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Published by npmanuel

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Published by: npmanuel on Nov 11, 2012
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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng PilipinasPinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
English EditionVol. XLIII No. 21November 7, 2012www.philippinerevolution.net
quino recently responded insolently to a flood of complaints onhuman rights violations by armed agents of the state by dis-missing the growing cases of state violence against the peopleas nothing but "Leftist propaganda."
Aquino's Marcos-style cover-upof human rights violations
Aquino's denials remind usof how the former dictator Fer-dinand Marcos propagated thelie that there were no politicalprisoners, when up to 70,000people were imprisoned undermartial law.Like Marcos, Aquino deniesthe existence of political pris-oners under his own regime. Infact, up to 170 political prison-ers (out of a total 385) havebeen incarcerated under histwo-year rule. There have alsobeen 114 victims of extrajudi-cial killing; 127 victims of frus-trated extrajudicial killing; 70victims of torture; and 12 vic-tims of enforced disappear-ance. In the countryside, hun-
 In this issue...
Lessons fromRamos-Misuariagreement
Crisis andimperialistmilitarism
Killings of childrencondemned
He even pervertedly accusedthe people of "violating the hu-man rights of the military andpolice" by citing as an exampleurban poor residents throwingstones at demolition teams es-corted by state agents armedwith guns, tear gas and trun-cheons.In making such dismissivestatements,Aquino hasshown hisfascist andantipeoplecharacter, his utter insensitivityto the sentiments and cries for justice of the families of victimsof extrajudicial killings, en-forced disappearance and otherviolations of human rights per-petrated by the state.Aquino manifested his grossdisregard for worsening humanrights abuses by state forcesonly days after soldiers of the27th IB massacred the Capionfamily in Davao del Sur. (
Read about the details of the massa- cre on p.10 
2ANG BAYAN November 7, 2012
dreds of communities havebeen militarized, resulting in areign of terror and abuseagainst the peasants, especial-ly women and children. TheAquino regime has increasinglyemployed force in tearing downurban poor dwellings to giveway to foreign-funded infra-structure projects.In showing his indifferenceto gross violations of humanrights by labelling them as mere"propaganda," Aquino is stokingthe fascist military and police'sunbridled use of force. He, in ef-fect, defends the brutality of military and police operationsagainst the people. His much-vaunted measures, like chargingthe butcher Gen. Jovito Palpa-ran, is all for show. In reality, itis Aquino and his regime who are"propagandizing."Despite Aquino's braggado-cio, he is unable to conceal theworsening violations of humanrights under his regime's OplanBayanihan, which involves theoutright suppression of peas-ants, workers, urban poor, stu-dents and other exploited andoppressed sectors who stand upand raise their voices againstthe reactionary regime's anti-people, antinational and anti-democratic policies.The Filipino peopleare increasinglyinfuriated athow Aquinoharps on beinga victim of theabuses of mar-tial lawwhen heis infact, no different from the for-mer dictator in employingpropaganda. He has become anexpert at dishing out never-ending lies and half-truths inthe hope that the internationalcommunity will believe this tobe the truth.Aquino has poured hundredsof millions of pesos of publicfunds to oil his propaganda cam-paigns. He and his yellow armyof spinmeisters come up withmanipulated economicstatistics and self-serv-ing surveys toproject apseu-do-re-alitythatdown-plays the per-vasive socio-eco-nomic problems of poverty, unemploy-ment, rising prices, lowwages, hunger, home-lessness and landless-ness. He publicly bashesthe media and publicopinion makers who re-fuse to ride the Aquinofantasy bandwagon.Aquino is so awash in hisown lies that he has become in-creasingly arrogant and over-weening in the face of criticismand dissatisfaction over his per-formance.On the other hand, he enjoysthe full support of his imperialistmasters in carrying out his cam-paign of deception and suppres-sion.The broad masses of thepeople have no other recoursebut to expose and firmly op-pose the human rights abusesand the antipeople and antina-tional policies of the Aquino re-gime and continue assertingtheir national and democraticinterests.
 Ang Bayan
is published fortnightly by the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of the Philippines
 Ang Bayan
is published in Pilipino,Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligaynon, Waray andEnglish editions.It is available for downloading atthe Philippine Revolution Web Central located at:
 Ang Bayan
welcomes contributionsin the form of articles and news.Readers are likewise enjoined to sendin their comments and suggestions forthe betterment of our publication. Youcan reach us by email at:
Vol. XLIII No. 21 November 7, 2012
: Aquino’s Marcos-stylecover-up of human rigths violations
Akbayan is Aquino’s puppet
Lessons from Ramos-Misuari agreement
Coco levy 
fund being plundered anew
Farmers’ protest actions
 Crisis and imperialist militarism
NDFP condemns killings of children
Pamana, Kalahi-CIDSS: Anti-development
2 killed, 9 wounded in NPA TOs
Times Transit workers launchmarch-caravan
Olalia-Alay-ay murder case revived
2 US soldiers face rape charges
Protests vs. privatization
ANG BAYAN Enero 21, 2012
Akbayan is Aquino's puppet
Akbayan's biggest contribu-tors are the Aquino sisters Kris(
10 million), Victoria (
5 mil-lion) and Aurora ["Ballsy"] (
2million). Aquino's cousins fromthe Lopa family also contributed(
1 million). Also countedamong the contributors areAquino regime officials like Phil-ippine Charity Sweepstakeshead Margarita Juico (
1 mil-lion) and Francis Hernando (
1million), a high-ranking Pagcorofficial.Big comprador bourgeosielike Bansan Choa, Ben Tiu andRuben Tiu (owners of the Dis-covery chain of hotels) who con-tributed
15 million, AntonioCojuangco staff Antonio Samson(
12 million), former Procterand Gamble president Johni Cua(
12 million), East-West Bankpresident Antonio Moncupa (
2million) and Phinma PropertiesCorp. president Willibado J. Uy(
1 million) also gave significantamounts. So didBelle Group'sGregorio Yu(
5 million)and Manuel Gana (
5 million),whose company is among thecorporate giants behind themulti-billion dollar Entertain-ment City project.Up to 90% of the Akbayangroup's electoral funds werecontributed by only more than20 families or groups suppor-tive of and currently benefitingfrom the Aquino regime. Thus,during the 2010 elections, Ak-bayan was able to flood televi-sion and radio stations with itsexpensive political advertise-ments.The disclosure of informa-tion on Akbayan's election fundshas made it exceedingly clear tothe people that this party isnothing but a big swindler pre-tending to be "Leftist" and arepresentative of the oppressed.It has also become quite obviousthat Akbayan ison the pay-roll of Aquinoandthe bigland-
he US-Aquino regime's all-out support for Akbayan comes asno suprise after the public disclosure of reports on the sourcesof the partylist group's campaign contributions in 2010. TheAkbayan group reportedly received more than
112 million, most of which came from the Aquino family and big businessmen, landlordsand personalities known to be close to and supportive of the Aquinos.
ANG BAYAN November 7, 2012
lords and comprador bourgeosieto serve as an instrument to de-ceive the people and create theimpression that Aquino enjoys"popular" support. Thus, duringAkbayan's assembly, no lessthan Aquino was invited as themain speaker. It was then thatAquino declared that his princi-ples and those of Akbayan areone and the same.Akbayan's claims that it isa "socialist" group is pure hog-wash in the face of its role as ablind supporter and apologistof Aquino. Because Aquino hasit in his pocket, Akbayan hasnever expressed support forthe struggle of the peasantsfor the free and immediate dis-tribute of land at HaciendaLuisita which is owned by theCojuangco-Aquino clan. Infact, Akbayan officers evenreprimanded some individualmembers of the group whowanted to side with the Haci-enda Luisita farmers.Despite its claims of beinga "democratic" organization,Akbayan has been silent in theface of the Aquino regime's un-bridled anti-democratic at-tacks against the people. Howcan Akbayan be expected totake a stand against the dem-olition of urban poor communi-ties when it owes debts of gratitude to big businessmenwho have had their eye onlandholdings that they want"cleaned" of impoverished res-idents in order to give way totheir projects under Aqui-no's Public-Private Part-nership (PPP) scheme?Not a few Akbayan offi-cers have been appointedby Aquino to various posi-tions in his government toassist in hoodwinking the

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