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Конституція Ісландії

Конституція Ісландії

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Published by Boris Chykulay
Написана громадянами Ісландії у соціальних сітках.
Написана громадянами Ісландії у соціальних сітках.

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Published by: Boris Chykulay on Nov 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Proposal for a new
for the Republic of Iceland
Drafted by Stjórnlagaráð,a Constitutional Council,appointed by an Althingi resolutionon March 24th 2011.
English translation
We, the people who inhabit Iceland, wish to create a just society where every person hasequal opportunity. Our diverse origin enriches our society and together we are responsible forthe heritage of generations, our country and its history, nature, language and culture.Iceland is a free and sovereign state with freedom, equality, democracy and human rights asits cornerstones.
The government shall endeavour to strengthen the welfare of the country‘s inhabitants,
encourage their culture and respect the diversity of the life of the people, the country and itsbiosphere.We wish to promote harmony, security and happiness amongst us and coming generations.We are determined to work towards peace with other nations and respect for the earth and allmankind.In light thereof we set a new Constitution, the supreme law of the land that all must observe.
Chapter I.
 Basic elements
Article 1.
Form of government 
Iceland is a parliamentary democracy.Article 2.
 Holders of governmental power 
Althingi exercises the legislative power on behalf of the nation.The President of Iceland, ministers and the cabinet as well as other governmentauthorities exercise the executive power.The Supreme Court and other courts exercise the judicial power.Article 3.
Iceland‘s terri
tory is indivisible. The limits of its territorial waters, air space andeconomic zone shall be determined by law.Article 4.
Persons with a parent who is an Icelandic citizen have a right to be Icelandic citizens.Citizenship shall in other respects be granted by law.No one shall be deprived of the right to Icelandic citizenship.
An Icelandic citizen may not be prevented from entering the country nor can he beexpelled from the country. The right of foreigners to enter the country and dwell there shall bedetermined by law as well as for what fault they may be expelled.Article 5.
 Duties of citizens
The government shall ensure that all be granted the rights and freedoms embodied inthis Constitution.All shall respect this Constitution in its every respect as well as the laws, duties andrights derived there from.
Chapter II.
 Human rights and nature
Article 6.
 Equal rights
We are all equal under the law and shall enjoy our human rights withoutdiscrimination, such as due to gender, age, genetic character, place of residence, economicstatus, disability, sexual orientation, race, colour, opinions, political affiliation, religion,language, origin, ancestry and position in other respects.Men and women shall enjoy equal rights in every respect.Article 7.
 Right to life
All shall inherit the right to life at birth.Article 8.
 Human dignity
All shall be guaranteed a right to life with dignity. Human diversity shall be respectedin every way.Article 9.
Safeguarding of rights
The public authorities must at all times protect the citizens against human rightsviolations, whether committed by the holders of state power or by others.Article 10.
 Right to security
All shall have the right to the security of their person and protection against any kindof violence, such as sexual violence, inside the home or outside.

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