Processor
c. Disk
b. Network d. Memory__
__ 11. Most ____ bottlenecks occur when the applications you are running require more memory than is physicallyavailable in the computer.
a. memory
c. network b. disk d. processor__
__ 12. A ____ bottleneck occurs when there is too much work for a processor to do.a. disk c. memoryb. network 
d. processor
__ 13. The ____ area of the Performance Monitor is used to monitor disk performance and determine whether thedisk subsystem is a bottleneck.a. CPU c. Network 
b. Disk
d. Memory__
__ 14. The ____ area of the Performance Monitor is used to monitor network performance and determine whetherthe network subsystem is a bottleneck.
a. Network
c. Disk b. CPU d. Memory__
__ 15. The Used Physical Memory performance indicator assesses the ____ of physical memory that is being used.a. size c. location
b. percentage
d. quality__
__ 16. Counters in the ____ category monitor individual partitions and logical drives on a disk.a. IPv4 c. PhysicalDisk b. Cache
d. LogicalDisk
__ 17. A Data Collector Set can monitor a(n) ____ to track when system events occur.a. Configuration
c. Event Trace
b. Performance counters d. Bottleneck trace__
__ 18. For performance counters, you can configure ____ instead of logging to disk.a. messages c. tasks
b. alerts
d. archives__
__ 19. ____ are used to process log file data and display it in a meaningful way.a. Counters
c. Reports
b. Data Managers d. Data Collector Sets__
__ 20. To process the data in the log files, you specify rules. A rule is a(n) ____ file that contains instructionsspecifying how the data is to be processed.a. HTML c. PDFb. XPS
d. XML
__ 21. To generate reports covering a specific time frame, you may wish to combine smaller logs into a single largelog or break a large log into multiple smaller logs. This can be done with the ____ command.
a. relog
c. tsklogb. schlog d. brklog__
__ 22. ____ provides an overview of the current state of a computer.a. Performance Monitor
c. Task Manager
b. Data Manager d. Data Collector Set__
__ 23. Windows 7 includes the ____ to provide an objective measure of system performance.
a. Windows Experience Index
c. Data Collector Setb. Performance Monitor d. Task Manager__
__ 24. The Windows Experience Index base score is the overall ranking of your system. The ranking is from 1 to____ (the best possible).a. 2.5 c. 5.7b. 4.8
d. 7.9
__ 25. The base score is determined by the ____ subscore.

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