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Published by nepaliain
The 2nd draft of our MaD Week film script...
The 2nd draft of our MaD Week film script...

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: nepaliain on Nov 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXPERIMENTSWritten byMichael John HumphreySouth Island School50 Nam FungRoadHong Kong
FADE IN:INT. SCIENCE LAB - DAY(This scene is filmed as if on a webcam.)The webcam flickers to life to reveal that it is beingswitched on by JACKSON BENSON, a geordie science teacher,complete with lab coat.JACKSONIf anyone finds this message, Ijust want you to know that I’m sorry.Something CRASHES in the background making Jackson jump andlook round. He steels himself and speaks into the cameraagain.JACKSON (CONT’D)I only wanted to help. I thought my experiments would make adifference. But I’ve been a fool--Another CRASH off screen.JACKSON (CONT’D)I can’t control them.A shadow appears on the wall behind him. He whips round andthere is terror in his voice now.JACKSON (CONT’D)(to the unseen figure)No. Leave me alone. Get away.He backs away as the shadow looms closer.JACKSON (CONT’D)May Darwin forgive me.He cowers down as decaying hands reach for him. The camerais knocked over and flickers to black.EXT. SOUTH ISLAND SCHOOL - DAYThe school is strikingly white against its greensurroundings.EXT. SCHOOL STEPS - DAYTwo students run up the front steps. The first is JESSICA, astrong, quiet teenager who has the self-confidence that onlycomes from always having the respect of others.
JESSICA I can’t believe we’re late.The second student is NICK, a boy who is the same age asJessica, but the total opposite of her in every other way.He’s got nerdishtendencies and doesn’t have the self-confidence to ever be quiet.NICK(sheepishly)I’ve said I’m sorry.At the top of the stairs they pass a lectern with a sign onit.INSERT - SIGN“Welcome to the SISFilm Awards 2013 - Please Make Your Wayto the 6th Floor.”BACK TO SCENE.They dash through the doors and into the school.EXT. GROUND FLOOR CORRIDOR - DAYThe two students hurry along the corridor towards the lifts,Nick trailing Jessica.JESSICA It’s always the same.NICKIt takes a long time to look thisbeautiful.She just looks at him, unimpressed. They are nearing the endof the corridor.JESSICA It’s so embarrassing. Everyone will already be seated.NICKIt’s always good to make anentrance. Have you never heard of--His words are lost as they turn the corner and a decaying,terrifying figure MOANS and lunges for them. This is anINFECTED. Nick SCREAMS and they both stumble backwards.The teenagers bolt back down the corridor, making their wayto the archway at the other end. The Infected shuffles afterthem.2.

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